On my side I would buy the 0-Coast and let it as a desktop unit, then buy a tiptop audio Happy-ending kit and start adding other modules...

It would even be possible to combine VCV Rack with an Expert Sleepers FH-2 midi to CV converter to extend your little setup without spending to much money...

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Have you think about getting a module like Morphagen or Nebulae 2 ?
It could be a great addition as you dont have any "real time sampler" like module to twiste up your patch...

Regarding VCA's, you could consider replacing the MIDI extention with a ADE-50 3x Lin VCA to save some space and be able to manage advanced CV modulation.

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Any feedback from an owner of this module ?
It's seems really good to manage drums in a small system.

Really want to try it, but the lack of videos and feedback is not helping me...

Thanks !


You need :
Power supplie => uZeus
Drum sequencer (3 voices) => Grids
A Mixer => Tiptop Mixz.

Search for this ones in priority, so you can have a fully functionnal mini drum system.
After this, search for some basic synth parts : VCO/VCA/ENV...

Try to stick to cheap modules to begin with (Doepfer is really a good deal...).

Make noise Rosie for the line output and Send/Return Effect path...

The Doepfer a-171-2 is a really nice module, half a MN Math...