Improved keyboard shortcuts

  • Use , and . to push modules to the next adjacent neighbor.
  • a new overlay explains all shortcuts

Caching behavior improved in Command Center

After editing racks people often saw old thumbnails of their racks in Command Center. This should be improved now.

  • Use , and . to push modules to the next adjacent neighbor.
  • a new overlay explains all shortcuts
    -- modulargrid

JUst tried, works like a charm.
BTW, one from my drawer wished for but afraid to ask ;-))

Fixed spammy email behavior

There was a problem with the notification mailer on the marketplace which resulted in lots of identical emails send several times.
That is fixed.

Added price an region to the email notification you get, when someone places a module on the marketplace.

Yup, big step in usefulness for me.

  • The Top Modules and Popular Modules lists were generated in realtime and needed 15sec to be called. They are cached now. Cache is refreshed every 2h.
  • Modules can be correctly sorted alphabetic now in the marketplace list view.

Rollback: Duplicate out of bounds modules

If you duplicate a rack, all modules outside of the rack (angry cat mode) will be duplicated, too.


Added pedals and stompboxes to the supported ModularGrid formats. The planner is very basic but may work good enough.
There are nearly 500 pedals already, I hope it will grow.

Advanced Pedal Uploader

The pedal uploader is capable to cut white background out of JPGs and convert them to transparent PNGs.

Support for transparent PNGs

Transparency of modules and pedals is preserved after upload.

Cleaned up CSS

Cleaned up the CSS files which were cluttered with hacks to make old browsers work. No support anymore for legacy browsers, it's not worth it.

No more overlapping tags

Finally changed the CSS so that the function tags don't overlap other info in the module browser anymore.

Endless Scroll in the Racks browser

The rack browser works now the same way like the module browser. That is you can just scroll down to see every of the 80.000 public Euro racks.

No more overlapping tags

Finally changed the CSS so that the function tags don't overlap other info in the module browser anymore.

-- modulargrid

Thanks, much appreciated :-)

Image handling optimized

  • Images are generated with better encoding
  • HiDPI/Retina Images are only served to HiDPI capable devices

Everything should feel a tad snappier now.

Full Width layout

The rack browser and module browser now have a full width layout which adapts to the browser window size. I think it makes sense to better use the space on bigger screens.

Small changes to the search form

  • Advanced Search is gone. I think nobody used the standard search anyway.
  • Small improvements of the search form layout (it is now a flexbox)

small change of the search function

If you search for something in a thread only the posts containing the search term are shown.
The old behaviour showed every post and just highlighted the search term.

Rack Lock

There is a new button Rack Lock besides the Popover and Space Guides button.
If that button is activated it just locks your rack from further edits. That is useful for mobile devices where you could easily break your layouts when swiping over your rack.
The state of the lock is globally saved in the database for all of your racks.

Fulltext search

That first input field in the search that used to search for module names and in description now also searches full text.

You cannot catch the cat

Users had issues with the cat overlaying over info and add buttons. The cat will now run away in a sinusoidal movement with inverted acceleration when you hover over it.

Haha, well done! I just noticed when I accidentally made it run away! I literally cried out "WHOA!!" ;-)

no anonymous vote for modules

It's not possible anymore to rate modules with an anonymous account. Before the change it was possible to manipulate the Top Modules list. I have removed all anonymous votes.

better spammer detection

The system tries to identify forum spammer on registration and blocks them.
The system is very sensitive. If you are blocked and you are not a criminal please write me an email.

Selectable Panel Images

TLDR; there are two arrow buttons to change the panels images.
-- modulargrid

Great feature! Thanks a lot for that.

A Eurocrack Pusher: "The first time is for free" ;)

Flip Modules

There are people who like their modules mounted upside down for ergonomic reasons.
With the new flip function you can rotate module by 180°. There is also the keyboard shortcut f available.

Mucho brilliant, gang...thanks! Should cut down on dupe modules. I saw the rotator on the stompbox category and had been hoping it might get adapted for everything else.

Just another little thing that makes MG the 'gold standard' reference for modular...

Request your username

Besides the password reset function you can now retrieve your username with your email address.
Pretty standard, but it was missing.

A lot of people forget their usernames, not sure if that is related to modular abuse.

Zoom into Modules in Rack View

We have zoom function in Rack View for single modules. And a corresponding shortcut.
Hover over a module and press z to zoom. The idea came from joem in the MG thread on Muffwiggler.

Nice! Just saw that. Looks cool and I like the purple colour on the button.

All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

[...] I like the purple colour on the button.
-- ParanormalPatroler

Haha, thanks, I am no designer. So I just rotated the primary blue color in Newtons color wheel by 120° and hoped that the miracle of numbers will get a pleasing result :)

Fix: it's possible to delete 1U modules again. This was broken by the zoom button.

@modulargrid I'm seeing issues both in Pedalboards and Eurorack cases. Pedalboards seem to have lost the ability to delete pedals, there are no more menu buttons when you mouse over a pedal. Eurorack cases are ok, but the drop-down menus get mixed with the panels of modules some times. Just FYI.

All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

I'm seeing issues both in Pedalboards and Eurorack cases.

Aaargh... should be fixed. For the pedalboard part you might have to clear browser cache ...

General Data Protection Regulation

I did some changes to better comply with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR everyone is hammered with these days.
We never have actively collected user data but we use services from Google Analytics and other third party companies I have no idea what they do with the data.

So we have

  • a privacy policy
  • a link to that privacy policy on every page
  • an email setting, where you can turn off the pm email notification
  • anonymizer settings in GA and scripts where possible
  • the Cookie alert I thought we will never need

To counter data abuse of third parties in the first place I have deleted the Facebook and Twitter social plugins from the homepage. These are just links now.

Now someone tell me I have to send an email to the 38000 MG users ...

It will only be one of the 1000 email they'll receive about GDRP. It's been soooo tiresome already.

All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

Small fixes

  • Top Modules and Popular Modules statistics now contain the Manufacturer names
  • Wrong expire date on Unicorn receipt as discussed here listings

I now we have a lot of ads already but I think this one makes sense: is a commercial place to buy and sell used gear. They offer some kind of buyer protection, which ModularGrid does not. Their listings for used Eurorack modules are now integrated in the ModularGrid marketplace list and can be searched and filtered like the normal offers.
Any commercial Reverb brand new offers are filtered because the MG marketplace should remain exclusively for used modules traded by private people.
There is no tracking Javascript so they cannot follow you around and you can disable all Reverb offers with a new fancy sliding button.
If you buy something on their site through a ModularGrid link, we will get a revenue.

Check for duplicates on module upload

I have added a realtime search for modules on the upload form. That should help to prevent the upload of duplicates.


Sorry for the hickups, I upgraded the server today. We have HTTP/2 now, it should make the site load a bit faster.


More server updates. This time moved to PHP7, everything should be faster again.

Nicer Screenshots

The old screenshot server based on a semi-custom deprecated technology. New server should be a bit faster, makes better quality images and relies on standard technology (Node/Puppeteer) and for that reason is easier to maintain.

Content Security Policy (CSP)

This is a security feature which prevents Cross-site Scripting attacks.
Browsers will only execute JavaScript from trusted sources and reject to execute inline Javascript.
The XSS attacks are not a fantasy scenario, ModularGrid is probed by lots of bots every hour.
We had a self made protection from the beginning but this is the official solution.
Side effect: lot's of JavaScript had to be moved/rewritten, so it is possible that one or two functions are broken.

TrueGrid is back

TrueGrid is a modular synth that runs in the browser. It was a very ambitious project in 2013 and for that reason never matured to a stable version. In times of VCV Rack I thought it does not make any sense anymore so I disabled it last year. (Though it was always kind of available if you had mad haxor skillz.)

But what the heck , some people like it, so it is back again. I have fixed a lot of small annoying bugs and added an Audio Enable/Suspend button. That is required for Chrome, because that browser does not allow to blast audio on page load anymore.

Refactored the keyboard shortcuts in the planner

Just small improvements and fixes.

  • using cursor keys and Z to zoom through the modules worked only with your own racks. Cursor navigation works now on every rack
  • when Rack Lock is activated you could still add modules clicking + in the finder. This is fixed.
  • you could not reload the browser via ⌘R when the cursor was hovering over the rack. This is fixed.

Marketplace: location based notifications

In your user settings you now can set your country.
You should only get marketplace notifications of offers in your continent.
If you want to get ALL offers set to Automatic. That is the default.

Marketplace: new regions

Added Africa and Asia to the Marketplace


Because of the recent spam attacks we now have a reCAPTCHA on the most important sections. I hope it is working and unobtrusive enough. Report if you are wrongly flagged as a bot ...

Depth in search results

If you sort by depth the actual module depth is displayed in the module boxes beside the HP info.
Modules without an assigned depth will be excluded from the result.

Depth in search results

If you sort by depth the actual module depth is displayed in the module boxes beside the HP info.
Modules without an assigned depth will be excluded from the result.
-- modulargrid

Depth in search results

If you sort by depth the actual module depth is displayed in the module boxes beside the HP info.
Modules without an assigned depth will be excluded from the result.
-- modulargrid

Woo-hoo!!! A very welcome change, especially with all of the 40mm-and-less-type cabs hitting the market these days.

Pedal Power Specs

Added current, voltage, acdc and plug polarity fields to the pedal data model so we can collect power specs for pedals.
This is the prerequisite for the possiblity to calculate power draw of pedalboards in the future.
Like we can do this on module racks already ...

YouTube videos - There can be only one!

If there are more than one YouTube videos on a module detail page or in the forum, only one can be played at a time, e.g the last one playing will pause. That is a requirement from YouTube, fixed.

Modular News refactored

The Modular News - brought to you by the social channels was broken because of changes in the Facebook API. Fixed.
While I was there: Modular News section had an isotope effect which aligned the news in columns via Javascript.
That was nice to look at but annoying to read, so I have swapped it with a simple view that works better on mobile phones.

If you are curious, find it somewhat hidden here:

Refactored Patch index

The patch index page now looks and behaves like the rack index page.
It's fullwidth, has high-res thumbnails and a search by name function. Also loads faster.

no more anonymous rack views

The URL pointed to the last rack you had edited.
Users posted that link in the forum to show their rack which was confusing because it always shows the active rack of the current logged in user.

Now always redirects to the rack view with valid id, e.g.

Half Height formats

Buchla half-height

Similar to the Eurorack 1U tiles we now have support for half-height modules in the Buchla universe (h series).

Moog Unit CP formats

Moog Unit universe got support for CP modules like the Moogerfoogers.

Height Selectbox

The old Show 1U checkbox in the module search form is replaced with a Height select box.
That improves functionality in a way that it is now possible to show

  • modules of any height
  • only half-height modules
  • only full-size modules.

Show modules of any height is the default.

Minimal theme as default

Minimal theme replaces the old bookshelf theme as default.

rotate and delete modules on Android devices

You could not click the delete and rotate button on Android. This is fixed.