The prices of those modules already rang an alarm bell. No way someone would sell all those Mutable modules for that low. Elements for under $300??? His description also makes zero mention of the condition the modules are in, shipping details, stuff people usually clarify for buyers.

haha you bet I saw that Rossum sampler!

Yeah! The Elby EuroSerge and Panther lines are incredibly interesting but sadly a bit under the radar. I'm glad I turned you onto them though! They have full kits too if you're into building.

Hey - thanks for the info! I love the idea of switches as well, especially with something like the Dynamic Destiny which is bi-directional (1 to 4 or 4 to 1).

The use guide for the Elby oscillator can probably explain its function better than I ever can. Basically you "draw" the wavform of the oscillator with the faders. I've just been self-patching it, listening to A while patching B into the FM inputs, and vice versa. It sounds amazing. At the lowest frequency (LFO-ish territory) you can actually use it as a very basic 10-step sequencer. You can set the resolution of each oscillator differently and get two sequences playing at different speeds. The thing sounds amazing.

Hey there, thanks for the comment! And not bad yourself - powerful system you have. It's actually going to be 5 rows of 72hp, but I don't have a Unicorn account to show the last row (see "Last Row" rack, which are more odd stuff.

Can I ask how you use all your switches? (I've got a Dynamic Destiny in repair)