Hi I've owned mother 32(sold it now) and had some experience with 'traditional' pianos
I've been trying to get to know more about modular synth and found out about niftykeyz
Since I have some experience with keyboard styled instruments, I thought it will be a good idea to start with that

My objective for this build is to make a 4 voice synth (think of moog's grandmother with 4 voice)
I own a beatstep pro, so I don't think I'll need a different clock source or sequencer

I open for suggestions and ideas. thank you.

my current rack

Hi looking from some advice before filling out the last 12hp
purpose of this rack is to have live performance/recording, without sameples or anything

I have already purchased all the other modules(like an idiot) and left with 12hp realizing that I need more VCAs

For sequencer/hands-on-control I've got Arturia beatstep Pro in action
And for mixer/output I've got 1010music BlueBox

I have mutable inst Links as well, but not sure If I want to put it in(cause I'll be left with only 8hp)

so in conclusion I'm looking for module(s) to fill that empty 12hp(or 8hp including links)

After my own research I came up with 3 modules. Instruo Vinca, 2hp VCA and 2hp ADSR, but not sure If its right

I'm open for new suggestion and I'm thankful for those who take a look