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My 19" SKB VS-1Pedals
The 1U WOK ShowEurorack
The sad Rack that is empty (copy)Eurorack
The sad Rack that is empty (copy)Eurorack
My bloated EurorackEurorack
Half Height CP Row (copy)MU
My blooming SergeSerge
to fixPedalsPrivate
Half Height CP RowMU
Intellijel 1U multiplicate canvas height with 1.082Eurorack
The sad Rack that is emptyEurorack

My Offers on the Marketplace

modulargrid currently does not offer any modules on the marketplace

Submitted Modules

106 Chorus THT (Deep PCB)Eurorack
Bad StonePedals
Corona ChorusPedals
Quad Envelope 60AModcan A
Dual FS 65AModcan A
Dual X-Fade 16AModcan A
ZW-38 Zakk Wylde Black LabelPedals
Prime DividerModcan A
Custom Shop Phase 90Pedals
Ditto X4 LooperPedals
Triple Resonant VCFModcan A
Fixed Filter 41AModcan A
EVH Phase 90Pedals
M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus/VibratoPedals
M290 Mini Phase 95Pedals
VP1 Vintage PhaserPedals
Big Muff π "Green Russian"Pedals
Helix PhaserPedals
The DreamscapePedals
Thunderstorm FlangerPedals
Neo ClonePedals
Afterglow ChorusPedals
Mercury FlangerPedals
Gemini ChorusPedals
CH-1 Super ChorusPedals
Small ClonePedals
Spark ChorusPedals
Mod FactoryPedals
Space CommanderPedals
PH-3 Phase ShifterPedals
Corona Mini ChorusPedals
Micro-Tron IIIPedals
Vintage PhasePedals
MF FlangePedals
VCA Panner 21AModcan A
48db LPF 67AModcan A
Interface 25AModcan A
Vocoder 71AModcan A
Phase Timbre Mod 06AModcan A
VC Flanger 38AModcan A
Multimode 10AModcan A
Quad LFO 61AModcan A
Spring Reverb 35AModcan A
Mix Lag 18AModcan A
Noise SH Ring 07AModcan A
XY Controller 32AModcan A
Scanner 69AModcan A
Pulse Divider 20AModcan A
VC Dual ADSR 47AModcan A
Quantizer 55AModcan A
MIDICV 63AModcan A
Matrix Filter 68AModcan A
Oscillator 01AModcan A
VCDO 58AModcan A
Mini Wave 22AModcan A
Stereo PolychorusPedals
Instant Lo-Fi Junky VexterPedals
Tube Screamer TS808Pedals
Frequency Shifter 39AModcan A
904a Lowpass 44AModcan A
Dual Multimode 40AModcan A
4075 Low Pass 36AModcan A
4VCA 31AModcan A
Sequencer 17AModcan A
Dual LFO 05AModcan A
Quad LFO 03AModcan A
Dual Mix 27AModcan A
Dual VDO 62AModcan A
Echo Shifter ES2Pedals
Tube Screamer TS808DXPedals
Mini Deja Vibe CS-MDV-1Pedals
Airplane Flanger AF2Pedals
Tube Screamer TS9BPedals
Tube Screamer TS9DXPedals
Tube Screamer TS9Pedals
Deluxe Electric MistressPedals
Dreamstar ChorusPedals
EVH-117 FlangerPedals
M134 Stereo ChorusPedals
Catalina Stereo ChorusPedals
Bubble TronPedals
30ms Double TrackerPedals
Dyno My RotoPedals
Retro VibePedals
Custom Line CH-5 ChorusPedals
ADC-4 Anadime ChorusPedals
1974 Vintage Phase 90Pedals
M152 Micro FlangerPedals
Classic ChorusPedals
Electro Harmonix Stereo Electric MistressPedals
Classic FlangerPedals
Dual Oscillator 46AModcan A
Triple VCO 70AModcan A
Env Follower 45AModcan A
Envelope Gen 04AModcan A
Diode Filter 23AModcan A
Digital Delay 59AModcan A
Control 66AModcan A
Clock 53AModcan A
CV Recorder 57AModcan A
CEM Low Pass 29AModcan A
Boolean 24AModcan A
4 Pole Lowpass 14AModcan A
4 Pole High Pass 15AModcan A
Dual ADSRModcan A
Rhythmic DividerModcan A
Buchla Low Pass GatesModcan A
Burst GeneratorModcan A
Anything ModuleModcan A
Dual Sawtooth AnimatorModcan A
Synthacon FilterModcan A
Staircase ComparatorModcan A
Quad Band PassModcan A
Medium Power SupplyModcan A
Analog SwitchModcan A
Six-Input MixerModcan A
Gated ComparatorModcan A
Four TransientsModcan A
BiPedal InterfaceModcan A
Dark Star ChaosModcan A
Twin Wasp FilterModcan A
Gate SequencerModcan A
LogiPacModcan A
Major Power SupplyModcan A
ProgrammerModcan A
StereOspaceModcan A
ZeroscillatorModcan A
Morph Peak Trough 12AModcan A
Performance Seq 43AModcan A
Quadraphonic 33AModcan A
Super Delay 30AModcan A
VC Reset LFO 26AModcan A
Vector Fade 34AModcan A

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