Hi folks,

I'm new to modular in 2021, but a longtime musician, and familiar with many soft synths.

I've been using Modular Grid and am really liking the rack / module info and the discussion!

In the interest of surfacing and gathering a lot of the best ideas & discussions here, I wanted to ask folks on the forum:

1) what are (up to 5) of your top discussion threads and/or posts on Modular Grid? (Feel free to note your own or other's posts)
2) what is the short description of why you think these threads are great (important, informative, interesting, etc.)?

I'm looking forward to reading some interesting responses. Thanks all!


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    I really like Lugias "Why to NOT get into modular synthesis", there where some super great perspectives there, not only from the original author but from others sharing their experience and view on the world of "getting into modular"

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    "how do you practice?"

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    "20U Current - Ivo Ivanov (Glitchmachines)" - Super cool artist showing how to go to work on a big modular setup.

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    "98HP Jumpskiff DIY (befaco, 2hp, zlob, MI, ZZZ)" - shameless self-promotion: I tried to document my steps into modular here with lots of positive feedback from the community and videos documenting the growing rack and soundscape.

I'm going to be a bit of an ass here - and extend it to what are your favourite threads about modular synthesis

my favourite thread is - "i was wrong (still am)" on muffs, especially the first post!

reading it should be a requirement for buying a first case/modules

synopsis - I read the advice of experienced modular synthesists, I ignored the advice, I now realise I was wrong (and still am)

I like threads where people ask for advice and actually take it - decide which modules you want, decide which you need to support them, now pick case dependent on requirements - leaving space for expansion etc etc

I dislike newbie threads where they have already bought a beauty case and want to cram too much in

I dislike threads where newbies complain about the price of modules and cases, as if they are fast moving consumer goods - they aren't - they are niche products - if you want cheaper go for less expensive brands (Doepfer, ladik etc etc) and not trendy expensive ones! - and build your cases (not that it saves that much)

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

My favorite threads are the ones where modular users are sharing their creations. I hate when I see people sucking the joy out of the creative and learning processes. And yes, there is a lot to learn just by listening to others’ music while looking at their racks, some massive and some tiny.
There are an infinite number of ways to do this. We all have different budgets, ideas about what sounds and modules are cool, how serious of a hobby this is, beginner modules, rack size (seriously though, get a bigger rack than you think you need if you plan to take this seriously), etc.
To some this is serious business, to others it’s an escape, to others it’s a tool of expression, and to others it’s a toy. We’re not curing cancer here, so I recommend having fun above all. Try to figure out your workflow and desired sound reasonably quickly, do enough research that you pick the right modules for YOU, and don’t make a lot of expensive mistakes. Then share your creations with others so we can all learn from your successes and mistakes.
Have fun and good luck!

My top thread is probably "Today my small discovery was..." over on MuffWiggler (https://muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=162755&start=1175) with so so many good ideas, but I also love any thread where folks ask for advice on a build as I really enjoy the instrument-design part of Eurorack, and they're also an easy way to learn about new modules.

"Today my small discovery was..." is a great thread!!!

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

Definitely, a whole lot of what makes modular modular in there.

Thanks folks, lots of interesting responses above!

And yes, as many have already done, do feel free to mention threads / posts on Muff Wiggler or other relevant sources.

Much appreciated!