Hi, I'm sketching my first layout and choosing modules for the Arturia Rack with a Minibrute 2S (no keyboard) and pairing with VCV-Rack as expansion or having the Arturia setup as a Stand-alone system...

My music would be ambient / textures / rhythmic experimental. So I hope to get some advise or ideas to swap modules, or missing components in my system setup. I've been experimenting a bit with VCV-Rack, and now I'm looking into a hardware system and using VCV-Rack for a system I'm not capable of buying ;-).

This still might be a very vague or big question to ask... but I wanna try to begin somewhere. Your thoughts might solidify my ideas. Thanks for your advise!

alt text

Hi jorik


here's the link to the rack if anyone's interested


much easier for us to help you - click through etc...

aren't instruo modules available on vcvrack now? if you are using vcvrack then I'd be tempted to use those in there

the harmonaig in particular seems way over the top for such a small case and so few voices - I'd want at least 4 before getting a module such as this and a sequencer (probably more than 1) to control it - which would also mean I would want a bigger case if this is the

again the black output module, the sample drum and the es9 seem too big for the case

but all the pico modules seem too small - especially with them all next to each other

and for me not enough utilities

Hi Jim,

Thank you for your input, very much appreciated!

Instruo is indeed available in VCV, so I was already thinking of changing them. Good idea of having more (flexible) VCO's and Sequencer, also the Minibrute 2S has a sequencer and two VCO's. But I'm not sure if the sequencer can be used for the external VCO's. I doubt if they can. The difficulty for me is having the idea to both have a stand alone hardware modular system and a system that is enhanced by VCV. That is why I chose es9 to be able to have more connections with VCV.

The black output module could get a smaller alternative, but balanced out and phone out would be nice ;-).

Back to the drawing board... :-)

Hi jorik,

I use the Minibrute 2S to sequence my eurorack VCOs all the time, and I love it. Also the velocity and pressure tracks can be used for pitch and gates too, which is a plus. I wouldn't rush to buy a sequencer until I knew all the ins and outs of the Minibrute, it's a pretty cool machine.