had cut 1 HP off from some doepfers. more free space

?? why ? ---- i hope all these doepfer units you cut 1hp off are private

For adding 3hp of space. I don't care about resale value, these are too awesome to part with, but having 2 row of eurorack is very limiting...

Don't worry, they are private.

How do one cut off 1 HP? You have great tools for sure!

oh you "really" cut 1 hp off each module - that is hard core -- cheers
i thought you were just randomly editing doepfer units that would be sort of messed up

thanks guys! I made some metalworking on this exact machine:
studio shot
under the supervision of the operator of course, that's unsafe

freed 6 hp by placing ES-40 to the back of doepfer case!
studio shot

Great idea, this is the start of a new trent. I see the double sided racks hitting the stores very soon!

How about modular hexahedron? :D

Good idea for trunk lines too.

great idea !! i was putting my tiptop uzeus inside of my case instead of in the front
if it does not have a knob why have it in front
are you using rails in the back?

BTW... have you seen those gator skb case with top front and rear mounting rails for 19in racks
if your using skiff it is perfect !!

thanks guys!
@FSK1138 there are rails everywhere in doepfer metal case! First I've installed the module in the middle of the box (you can see two screws that hold middle rails), but finally decided to fasten it to the back of the case so it looks like a rack mounted synth. Yeah, gators are perfect!