Modular level is much higher than line level, so an output module (Ladik, Erica, 4ms, etc) will solve some of the problem. I believe, but I could be wrong, that the Doepfer mixer you're using sends everything out as mono signals. While I'm a big fan of mono mixes, the muddiness you are experiencing is likely due to the fact the the individual outs from your modules aren't going into a traditional mixer, then adjusted for the combined mono out.

It also occurs to me, that if each sound is being output first through its own VCA, you might have better luck with the output from the Doepfer (and its attenuators).

Behringer can be controversial.
-- 33PO

While true, in the case of the ARP 2500 clone modules, they are Rob Keeble (AM Synths) designs. And in this case, B wasn't stepping on anyone's toes (there's a first time for everything, I suppose).

I have the 1006 (and a couple other B2500 modules), and while it works great within the 2500 setup, it is a royal pain to use outside of that context (you must use the filter in order to use the amp), so I would second @33PO on a different filter. If you want the ARP filter sound, G-Storm Electro has the TONUS-VCF, which is the classic ARP 2600 4012-filter clone (I personally like it better than the 1006, although the 2-pole 1047 Multimode Resonator is loads of fun!).

Hot damn, what a DEAL!
Definitely NOT throwaway grade! So if you need piles of patchcables, I think this might be the mother lode!
-- Lugia

Mine just arrived today (the email "Delivery Updates" were intolerable though)! Just as you described!

Thanks for the heads-up about these.

So prunes will work for modular problems too? Now THAT'S a cheap fix!

As a drummer myself, I'm avoiding @farkas "expensive slippery slope," although I wish I could do the same with filters...ugh.

Really like the track. The opening sounds very JX-3P-ish, which really takes me back!

It’s actually looking pretty good for a Behringer! For the more traditional sound, I have the CEM3340 based bOSC in there. That chip was used in the Prophet 5 and others and it's pretty great actually! I'm using it with FM in my track of yesterday on Soundcloud

-- Arrandan

Well that one's on me: I completely missed your 3340 module in my perusal of your rack. I will listen to your track later today. Look forward to hearing it.

I have a B-MonoPoly. I know it's not a module (and it's Behringer), but it's controllable via CV (along with all sorts of I/O: CV, MIDI, ETC). 4 oscillators and lots of other goodies (modulation-wise). It would inject a more "traditional" synth voice into your setup. It's also built very solidly, which I consider a real plus in this world of plastic-y crap.

200 Euros is not insignificant, and a 20hp savings too!

And yes, your "With the Squarp Rample in my current rack" change requires far fewer visits to the doctor. :)

I'm a bit limited with my Rample.>

That just doesn't sound good...

Certainly, but also anything with only audio out (guitars, many keyboards, etc). I have always found it odd that the XD (keyboard version) doesn't have CV/Gate out, only in.

Perhaps a different Pico module: the Pico Input. Very useful to get line-level sources into the system.

Also, Frequency Central's jammed the ARP 2600's signal manipulation section into a little module called the Process 26, and that'd work well, too.
-- Lugia

Looking into this one myself. But to be honest, the name kinda gives me the creeps.

I use the pair of joranalogue modules for anything out just to be safe. Would they serve the purpose well? I just wasn't sure how much limiting was going on.
-- EatTrumpet

I assume you mean the Joranalogue Transmit and Receive. Yes, perfect. I chose the Ladik's I mentioned for their cost-effectiveness (and they use 30% less power than the Joranalogue). I also didn't need the XLR connections as my board accepts balanced TRS.

As #nickgreenberg mentioned, a modular out module will solve many problems before they happen. I use the Ladik A-541 which has the added benefit of offering balanced connections (I also have the corresponding Ladik A-545 Input module.). The Ladik is very affordable and also has metering. My Yamaha HS-5s are quite happy with this arrangement.