thanks for listening

Hi Jingo,

Ha, ha, funny title "Fall Asleep", well I can assure you I did everything, listening carefully, felt interested, was amazed about certain sounds and rhythms you managed here but one thing I didn't... I didn't fall asleep for that your music is far too interesting and nice!

By the way, everything done by modular synths? The drums/percussions as well, or if not how did you managed that?

Well done and I look forward in hearing more from you, kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hey GarfieldModular,

thanks for your kind words :)! I really appreciate them!

My setup is pure modular and dawless. I record live into an AH QuPac. My setup contains of 360HP of various modules and an es techno system. There is some more on my SC,


Hey Jingo,

Thanks for coming back to me on the details. Wow, that's amazing that you have done all that by modular and DAW-less, fantastic :-)

I am sorry, but I will be honest here, I am not much of a Techno person, it's not my cup of tea. Your Fall Asleep is however a nice exception to that, I feel. So if you are going to make more stuff like Fall Asleep or more into non-Techno, please let me know :-)

Good luck and enjoy making music, kind regards, Garfield.

Atm I am more on an ambient like trip, so no worries, will post my efforts here :)...

What kind of music are you making? Do you have a sc or yt link?


Hi Jingo,

Yes, I can't wait to hearing more nice stuff from you :-)

Ha, ha, good question. I think, if I have to be honest and that's what I want (to be honest), then I have to admit that I don't make any music...

I make noises with my Eurorack, certainly :-) I think I can manage even a little bit of sonic journey kind of stuff (to use a few funny words), getting quite close to that I guess. I am especially good in disturbing ears ;-) But making music, as in: pleasant to listen at and really enjoying a good piece of music? Nah... I am still far away from that.

Then the other thing is that I haven't released any "noise" yet, still a bit hesitating about that actually... Slowly thinking about it however and I am not sure if I should go for Soundcloud indeed or You Tube. Perhaps starting with Soundcloud?

I am also not sure yet about the music, eh I mean, noise-style yet. Either experimental ambient or just generally I prefer to name it (as in the old days how it was meant) "EM" (Electronic Music), however in the way as we know it from the 70's & 80's from bands like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, JM Jarre, Kitaro, Tomita, etcetera. Nowadays, I do have the feeling though that Techno and related styles are using the Electronic Music style name for Techno & Co but I feel that's not completely right looking at what kind of music TD, Schulze, Vangelis, etc. make/made. But that might be just me.

To summarise: I would like to go more into the old days EM, not minding a bit of a modern touch though.

So once I have decided: If I am going to publish something and if yes, where I am going to publish it (Soundcloud or You Tube) then I will put that here in the You section of course :-) Still a bit nervous about that idea though...

Keep up the nice music and kind regards, Garfield.

@GarfieldModular, just my two cents but I've found that opening up the posting gates can open up the creativity and flow. I used to keep my tunes really close to the chest but earlier this year I decided to just post anything I made, or just about anything, and it lead me down a really nice path for 3-4 months, which I of course upset by deciding to pick up a whole new instrument and build a modular lol.

We can often be our own worst critics, and sometimes the most important thing is just to let it live. Those are my thoughts for the day!

Hey together,

dont hesitate to record some noise and put it up on sc, nothing wrong with that!

I will do some wiggling this evening, hoping for some happy accidents :)!


another try on something I would call "ambient". Since I like repetitive music with only subtle changes dont expect fancy moves ;)...


Hi Troux and Jingo,

Both thank you very much for your kind words and trying to convince me :-) Give me some more time and once I know on which platform I want to publish it, I will try to publish here something in the You section.

Jingo, your second demo is just what I need after a bit hectic Friday of work, relax a bit, I love that repetitive patern, indeed subtle but yet interesting enough for the listener never want to stop listening at it. So yes, well done!

Thank you, enjoy your weekend and kind regards, Garfield.


hope you enjoyed your weekend :)!

Just listen to this to let the time fade away ;)...


Hi Jingo,

Thanks the weekend was good. Looking or better: hearing at your track, then your weekend was good too! ;-)

Just one word: Beautiful!

Loved the track and thanks a lot for closing the weekend just as fantastic as this. Kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Garfield,

i like your positive attitude and thank you again for your kind comments.

Still hope that you suprise us with some of your tunes/noise! :)

Stay healthy :),

Back from vacation, I recorded some noodling:


Hi Jingo,

If you every time after your holidays come up with music like this, then we should keep sending you on short holidays and as a reward get a superb track like this! Spot on, again :-)

I enjoyed this very much, you made my Saturday night perfect, thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Garfield,

:), thanks again for your kind support! I just finished my modular setup after returning from vacation, so there is more to come. Gonna try some ambient without any beats next...

Best, stay healthy,

over the weekend I went into ambient generative style sounds and this is a first kickoff sample into which direction my efforts will go, have a peak into it :)

main modules are -> ACL Multifunction Discrete VCO, ACL Sinfonion, Vector Seq, MI Marbles, MI Rings, HN fx aid, dervish and lots of modulation sources like MI Tides2, XAOC Zadar and erica synths stuff for some more modulation and EG/VCA stuff...

Hi Jingo,

Woooo... that sounds very promising. That's a little mean from your side though, make me so hungry to hear the rest, this demo is so short, it sounds to me like I want so much more to listen at :-)

This demo on it's own would be an almost perfect sound track for a superb film!

P.S.: I can't hear the ACL - Sinfonion in action, you must have used it so subtle :-) Or that background kind of music, are that chords via the Sinfonion? I only know one way to use the Sinfonion and that's the brutal full way ;-)

I want more, I want more, I... ;-) Thanks a lot for sharing this and I seriously hope to hear more of this, kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Garfield,

ok, its a little mean, but it's work in progress :).
The Sinfonion quantizes Vectors output which controls ACL VCO, its a random note sequence modulated by marbles, no chords involved...

I will wiggle further next weekend, so take my apologies :), but stay tuned!

Thanks for your kind words and support which give me even more motivation to create sounds !!


Hi Jingo,

I will stay tuned, I am waiting impatiently for more ;-)

But hurry up please, do you know that next weekend still takes ages...?

Ha, ha, just teasing you and please do not hurry, if something is contra-productive for one's creativity then that's under (time) stress producing something, so take your sweet time, even if it takes weeks/months, important is that you can please us with some more of your fantastic work!

Looking forward to your next surprise and kind regards, Garfield.

Greetings of the season ;),

and thanks Garfield for keeping my motivated with your kind words :)!

This piece went into another direction as I was not able to reproduce my last patch (lost my notes and couldnt remember).
So this time I hopefully will be able to refine this prototype, hf:

hmpf, uploaded twice now, quality remains shitty?? strange :(

Hi Jingo,

Oh yes, this is the good stuff! This is some nice and decent ambient music.

Ha, ha, I felt it was quite funny to read that you couldn't reproduce your last patch, but I guess you felt it was rather frustrating so for you I feel sorry that you couldn't find back your previous settings.

But that lead to this beautiful piece of music. So it wasn't that bad that you lost your last patch ;-)

What you mean with quality remains shitty? I sat in my listening chair and I hear a clear high tone arpeggio and a nice wave sound that goes through out the music that builds up a good tension. I don't hear quality issues there...? Might it be your speakers or amplifier that provides you issues?

To be honest, I don't mind you loose this patch as well, if that brings yet another beautiful piece of music, then keep loosing your patches, ha, ha :-D

Thanks for giving me a good start of the weekend and kind regards, Garfield.

Oh Oh,

time flew by as I had to get some things going after a family member passed :(. So I was not in the right mood to explore the worlds of sounds any further.

Since yesterday: I patched some cables into my modular and just let one loop run. Recorded it and here we go, just wanted to share.

Have a nice sunday out there! :)
c u soon...

Hi Jingo,

I am sorry to hear about your lost in the family :-( My condolences.

Glad to hear that you are picking up making music again and wow! You just plugged in a few cables and you come up with something so solid as this track! Nicely done, it could go on and on and I still wouldn't have enough of it. So give me more :-)

Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

P.S.: Welcome back :-)

Hey Garfield,

thank You for your participation and your kind and nice words! Its not always as easy as it should be...

But as with all things we have to return to a "normal state" and go on!

In this spirit,
all the Best,

my take on sunday evening trying to do some "generative ambient"... did not work as intended, but worth sharing anyway ;)... gonna eat something now...


Lots of tension in this one, throw some drums underneath and you might have a banger, thanks for sharing @jingo

Hi Jingo,

Great track, if this is your take on a Sunday evening, then I hope you take many more takes on Sunday evenings :-)

Ha, ha, your music inspired me to look again for sequencers, a never ending search, nicely accompanied by your music, lovely!

I can't wait for next Sunday ;-) Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

thanks troux and garfield :)!

I dont think that I am able to add some beats because the patch is gone forever... I did not take notes as it wasnt the result I was expecting...

For the sequencer, and believe me that I had a lot!, it came down to a combination of:
vector squencer+its expansion module
acl sinfonion
mi marbles
erica synths drum sequencer (but this is a component of the techno system anyways)

thats my personal sequencing dream and I can warmly recommend this setup!


Hi Jingo,

Oh no! Your patch is gone :-( and ;-)

The Sinfonion I have it already and indeed is a nice module. Nice for sequencing your chords but not for the voices. So I am looking for the ideal "partner" for the Sinfonion. You as well as Sacguy71 mentioned the Five12 - Vector sequencer, watching now a video of loopop, yeah it's not that bad indeed, perhaps I should give this sequencer a second chance. Only pity is that my local dealer doesn't carry this brand.

Instead of the Erica Synths - Drum Sequencer, I was thinking of the Black Sequencer, though it still hasn't been released yet :-(

Marbles is already on my wish list, good to hear from you about Marbles, I will put it a bit higher on my wish list :-) Or instead of Marbles, how about Vermona - Melodicer?

Thanks a lot and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Garfield,

as I am a big fan of erica synths I mailed them about the black sequencer. Raivo (Kodek) said that they had it on their agenda for a release end of june or so. The units are already manufactured, but as I understood they still polish the firmware. I waited long but in the end I gave up on waiting because I was in need of a more hands on sequencer than my nerdseq was. The only cv sequencer left on the market for more immediate hands on sequencing is the vector. And yes! It is the best sequencer I ever had and its developer Jim is very dedicated to fix and improve things. His support is one of the best I ever experienced. And also the support of erica synths is stellar but somehow they do not release their black sequencer...

The sinfonion is just another beast from acl (also own two of their vcos, the multifunction and the variable sync). Its superb to keep multiple voices in the same scale or process marbles output to your desired musical results. I also wanted to get a melodicer but it has just too much hp and my rack is already filled to the last hp, I cant ditch other modules for it to free some room, sadly...

btw: you can buy the vector from schneidersladen in Berlin ( as I did. They ship ww and are just beautiful and dedicated people there, I wish I knew them earlier so that I had bought more stuff from them.

If you got any questions about the vector or other modules I have (can send you a pic of my setup if you like, just pm me your mailadress) please feel free to ask. I will try to answer as good as I can :).


ps: here is a piece of music I am usually into... Since I am 13 I try to make techno-ish "music" and it always goes into stuff like this. Whatever I try it becomes like this. I always try to do some ambient but I also always fail hard. I am just not able to :/.
This piece is sequenced by vector into sinfonions song mode, acl vcos for bass and acid tones pushed through es polivoks and sara vcf, also starring modulation by kermit mk3 and there a lot of other modules involved :)...

try to listen, but its not easy if you are not into this "shit" ;)

@jingo Nice :)

How did you make the clap?

@the-erc thx :)!

The clap is made by the clap module which comes with erica synths techno system. This time I did no further processing on it.


should be this one

Hi Jingo,

Thanks a lot on the information on the sequencers and stuff. I need to reconsider my requirements and check a few of them again. With - Ground Control and Erica Synths - Black Sequencer not becoming available (at least after almost 1.5 years waiting it looks like that) I have to reconsider what I want to go to use for my "main" sequencer...

What's your opinion on the Arturia - Keystep Pro? Have you tried/tested it? I might consider that one if I can't find anything else that might satisfy me... or while waiting for the "perfect sequencer".

He, he, the beginning of your track is very nice actually! While I start writing this section, and you might not believe that indeed, I start listening at your track for the third time! So is it good? Yes, definitely! I love the first 1+ minute, that's for me the best part of it and when the handclap starts to bang in, ha, ha, yeah, I love that moment (around 1:21), nice hard and present that handclap but fits well with your music.

Though I praise your music here, is this music I would buy on a CD or LP? Most likely not but that's just because indeed techno (I feel this track is pretty much techno, you feel it's not "techno enough"? :-) ) is not so much of my cup of tea but it doesn't mean that I don't appreciate your efforts that I clearly can hear out of the track and what you are able to manage to do here, it's amazing to be honest. I wouldn't be able to come up with a piece of quality music like this! How things fit together, how you time (at least that's how it seems to me) at the right time to come in with yet another perfect matching sound to get the flow going, give the necessary variation(s) and keep the listener sitting at the edge of the chair waiting for the next sonic surprise :-)

So well done and I hope you surprise us soon with yet another nice track! Thanks for all the advice and tracks and kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Garfield,

most of my timings in my tracks are more or less coincedence, but I really appreciate that you are keen enough to take a listen AND beeing positive about what you hear :) (thats not easy with umms, umms, umms, badabumms -> techno ;)).

Just to explain a littel further: I wiggle around a patch and just record to my ah qu-pac. I am absolutely dawless and will stay so. I stare at a screen the whole day because I am an it-guy and programmer.

And thats the reason why I did not touch the KeyStep Pro. It has a keyboard and I dont have a clue how to use one :). My "music" consists more of try and error whether something sounds good to me, so I program music like I do with my it-stuff.
So, here is a list of sequencers I can remember which I used:

  • squarp pyramid as I was more into MIDI stuff
  • the sequencers on elektron devices like analog rytm mk2, analog 4 mk2, digitakt, digitone (they are more or less equal, only thing they really shine is so called parameter locking on single steps and scenes, the rest cant compete with other sequencers (my 2 cents))
  • kilpatrick carbon also for MIDI stuff
  • dyi midibox 4plus - easily the best MIDI sequencer out there and also with cv expansion modules now, but I sold it before those even were on the horizon because I went modular already and sold all my MIDI stuff
  • es drum sequencer which is easy to use and top notch for drum (gate) sequencing, it also has one cv/gate chan and an simple lfo
  • intellijel scales which can also sequence but only 2 chans and not so easy to use since it is a quantizer
  • wmd arpitecht which is nice but I got bored to fast with it (cant explain why exactly but I sold it after two weeks of use)
  • nerdseq (i loved it since it was fasttracker for eurorack, but in the end it was just to "static")

finally the vector which I can not recommend enough, at least for me, because it fits my style, it plays nicely with the rest of my modular setup, especially with the sinfonion for cv

hmm, i browsed through the feature list of the KeyStep Pro and yes, for that price it really does a lot! 4 cv/gate chans arent bad, arp included, also MIDI if you need it. It reads good and could be a toy to use for the time waiting on the es black sequencer or ground control.

I find also interesting: the wmd metron with the voltera expansion(s), stillson hammer mk2 which is only 2nd hand these days.

I have to admit: it isnt an easy choice and it costs tons of money to test and test to eventually arrive at "your" perfect sequencer.

I hope you can find your choice without bleeding to death moneywise.

ps: I will try to surprise you with just another track, but atm my time slots for wiggling are somehow rare... :( will do my best!

Hi Jingo,

Wow, thanks a lot for your extensive reply as well as the list with sequencers and your opinion regarding them.

He, he, same here, for my profession I am also busy in the IT stuff (not a programmer though), working 12 hours per day or more with a computer does also make me feel that I don't want a DAW. I don't want to exclude the DAW any more but at the moment I don't have time yet and my computer (Mac) has a too low OS version to be able to run Apple's Logic Pro X, bad luck because I just upgraded my OS and don't want to do that too often, so DAW has to wait ;-)

I had a good look again at the Keystep Pro, biggest issue I have with that one is that it has mini-keys, ridiculous in my opinion, either come with a decent keyboard or leave it. They could have used the normal sized synthesizer keys and add an extra output for the space that comes available because of taking "real" keys. So I am not so sure about it... What we actually need is a Eurorack version (without keyboard) of that Keystep Pro, that would be nice! With a few more options perhaps.

Yesterday and today I had more detailed looks into a few sequencers:
Yes, the WMD - Metron is very interesting but bloody expensive, because if you go for that one, I do think one should also take the Axxent extension module and at least 2 Voltera extension modules, then this sequencer would make sense but then you are far over 1000 bucks here in Europe and is it that worth it...?

The Squarp - Hermod or the Pyramid as well as the Metron are actually very interesting sequencers but somehow (especially the Hermod) can't really 100% convince me either. What I miss with both of them are the "run direction modes", like: forward, backward, up&down, random, etcetera. For me that's kind of unbelievable, kind of new or at least modern sequencers but they only run forwards... :-( Same for the Elektrons, also only forwards, pity!

I have a slightly bit more info on sequencers, will reply to my post on sequencers though since I have a mini-update on the availability of the - Ground Control (delayed again, sigh...).

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Garfield,

after reading your last post I can't stress enough to have a look at the vector. It does bring the features you describe. You'll also have to shell out 1k to get it with its expander, but I think it's worth every cent! And as I already wrote: Jim does a real good job and cares about his sequencer!


Hi Jingo,

Are you saying that the Vector does have different running direction modes other than forward? That would be a pro indeed. Do you have the Jack Expander? If together with the Jack Expander, one has then 6 channels/tracks - outputs? Can the Vector do ratcheting, oh yes 2, 3 or 4 times, right?

Hmm, let me think of it, you might be right, this might be indeed the sequencer to go for, can I use your credit card? ;-) Joking of course, but together with the expander we are talking here about some serious bucks...

How many HP wide is the Jack Expander?

Thanks a lot for reminding to me the Vector :-) Kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Garfield,
please have a look at those links below, loopop´s video and the manual can help to make a decision :)


Hey Jingo,

Thanks a lot for those links, weird I thought when I checked the Jack Expander here at ModularGrid that there were no HPs indicated but now I see it's 12 HP :-)

Of course I downloaded the Vector user guide already (v1.4 indeed), but unless I overlooked it, I don't think this sequencer can do anything else than running forward (or can it go backward, random, ping-pong, etcetera? If yes, where can I find that in the manual)?

I saw a few bits of Loopop's video already but I need to have a quiet moment and then watch the entire full video. Yeah... Five12 chances are getting higher now ;-) I want to wait till end of October to see if the Ground Control will be released finally by

Meanwhile, I will still look around for other ideas and sequencers, more reading, more watching videos and let's see what it is going to be :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Garfield,

I can confirm that it can run other than forward.
But you can also read it in the manual on page 4, sequence controls:
DIR: Direction: Forwards, backwards, alternate with or without repeating
the ends, or run randomly.

You can't do anything wrong with this sequencer ;)... Except become broke when buying it.


Hi Jingo,

Oh that's great news and I have overlooked that Direction thing on page 4 :-(

Whoops, that means Five12 - Vector + Jack Expander increases once again of being my main sequencer :-) It's the price that keeps me away from it otherwise I think I would have ordered it already...

If my wife wants to divorce from me because I sold the house to be able to pay this sequencer, I am going to blame you for it, all right? ;-)

Okay one last question on this sequencer to be really sure :-) How's the menu diving, not too extreme I hope? Because if there is something I don't like then that's (deep) menu diving! One level okay (Sinfonion has for example most of it just one level), in certain cases two levels might be all right but that should be it, so please let me know.

Thanks a lot for the information and trying to convince me (you almost got me convinced)! Kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Garfield,

put all blame on me if it helps ;)... But I hope you can keep your wife and your house! :)

There is no deep menu diving on the vector. Most buttons have double or triple function, like gate/step length/step repeat or pitch/glide or chance type/chance amount/chance bar. Also some configuration like globals has some menus not deep but scroll with left poti or prev/next button. There are also some button combos but these are very good labeled and the manual covers it all. Also patch notes describe very good what new combinations are possible. Jim has a also a good talent to keep the vector usable while maintaining and adding functions.

I am a very happy owner and I had a long journey and for me it's safe to say: I found it, I found "my" sequencer...

And you can sell it anyways if it does not suit you. It seems to be very stable in value. I saw some used with expander for like 100 bucks less than original price and they have been sold...

Hmmm, still not an easy decision, I know. But as I recommended, take your time to watch loopops video and there are also some more on yt...


Hi Jingo,

Ha, ha, yes, I guess it doesn't help much me blaming you for everything that goes wrong after (in case I would) I buy the Five12 - Vector + Jack Expander ;-) Yes, indeed, preferable I would like to keep wife + house ;-)

I watched today the loopop entire video, yes it's indeed a very nice and interesting sequencer, argh.... so tempting :-)

One little concern left though... If I checked and understood the specifications correctly, in 64 steps mode (I heard that from loopop in his video) there are only 6 presets left, so only 6x64 = 384 steps length possible. I was hoping to be able to "compose" an entire track length with a sequencer but 384 steps might not be long enough. I understood there can be 8 parts, so maximum steps are 8x384 = 3072 steps. That's to be honest for modern standards, not really mind blowing much...

The ground control, if it ever will be released, has 64 steps x 24 patterns = 1536 steps, so two songs on the ground control is the entire capacity of one project on the Vector... But ground control can go till 24 songs, so it has 12 times the capacity of a Vector and costs less than half the money...

Or did I miss something on the Vector? And is it in practical terms no issue at all?

Thank you very much in advance and kind regards, Garfield.

Edit: Removed asterisks because Markdown Syntax is not that nice ;-)

Yo Garfield,

i can only confirm that you can save as much projects as your SD card can hold (there is already a SD card included and I think you wont be able to fill it up with songs...).

I can't tell, what's the maximum number of steps per project, but I assume that your calculations are right, especially with 384 steps per sequence.
I think that's a lot since you can arrange your sequences in presets and presets in scenes. Inside these sequences can also be arranged as playlists. Have a look into the manual on page 15.

Hope this helps :),

Hi Jingo,

Thanks a lot for pointing out page 15 the scenes, totally overlooked the scenes...

Yes, the combination of steps, presets, playlists, scenes and projects, that should be enough. Pity of the presets though other than that I guess it's sufficient.

I just found something that worries me quite a bit. Do you have the Jack Expander as well? If yes, those 8 triggers there can't they all be used to control drums & percussion? I was assuming that but I read this in the manual on page 13 this:

"As with Chords, Drum Parts have four voices"
and this:
"You can use 4 Gate and Velocity outputs on the Jack Expander module, or use 4 trigger outputs only, or even combine 4 trigger outputs with 4 velocity CVs."

Why not just using all those 8 triggers for percussion & drum? :-(

So I hope you have that Jack Expander and can either confirm that indeed only 4 trigger outputs can be used for drums or is there a trick to use them all 8 for drums?

Thanks a lot and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Jingo,

I forgot to mention those two sub sequencers of the Five12 - Vectron, those are very nice, I heard loopop using that in his video (and explaining it), that's really great and gives a lot of interesting, additional opportunities, to this sequencer!

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Garfield,

I cant comment on those chord and drum parts because I did not use them yet. For drums I got the techno system with its excellent drum sequencer and for chords I use the sinfonion. The subsequencers are really dope and lift the movement to another level! They are an excellent feature because they can change your sequence in many ways. There are to mod inputs which take this concept further. You can modulate several parameters of your sequence from outside which can lead to many interesting results!

I know, its a difficult decision. Maybe its worth the wait for you, wait for or for erica synths...


Hey Jingo,

Ah, you are using the drum sequencer from... Erica Synths? Happy with that one?

It's a pity that the Vector doesn't support more than 4 drums (I still don't understand why the Jack Expander offers 8 triggers if one only can use up to 4 drums, bit weird in my opinion), that puts me a bit off to be honest. That's really a pity because I thought I found in Five12 the perfect sequencer :-(

Yes you might be right and perhaps I should stay patience about the Ground Control.

Do you have any experience with WMD - Metron? It's the next one I consider (besides the Ground Control). I can't find in the Metron's manual if it can run backwards or randomly too? Do you know perhaps?

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Garfield,

I really like es drum sequencer, its simple x0x0 sequencing with some bells&whistles.

Regarding the vector: you can use the 8 triggers for drum sequencing because those are "clock-like" triggers, but I use them mainly to clock other modules. So I understand your concern.

I dont have any experience with the metron, but you can find the manual here I had a quick look into the manual and maybe it can run randomly, but I dont know whether there are other modes (does not seem so).