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A-138m, Oscillator, A-115, A-131, A-171-1, A-186-1, Multiple, Maths, Pressure Points, Brains, Mix, Rene, DPO, A-100B1, uZeus, ADDAC207, Buff Mult, M303, Plague Bearer - v.3, A-151, μJack, Planar, μFold II/uFold II, Bender, IF113 - 5-Pulser, MMG, DUAL BORG, A-135-1, Grids, d0, A-178 V2, Dual ADSR, Rosie, Ultra-Random Analog, Mutant Hihats, Mutant Bassdrum, Mysteron, Erbe-Verb, Quad-Atten, Mixer/Attenuverter/Offset, 6 Channel Stereo Mixer, Circadian Rhythms, Fluctuations Magnétiques, DPLPG (Blue), A-160-2, Batumi, Richter Wogglebug 2014, ADE-32 Octocontroller, A-160-5, Skipmin, Poti, Outs (Mk. II), LxD (Low Strike Duo), Kinks, Hendrikson, Turing Machine v2 micro hybrid panel, Veils, Pressure Points (Original Knobs), Ears, Morphagene, Planar 180°, S3n0Я Serge Generator, S3n0Я Complex Generator, A-119, A-185-2, Quadra, Quadra Expander, uLFO, Model 13 Dual Timbral Gate, Short Bus V2:, Propagate, Kabelhänger, Delay1022 v2, nw2s::io (unbalanced), XR22 VCO FT, Scan & Pan, Phonogene (black panel), PCV2, MMM VCF, Variable Q VCF , Serge Wave Multipliers (VCM), A-180-2v, ASSIMIL8OR, Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator (DUSG) MK2, Serge NCOM, Poti (DIY 2HP), O'Tool Plus, Serge New Timbral Oscillator (NTO), Haible Tau Phaser, SAPÈL, Poly, Serge Triple+ Waveshaper, Muxlicer, Temps Utile (custom panel), Model 156M, Model 158 Dual Sine-Sawtooth Generator, Model 180 Dual Attack Generator, Model 106 6-Channel Mixer, Model 110 Quad Gate, Analog Replicator (Pitts Panel), RING, Unknown Pleasures, Noise VCA, Rack Plumber, D-2000 and Klee
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