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Submitted Modules

Pressure Points (Original Knobs) 20 HP ControllerSequencer View
Shared System 10 HP Blind Panel View
Lumanoise 808 Cymbal Drone Generator 10 HP DrumOscillator View
MIX SEQUENCER 22 HP MixerSequencerSwitch View
ADDAC302 8 HP Controller View
RS-95 12 HP Oscillator View
LepLOOP CASSA 4 HP Drum View
LepLOOP multi cassa 30 HP Clock ModulatorDrum View
LepLOOP Casse 8 HP Drum View
ED701 miniScope 8 HP Utility View
5-Step Voltage source (with pointer shafts) 28 HP Sequencer View
ADDAC210 Open Heart Surgery 36 HP Digital View
Orage 10 HP Oscillator View
Blank filler 10HP 10 HP Blind Panel View

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Dual Atari Punk Console V.2 Cat Soup

Rated Modules

This User rated 33 modules.

Hertz Donut (5), Optomix (5), QCD: Quad Clock Distributor (5), A-124 (5), Plog (5), 5V USB (5), ADM05 Æverb (5), STO (5), Frames (5), Maths (5), Wogglebug (5), Polivoks VCF (5), Generator (5), A-143-1 (5), vcNOIZ (panel v2) (5), vcNOIZ (panel v1) (5), DEMORA (5), A-137-1 (4), A-188-1v (4), A-138c (4), ADM09 Odio (4), A-160 (4), Links (4), Moskwa (4), MIXZ (4), A-188-1C (4), uZeus (3), A-180-2 (3), A-161 (3), dsp-host (1), 4HP Nano Drum (1), CZ-VCO (1) and CR-4 CompuRhythm (1)
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