Hey first post here and totally new to modular.

Really love what I'm seeing from the ALM folks and am pretty tempted to jump in on the System Coupe which looks like it has a lot of potential and a good start point out of the box for a newbie Want something that I can make tunes without needing MIDI or external sources. Hopefully everything from jungle to IDM to ambient stuff.

...But then again kind of tempted to build out something more custom? And got a recommendation for the Marbles to have something else to generate melodies.

So started sketching something out similar to the coupe but making some swaps and going up to 104HP. Megaslope for two Pip slopes. They don't make the Milton outside the system so I put in the Triplat instead, same for the MCF but I can't quite figure out a replacement, would love to swap for MUM 8 but its 1 hp to big.

ModularGrid Rack

Anyway, would love to hear any and all feedback! Very excited to get into this world.


This doesn't seem like it has much of an advantage over the default System Coupe. It definitely won't look as nice! Pam's can accomplish essentially everything that Marbles can (and potentially more given the inter-channel logic and variety of waveshapes) if you're willing to do the work with the encoder. The hands on experience of using Marbles is the only plus to this IMO. I totally get why that would be attractive for someone who is new, though. With some patience you could use the CV ins on Pam's with the Quaid for interesting high level automation.

You might just consider getting a larger case if you want to come up with your own rack, it'll be cheaper than expanding in the future from a 3U 84hp.

Agreed with @stolmine, if this is what you're thinking I'd probably go with the System Coupe (it does a ton and yes it looks awesome) and then once you find you've mastered that consider supplementing it with another rack or skiff.

it's a journey not a race

if you really like the System Coupe get that

and then when you realise that you are missing something you need or particularly want - get that

and if there's not enough rack space get a second case or just a bigger one take the modules out of the system coupe case and put them in the bigger case - maybe the system coupe case becomes a control skiff in the future!

total outlay now - System Coupe, however much that is - if you can find a used one then even better

total outlay in the future - who knows - but does it really matter? maybe a few hundred here and there - maybe more, maybe less.. it really depends on you and your needs and your level of self control...

if you are 'on a budget' & we all are to some extent or other, get a separate piggy bank or savings account and throw money in if and when you have spare

it's also a good way of sticking cash aside for the next case too if you follow the start small grow slow method - take the cost of your case per hp and multiply it by the number of hp of the new module and put that in the piggy bank each time you buy a module - when the case is full so is the piggy bank and the next case is paid for - without thinking about it

Thanks everyone, super helpful!

I think I'll make the leap for the coupe. Also will save the hassle of tracking down all the components individually and I think I'll save a few hundred bucks so maybe I can put that toward something down the road. Jim, your piggy bank concept is a great perspective too.

Thanks again and be seeing you guys around with more soon...