I was curious if anyone has expanded an Expert Sleepers ES-3 or ES-8 to the max, and has set up a second ES-3 or ES-8 via a second ADAT stream (or done an aggregate device with some combo of ADAT and either SPDIF or USB)?

I can look up a module like an ES-3mk4 and find racks with that module in it, but not a rack with more than one.

Rows 1 & 2 are my current system, and rows 3 & 4 are going to be a mix of Intellijel 1U (row 3) and Erthenvar/Pulp Logic (row 4)

-- DJMaytag

Hey just a heads up, not sure if you know this or not, but the Intellijel 1U modules only fit in Intellijel racks (they're slightly smaller then everyone else's 1U modules).
-- Osten

Yes, I am aware of this. I was going to use two different brackets, a 1U Intellijel bracket for row 3, and a 1U Erthenvar/PulpLogic bracket for row 4. I'll probably have to DIY a bracket for the Intellijel row, since no one currently sells an individual 1U bracket for Intellijel sized modules.

Got a Unicorn account so I could keep track of everything in my current rack here, and do some tweaks to my future (HUGE) rack that I'm building.

Rows 1 & 2 are my current system, and rows 3 & 4 are going to be a mix of Intellijel 1U (row 3) and Erthenvar/Pulp Logic (row 4)

Row 5 is the growing collection of modules that don't currently have a home. Considering putting together another Rast and fitting it with a couple HEK's for rails and another Synthrotek passive buss board.

Row 6 is the backlog of SDIY projects I have yet to assemble. Yes, I have 4 Ripples PCB's, as I am a total
noob to SMD work.

Early Dec: Put the IKEA Rast on my Christmas list. Should be a slam dunk since it's cheap.

Dec 18: Power One HCC-15-3 is here.
Dec 19: Picked up a switch that's lighted, both when on (green) and off (red).
Dec 21: Ordered a set Vector rails (enough for 6U @ 104 HP), a fused (1-pole) IEC socket, and then ordered some IDC connectors for DIY wiring up some 22 gauge power cables for the modules in my system.
Dec 21 (update): Just started my system with a Doepfer A-119 envelope follower module!
Dec 22: Picking up M2.5 hex nuts and M2.5 x 6mm bolts from the local Grainger.

Currently working on:
Seriously considering going from the Power One to a fuse block to aluminum distribution bars, ala Hinton Instruments. Need to do some research on this, if there are any active components that are needed beyond the PSU or not.