Hey Modulargridders
turns out it's better to get a bigger euorrack case ;) So now I'm planning my expansion in a second row with some bits and pieces I miss and some small space to grow.
Current 98hp are a lot of fun and are really striving from the input I got here on the forum! latest Jam with the Robaux LL8 as rhythm brain (I kicked out my midi module and I am not looking back)

Coming back to the planned second row, for now I'm really enjoying the idea to have two skiffs that can also work standalone and there are some DIY modules I'm interested in building.
Current wants & Favorites

Antumbra DVCA- As second half of veils (also VCAs)
AB+C - It's just super useful and there where times I wanted another one
Seismograph SD - It's a nice little kit and might be all I need
Stmix - I looked into a whole lot of more complex and featured mixers but always come back to basic setups
Robaux 3pt - I enjoyed the LL8 kit and mentality a lot, I want to use this for either quantizing or step sequencing

Nearness - Those where recommended by Lugia and I really see a use for them in my rack

Plaits, Beads - These two are kind of place holders, I like to have some granular module but might come back to bastl spa for that. I've recently come across a lot of techniques to use plaits and feel like it's a powerhouse of a module
Golden Master - I'm not sure if I'll go for this one, but at least I'm really digging into DAWless settings where I want something to add a little punch and EQ at the very end of the chain

I'm happy to hear about any tips tricks and further recommendations. Happy patching!

(I'm really not forcing the black panels thing. It just turns out a lot of DIY kits have them, haha)

Hi Zuggamasta,

Yeah! Another donut jam from you :-) Great fun as always and here and there I discover some real interesting and nice sounds, lovely!

Most modules you mentioned, I don't have experience with them, so I can't help with those, however I have a Plaits and never regretted it. You called it a powerhouse of a module, well in a way it is perhaps but don't expect a magical module that can do everything. It's a really great sound generating module though, lots of fun is possible with it.

Good luck with your rack planning and kind regards, Garfield.

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I have a Golden Master and like it quite a bit. I’m sure for some folks it is too heavy-handed since you can kind of just slam it and call it a day. But I do like the way it fattens up the sound, and in a pinch you can use it as a performance tool as well, DJ-style (cut the low end, etc).

Thanks Garfield, I was skeptical about plaits but there’s just a whole range an timbres possible with morphing and moving between engines (I hope)

Thank you Bigham that sounds like the thing I am looking for, a small set and forget module to „glue“ the mix. The additional Sharp Performance EQ Sounds also good on paper, but can it be used while the comp is set up? Or du you just manipulate the comp bands? ✌️

If the objective is "mix glue", then most anything that can warm up a signal will actually work. This is another reason I really like Happy Nerding's Isolator...it has actual "iron" in there, and if you push it a little it'll add some nice euphonious distortion. That, in addition to the fact that it's also very useful to keep crud from leaking into the modular via the outputs.

Hey Lugia, that's some great Input for my small rig. And I'd rather have some "analog" module on the output chain instead of the next DSP module. Great!

In the meantime I found out about the Tesseract Hex mix which neatly fits in to my channel and size needs. Might make the current output module obsolete but should work nicely with the Isolators.

Hey Modularfriends,

here's a update on the Skiff. Thank you again for your recommendations now, and when I started out:

Small DIY Kit Rewiew:

Frequency Central Seismograf SD (Snare Drum):
- Full Kit ordered from https://www.exploding-shed.com/
- Came with all parts and pre programmed snaredrum chip
- Build Guide is a litte rough around the edges, at the end I was not sure how in which direction the control PCB is connected with the main PCB. I did look up some builds on instagram to verify my setup
- Aluminum panel has nice sharp white screenprint but a little chipped at the side. No issue for me but might be from interest.
- I switched out the knured nuts for Befaco Bananuts, looks dope!
- Sound and functionality are top notch. Putting in an audio rate square wave in the gate input is lots of fun.

I might get a second one with the Kick Drum chip.

Plaits or Braids are great modules if you need bread-n-butter sounds in your case. They can do more. But to quickly dial in a bass or lead sound without reinventing the wheel is really helpful in live situations.

If you're buying digital modules for percussion, you might as well get something like a 1010 Music BitBox 2. You can play back up to 16 different sounds as well as RECORD IN SYNC. You can find them used in the range of around $400-500US. If you're not modulating your drums that much, it's worth it.

Hi Zuggamasta,

Nice to see you at work again in your latest video :-) I thought you considered to buy a second case, did you do that already or not yet? I see now two rows, isn't it, I remember before you just had one row?

Thanks a lot for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to https://garfieldmodular.net/ for PDF formatted downloads

Hey @Ronin1973 thank you! Another strong voice for the plaits. I really like the module in VCV already, need to see what module I can get. Original Mutable Instruments or maybe I can finally put together a SMD build like knit by anatumbra.
Bitbox is nice but a little to high fidelity for my cause. If I need more sounds there is a big computer somewhere around.

Hi @GarfieldModular I enjoy the things I can do with modular a lot now. Still some things to figure out with the tesseract mixer but that should be sorted out soon. I really want to get a bit more control over pan and FX send/return.
Yeah! Second row = new rack. I had some trouble with the power brick that got lost somewhere sometime between Barcelona and Germany.

Yeah! Second row = new rack. I had some trouble with the power brick that got lost somewhere sometime between Barcelona and Germany.

-- zuggamasta

I am glad to hear that it works now :-)

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to https://garfieldmodular.net/ for PDF formatted downloads

Added some potential future Modules on the shopping list:
Mutable Instruments Stages
Mutable Instruments Links

The plan is that Stages would become the modulation control center. So my main "controllers" then would be LL8, Muxlicer, Stages and the Tesseract Mixer.

Optional with either PICO Seq or Mimetic Digitalis for more control over the voices. I really enjoy the idea of a tiny Pico Seq where I would slowly programm in some bass lines or other pre made patterns that could then be further processed with a sequential switch. As the Pico has configurable gates and even glide.
The Mimetic Digitalis may not have those but would be able to configure to send Gates Via one of the four channels by entering either fully open or fully closed values. so that there would be also the possibility to program "chord progressions".

Now that I write the post the MD might be better for general experimentation... What would you reccomend and which other Sequencer should I consider?

(last recorded live stream of the current setup minus the kick all, which is still being soldered )

sequencers are difficult... very personal...

I have a pico seq - I find that it's not particularly easy to program and resetting the sequence is a pita - i just reload the sequence once it has stopped - it is easier than actually resetting it which involves pressing both tiny buttons - either together or one after the other I can't remember exactly - but difficult when there are other modules next to it

as with a lot of small modules the ergonomics are poor - I have a feeling this also applies to the mimetic digitalis - but that might just be me and my opinions/experiences

I much prefer modules that leave space to actually get to the controls, especially ones where I am doing a lot of effectively programming - if the pico seq was 6-8hp and had a proper reset button and preferably a cv reset and a bigger screen it would be a fantastic module for the purpose I want it for - sequencing song parts on a sinfonion - as it is it's ok - it has other things going for it - 16 memory slots etc

I'm tempted by theblack sequencer - it' s just a shame you can't individually clock the channels

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

Hi Zuggamasta,

Nice to hear some music from you again! Nice rhythm you start with and in the very beginning the sound goes pretty low :-)

If you are looking for a small yet playful sequencer then have a look at Xaoc Devices - Tirana II, a lovely small sequencer at a foot print of 6 HP, only 4 steps but tons of fun and you can daisy chain it into 8 steps, 12 steps, 16 steps, etcetera.

Good luck with the search for a good sequencer and kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to https://garfieldmodular.net/ for PDF formatted downloads