woa, thanks.
It is really hard to know everything what is available out there.. so someone with much more high overview is really appreciated.

Hm, those 2 Tex modules seem like an overkill indeed - all I need is to mix up to 4 stereo channels, and volume control on each channel seems enough already. I don't need pan/sends at this point - as I can route things myself the way I want before going into the mix.
That Befaco ST Mix looks perfect fit, thanks..

ModularGrid Rack
I've updated everything: I will use 6U Mantis TipTop instead of Rackbrute 3U + 6U.. Aaaand what do you know - I'm out of space already, and I couldn't even fit maths... And I don't have a decent filter yet or analog voice, even the simple one...
Am I missing something crucial? Should I drop maybe some large module for a smaller footprint (I'm looking at that Doepfer matrix cv mixer maybe or Rene 2)?
I've not even started but I can feel already why it's like a drug to a lot of people huehue..
Also that tex mix says it's an expansion, but I couldn't find on their website if this module can be used on it's own as 4 channel stereo mixer or not..

Gotta go with Mantis for next 6U then, I wish I knew it before buying the 3U rackbrute so far.
I'll check that Xaoc FX thanks!
Thanks for advice, I appreciate it.

Ah yes, it’s rackbrute indeed - somehow I couldn’t find it by search term “arturia”, That’s why I used similar size one instead..
lol, didn’t know power was not “for granted”, is Mantis case any better in terms of power supply? Or regardless which one you pick you might need power upgrade?

Thanks for reply Jim!
I was indeed wondering about end of chain mixers available - as it has to be mixed before going in the mixing panel. Maybe some suggestions?
I was indeed looking at maths as it seems an Swiss Army knife.
I’m not sure what you mean with bigger warts? Bigger case or more capable power supply? Those are standard Arturia cases so I suppose they must be able to power whatever you can put in the case?

Arturia Case

Hi all!
I am filling my first case: I'm not new to the synth world but new to modular. I have 2 Arturia cases: one with two rows and one row (that's why there's 2 power switches). I already almost filled the 3U case so far: MI Marbles, MI Rings, MI Beads, Make Noise Morphagene. I need this system purely for synth voices (mono as well as poly voices) + fx, so no drums needed in eurorack as I have Elektron Rytm for that. Which utilities do you think I need to add? Is there enough to modulate everything? Do Ornament Crime and Pamela's Workout not overlap with same functionality?
I also have Elektron A4, which has 4 configurable CV outs: can use that for sequencing and probably going to be master clock for whole system. Maybe some modules that you see are overkill?
Which fx would you suggest? Is Erica Synths Black Hole DSP2 any good as a multipurpose fx? Or better stick with one module per function?
Forgot to mention: music genre is anything electronic, from down-tempo to minimal and everything in between. I'm trying to explore the sonic possibilities beyond traditional synth paradigm.
Have a great day!