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another diy alternative (copy)Buchla
another diy alternativeBuchla
All verbosEurorack
Full shuttleEurorack
Diy buchla 2 (copy)Buchla
Diy buchla 2Buchla
Original buchla 2Buchla
Original buchlaBuchla
Sam modular diyBuchla
Tip top buchlaEurorack
Buchla diyBuchla
Buchla recommended system 2Buchla
Buchla recommended system 1Buchla
Buchla baseBuchla
1st rackBuchla
Performance Mixer 64hpEurorack
Intellijel 42 hp drumsEurorack
84 hp full live case reduced maxim 2 rowsEurorack
104 hp full live case reduced maxEurorack
performance mixerEurorack
104 hp full live case reduced 1Eurorack
104hp Mutable System full (copy)Eurorack
104 hp full live case with drums last -replaced tetrapad (copy) (copy)Eurorack
620hp testEurorack
Gavin eurorackEurorack
7u intelijjel marbella computer alt 3 tukraEurorack
104 hp full live case with drums last -replaced tetrapadEurorack
104 hp full live case with drums lastEurorack
Intellijel palette er301 systemEurorack
Sweet Sixteen 3d caseEurorack
Frap tools system iNSTRUOEurorack
**monster case right top**Eurorack
**monster case left top**Eurorack
*Monster Base left*Eurorack
Frap tools monome mini systemEurorack
**my drum sequencing brain 7u**Eurorack
Lamond mixersEurorack
Pending buildsEurorack
Z lunchbox old emptyEurorack
z Old koma woodEurorack
Z grau emptyEurorack
z Lamond emptyEurorack
b lunchbox LBZ54 labEurorack
z diy modulesEurorack
Z Intelligel 42 hp emptyEurorack
Z lunchbox LBZ54 EmptyEurorack
Z Long empty skiffEurorack

My Offers on the Marketplace

Module Region Price
Dervish EU €200,00 
Turing Machine Mk II (Black) EU €400,00 
A-155v EU €400,00 
M185 Sequencer EU €350,00 
Cursus Iteritas (Black) EU €320,00 
A-192-1 EU €140,00 
Sequential Switch EU €90,00 
Loquelic Iteritas (Black with Hardware) EU €300,00 
Entity Percussion Synthesizer EU €260,00 
Stages black panel EU €350,00 
Tuesday EU €190,00 
uGrids (Matte Black Aluminum) EU €120,00 
Wobbler EU €200,00 

Submitted Modules

Menage a troisEurorack

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