What's up with the module's image?
I think the original one published by Olivier looks better but it keeps changing... :/

Because everyone can edit anything, Gridlers are not tired to upload their favorite image and overwrite the existing one.
Thats far from ideal in this case. There might be an update which locks the Edit mode for modules where the specs are manufacturer approved ...

Yea. Manufacturers (if they care enough) should have the final say as far as info/pics for individual modules.

And I agree. These newer mutable images are washed outed and flat looking. The previous ones looked nicer.

I forgot the #rethoricalquestion tag. ;)

And... now it's discontinued. End of an era. https://www.facebook.com/mutable.instruments/photos/a.204952146286200.45143.204949496286465/1423651267749609/

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