Hello All,

Today I was playing around with the Make Noise - Telharmonic and the QPAS, these two fit quite well together. The below track starts with these two modules only (except some LFOs and other stuff, naturally), slightly bit reverb on top of it, but not too much (though it doesn't sound like that but really not too much reverb), then later the track has some joining elements of "Searching For The Frog" (for details see: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/forum/posts/index/8963) and a bit of percussion.

This is third take since I am not having/using a DAW (yet), I have to redo the entire recording if I am not happy with it. Still not 100% happy with it, one of the percussion sounds on the left hand channel sounds a bit too loud in my opinion, but wanted to have this posted before saying goodbye to this nice weekend and have to start to work this coming week ;-)

Thanks a lot for listening and I wish you all a good start of this coming week, kind regards, Garfield.

Nice one @GarfieldModular, that groove is pretty funky for a frog lol, good depth too! Well done.

Thanks Steve :-)

@GarfieldModular, saw this today and thought of you, if you really wanna get serious about frogs! http://www.fonozoo.com/fnzranasmundo2_eng.php


as I can see and hear :)_, you start to release your tracks! I am excited and definitely like to listen to more stuff from your musical veins! Keep it up!


Well done! that frog gets really crazy towards the end of the track, and the percussion is fantastic too, what are you using?

Since you're not using a DAW and you have to redo the entire track if you want to change it, how are you dealing with the patch? do you leave it patched until 100% happy with the track or do you take notes so you can patch it again?

Anyway, great work on this track!

Hi Troux,

Ha, ha, no this whole frog thing is rather for fun. Pity, I am not able to use your provided link, did you made perhaps somewhere a typo in that URL?

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Jingo,

Ha, ha, thanks a lot for your kind words, much appreciated :-) But please keep in mind these are not really my music or rather noise tracks, just some try outs on some modules I am currently having a lot of fun with, testing and trying them out. So the last two tracks you saw/heard from me are rather demo tracks (of the indicated modules) then anything else. However and indeed, I had a lot of fun playing around with those!

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.

Hey Garfield,

even if these are just demos, I just had a lot of fun listening to them. They made me forget everything around me and dive into another sphere :). So, my pleasure on your behalf :)! Thanks a lot!


Hi Exposure,

He, he, yeah it's one hell of a crazy space frog that is ;-) Thank you!

In this track I am kind of testing my "percussion", it's the Vermona - DRM1 - Mk III with trigger inputs. I wanted to wait till the Endorphin.es - Ground Control becomes available however after having waited for more than a year for the Ground Control and I got that DRM1 already for a few months now... I just couldn't wait any longer...

I kind of tested it with EGs and LFOs instead of using a real sequencer. Okay, I have to admit for the handclap I used the Centrevillage - C Quencer DLX sequencer, nice and interesting sequencer that is by the way, there is a fill knob where you can define how the 16 steps are being filled up (not extremely flexible but still nicely done), nice for live performances; nice if you want to get quickly some changes to keep it interesting, though I didn't use that knob during this track, I predefined it instead.

Well a good point you got there and that's why it took me 3 takes (and still not 100% happy ;-) ) before I was kind of willing to "release" this track (so what you hear here is the 3rd take/try). I do a bit of a mixture of what you are saying. I have now quite a few patches going on (it slowly grows and progresses) on my modular synth and try to keep them as long as possible, to "keep/save the sounds as long as possible" :-) Once I have enough of it, either finished the (test-) recording or just had enough of it, I remove all the cables and then it's bye-bye to this configuration that perhaps I could partly reproduce but this one I am not really going to write down, no. With the first ("real" and not demo) track I released, there I wrote down a few notes but I am afraid that would not be enough to get me the exact sounds back.

Well that's it with modular synths right? They forgot to think about a save button, so once you "cleared" your system, your patch is gone forever unless you have a very good memory or unless you are really willing to write down all the details, which I am not :-)

Thanks a lot for listening and your feedback and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Jingo and Troux,

Jingo: Thanks Jingo! I am glad to hear you liked them :-)

Troux: Strange, in the E-mail notification from this forum, your link works. He, he, quite some interesting sounds these frogs make and... not bad sounds at all to use in some of the possible future tracks... makes me think... Do I need to make a pond in my backyard and get some frogs in there? At the risk of getting complains of the neighbours but having some good frog-sound-samples? Difficult decision ;-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

LOL @GarfieldModular, I think that's a great idea, not to mention frogs are big mosquito munchers, good friends from my POV 🐸

Hi Troux,

Ha, ha, I didn't know (but could have guessed) that frogs where big mosquito munchers, good to know and my appreciation towards them suddenly increased a lot! :-D

Now calling frogs my friends... that goes pretty far because other than using them for some good frog-sound-samples and getting rid of mosquitoes, I do appreciate if they kept their mouth shut! ;-) Bloody noisy bastards, if you would ask me...

It's still an interesting idea, I need to talk with my wife about a pond in our (small) backyard... not daring to ask our neighbours, they will see (rather hear) this "brilliant idea" fast enough...

Cheers, Garfield.