I have a lot of FX processors that I would like to interface with a modular I've been planning (and half-built) recently, including both pedals and more fleshed out stuff like a TC Electronic M350, Electrix MoFX and Vermona Retroverb Lancet. Having narrowed down the decision of which insert module to go for to the above, was wondering if others could advise which to choose, because I simply cannot come to a decision.

-Both modules are 4HP
-ADDAC200PI will work with 2 external FX chains rather than just the one, which could be useful. Also, it has 1/4" IO, which would save me from having to buy several cables or adapters to convert 1/4" -> 1/8"...
-... But the SBG has more control such as send/return level and expression I/O. I'm unsure I have anything that could use the latter actually... But it could make it useful for more than just FX such as bringing in external sound sources. On the other hand, the SBG only supports a single signal chain.

I should say I'm somewhat of a newbie to all this and decided to finally go modular after trying an A100 system in a store early this year and realizing the unique and versatile sonic palette it can offer vs. the usual subtractive and semi-modular stuff I've used. I've had 84hp for a few months after a few more spent planning and evolving, so have a faint clue of how it all goes. If this is a stupid question, I'd be happy to learn what would be the right one!

Thanks for any advice!

I use the ADDAC200PI, works really good. Never had a problem with this module.

I use the ADDAC200PI, works really good. Never had a problem with this module.
-- Luis

Hi Luis,
Thanks for your response about the ADDAC200PI, if I can get it somewhat easy it looks like I will go with that now.
How did you find it to get hold of the ADDAC200PI? Did you buy direct from ADDAC System, or was it in stock somewhere else?
Thanks again for your advice!

I was in Portugal travelling, buy it direct in the Lisbon headquarters. Now I need a second one, yes its not possible to get it from stores. But i think is really easy to buy direct from ADDAC System.

Just go to www.addacsystem.com there is a way to buy their modules from them directly both in EU or US.

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