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My Filth Biggest filth XX edit x Eurorack Private
My filth modules considering Eurorack Private
My Filth Biggest filth XX Current Eurorack View
My filth Pod Eurorack View
My filth oscillator bank Eurorack Private
My Current filth System (divided racks) Eurorack View
My Current filth System (2x 84) (divided racks) Eurorack Private
My filth Arp Eurorack View
My filthy Ryshn Eurorack View
My filthy glitch Eurorack View
My filthy Linney Eurorack View
My filth Alien signals Eurorack View
My filth "just evil" Eurorack View
C98 - Time Bomb (copied from cliffkm) Eurorack View
My distilled Eurorack Eurorack Private
My Percussion shithole rev 1a currently trying Eurorack View
My Percussion shithole (1400) Eurorack View
My Percussion shithole (1,900) Eurorack View
My Percussion shithole (1400) (copy) Eurorack View
My Filth Biggest filth XX rev2 (1400) Eurorack View
Selling 9/21/2020 Eurorack View
My Percussion shithole rev 1c Eurorack View
My Filth Biggest filth XX Current (copy) Eurorack View

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Buffered Mult, Plague Bearer - v.3, Quad-Atten, Audio Interface II, MIXMODE, Invy, Geiger Counter, μFold, ADE-32 Octocontroller, Polivoks VCF (2013), Mankato Filter, King Slender, Polivoks VCG MkII, Manis Iteritas, 333, Lider Suboctave, Piston Honda Mk III, Evin 209, Pit Viper, Baron Samedi, Model 53 Voicetail, TG3 Filter, TG4 Modulator, TG2 Generator, Optodist, Double Andore MkII, 321, Hertz Donut mark III, ES-7 CV Input Expander, ES-6 mk2, Black Hole DSP2, m277 (updated version), ADDAC213A, Ataraxic Iteritas (Black), ADDAC213B, Snare Drum, BSDM BAREBACK KICK, SCAT 0-LOGICAL DISTORTION (2017), SNORE FIST DRUM, Veils (Black and Gold Oscillosaurus panel), Jones O'Tool Oscilloscope, LEVIT8, R-57, Entropy Cannon, Angle Grinder (Black), ENVELOPE x3, Piston Honda mkII, Via META, Chimera, Metron (Black), Optomix Black & Gold Panel, Sinclastic Empulatrix (Black), VCA-4MX, Sinc Iter (Black), VC Dual Amp, x1l3 - SHARD, Pro VCF, Telemark Filter Module, EVIL DRUM oscillator, Kermit mk III, Bionic Lester MkIII, Noise Station, Fragment, CRATER, Quark, DATA (BLACK), ES-3 mk4, VOLTERA, ADSR-VC2, Mutant Hot Glue (black), Plutonium 239 Hyper Fist VCO , PUNCH V3, Euro DDL, Pixel Dust, Analog Drum Aid, DFAM - Drummer From Another Mother, Mutant Snare, ECHOZ (BLACK), Interstellar Radio (Black Panel), Kickall, x1L3 - UNDERWURLDE, Grey+Pink Pamela’s NEW Workout, Model 15 Complex VCO, Quadratt 1U, SDSV+, VCA, CalTrans, Voltage Block (Black Panel), Dust of Time, Basimilus Iteritas Alter (black), Loquelic Iteritas (Black), ROW POWER 40, x1L3 - UNDERWURLDE, V-Scale Variable Buffer (Silver Panel Version), Desmodus Versio, Rout (Black Panel), MiniMod Vintage Transistor Core VCO "Dark Edition", Hexpander, Hexmix, Hat (Black Panel), 3HP Blank, Model 15 Complex VCO, Pico MODulator, Pico A MIX, RND STEP, tanh[3], Mix (Black Panel), X1L3 - NIHIL and Multimode Envelope
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