Dear All,

I was playing around with my Doepfer - A-110-1 standard VCO module. I made this (A-110-1) module the slave of yet another Doepfer VCO, the A-111-2 VCO. Both modules are using square waves. The beginning till about two/third of the track I use a quite high pitch, so please be careful to put the volume not too high, your ears might not like this track then...

In this demo track using Doepfer modules only, okay and the Intellijel - Audio I/O to export the sound from the Eurorack to an external mixer :-)

3 voices used here:

Main voice - Doepfer - A-110-1 Standard VCO (PWM by Doepfer A-145-1 LFO)
Voice #2 - Doepfer - A-111-2 VCO (on the back ground as well as "feeding" it's square wave to the A-113)
Voice #3 - Doepfer - A-113 Subharmonic Generator (about halfway the track it "kicks in", controlled by the A-111-2)

These 3 voices were then mixed in the Doepfer mixer set - A-113p & A-113o via an external reverb to the external mixer.

Why I am using a "simple" module like the A-110-1? Well exactly because of that, trying to show that even with Doepfer "standard" stuff, one can have some fun with it.

I hope this makes you "hungry" for the more simple and affordable Doepfer modules ;-) Thank you very much for listening and kind regards, Garfield.

Edit: Forgot to mention the LFO, just added
Edit2: Link to the patch overview of this demo track:

Classic analog drone, high five @GarfieldModular, I like this a lot. Next time though try and make it 30 minutes, we need to really soak it in!

Hi Steve,

Thank you :-) 30 minutes? Well... it was meant as just a little demo to show some of the possibilities of the A-110-1 :-)

Have a good modular weekend and kind regards, Garfield.