Patch layout for: Doepfer - A-110-1 Pulse Width Modulation Fun

To listen at this patch, please go to:

The knob positions show the start position. The Doepfer - A-113 is optional and can be left out (voice 3/channel 3).

Move the Doepfer - A-145-1 LFO frequency range switch from low to medium and then start to move the frequency knob from about two slowly all the way to 10. Let the sound stabilise a bit in this 10 position. Then set the LFO frequency range switch to high and immediately lower down the LFO frequency knob to 8 then slowly turn it to position 6, somewhere there slow down till you find a nice matching harmonic sound.

The above causes a quite high tone/pitch. If one doesn't use the A-113 then consider to set the A-111-2 Octave range switch to 0 (zero) position and the A-110-1 Octave range switch to -1 or -2, this gives a bit deeper tone.

Edit: Once published it seems that the rack-patch-overview can't be updated anymore, at least not hear at this post, pity. The volumes of the Doepfer - A-138p settings are wrong, please set channel 1 at 6 (A-110-1), channel 2 at 4 (A-111-2) and optional channel 3 between 8 and 10 (A-113).
Edit2: The output of the Audio Output module (Intellijel) has been led to an external reverb (medium strong reverb) before it went into the external mixer; no further sound editing has been done for this patch/sound demo.