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3. All killerEurorack
2. 15u ultimate edition fantasyEurorack
1. 9u drums of deathEurorack
Spirit DayEurorack
3. Moogs (copy)Eurorack
1.15u ultimate edition er301 BlackEurorack
2. Audio ProcessorEurorack
1. Moog MotherEurorack
2. Semi Modular Madness - Eowave 9uEurorack
4. 15u ultimate edition final version following bonusEurorack
4. 3U FXEurorack
4. 15u ultimate edition remove fxEurorack
3. DrumsEurorack
3. 15u ultimate edition control forgeEurorack
5. 9u drumsEurorack
6. 15u ultimate edition oldEurorack
Drum MachineEurorack
5. Old with moogEurorack
3. MoogsEurorack
Future eurorackEurorack

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Katzler currently does not offer any modules on the marketplace