User Rating

We have a simple user rating system to help with trustworthiness of user transactions on the marketplace.
On every users profile page you can vote up or down your experience with a user.
You just vote the user in general, not single transactions. It does not matter if you are the seller or buyer.
The accumulated votes will be displayed on offers and in the user profile.

Send Limits in the Messenger

A spammer tried to send thousands of automated messages to users and partly succeeded (sorry!).
We now have a rate limit to prevent that in the future. Standard users can only send three messages per hour. Unicorns can send unlimited messages.

Show Raters

The User Ratings are no more anonymous. Users wanted to have more transparency who is rating them up or down.
That also might help to easier find out vote abuse.
See the usernames of raters in the User Rating box on the User detail pages.

A better Panel Selector

Every click on the tiny arrows in the Panel Selector now actually shows a new, different panel version.

In the former approach the system just rotated through every version change of a module data entry, no matter if only a text was changed or in fact a new image was uploaded.

Searchable User Messages

You can now search in your private user messages. This feature will be probably used by myself the most.

Revert module rating

You now can revoke your rating for a module via the link Delete my rating directly on the module detail page.

WebP image format

The images in the module browser are now in WebP format. That should decreases file size and load time by more than 30%.
WebP file format is supported in most browsers (Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Edge). Browser that cannot display WebP (Apple Safari) will get jpgs as before.
If everything looks good we will probably also change the modular builder to use WebP images.

Builder´s Notes

On the rack builder page there is a new tab menu entry Builders's Notes beside the Comments tab. This is a private text area where you can add and edit notes related to your rack build. Builders's Notes is a Unicorn feature.

Rainbow Cables

The Sketch a Patch section has a new cable color system available: Rainbow
The color of the cables is not defined by length like in the Stackable and Doepfer systems.
Instead the colour is assigned automatically in order one after another in series as you lay them out. 12 colors are available.
This should make it easier to follow complex patches.

Clean up the mess!

In the Edit menu on the rack planner page is a new entry called Clean up the mess!.
That function indeed cleans up the mess by deleting all modules that are placed outside of the rack.
It's a requested feature by a heavy user who was tired to delete the modules one by one.

I don’t see available hp anymore when moving a module around in a rack. Has this been removed?
I’m using Safari on iOS and OSX.

Check if you have activated the Space Guide button.

Check if you have activated the Space Guide button.
-- modulargrid

Thank you! I don‘t know why I missed that..

Option to turn off Keyboard Shortcuts

There are some nice keyboard shortcuts like copy, paste, duplicate, etc. in the planner.
But unfortunately users reported issues where the shortcuts interfere with the search form.
We now have the option to disable the shortcuts entirely. Find the button top right where you can enable/disable Popovers, Space Guides, Panel Selector.

Bugfix: upload images in Safari

That is more a Safari bug than a ModularGrid bug, but I have made a walkaround so that it is possible again to upload module, pedal images and user avatars in Safari 14.

Hi Modulargrid,

Thank you very much for the keyboard shortcut option! :-)

Have a good weekend and kind regards, Garfield.

Classic Make Noise Wogglebug. What's up with the image?

Hi Ffraserr,

In your My Modular section, make sure the Rack Lock is switched off and then make sure the Panel Selector is switched on as well. Then you go to the bottom of any module (those that offer more than one different front panel) and you got there a left and right arrow icon where you can click on to browse through the different front panels.

The Wogglebug (2014 version) that's available now is by the way the default if I am not mistaken, so not 100% sure what you mean?

I hope this helped and kind regards, Garfield.

Users can only rate each other if they have had contact via the ModularGrid messager

You cannot rate random people anymore by accident, you have to send them a message or have received a message from them.

Added United Kingdom as a separate region

UK is not part of EU anymore.