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2023 - 13U Kit 39 - InstruoEurorack
Module to sellEurorackPrivate
Instruo purchaseEurorackPrivate
2023 - Grau 104hp skiffEurorack
What to keep rackEurorack
4MS Pod TravelEurorack
2023 - 13U Kit 42 - MutableEurorack
Temple 24 DuoPedalsPrivate
Temple 18 SoloPedalsPrivate
Temple 18 SoloPedalsPrivate
4MS Pod 48X - ES-9EurorackPrivate
Complete collectionEurorackPrivate
Dreadbox - overflowEurorackPrivate

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Mutable Instruments Plaits (Black/Gold), Rings, Tides, tona, Pico Logic, Veils, Blck_Noir (black), A-119, Rosie, Warps, FH-2 'factotum', Disting mk4, Tempi, Euclidean Circles v2, Confundo Funkitus, Maths, ES-9, Pedaltrain SST, Subnup Mini Octaver, Shoe Robert, Cali76 Compact, Grids (PCB Panel), A-182-2, ALM010 - O/A/x2, Beetronics Royal Jelly, Wally, Tremotron, Classic Audio FX Space Cadet, A-135-1, System Case Front Panel, Ceis, Magneto, Riverside, Iridium, Mood, Midibox, Dark World, Warped Vinyl HiFi, Wombtone mkII, Spectre (Purple Knob), Brothers, Slow Engine, MC6 MKII, Superego+, Switchblade+, Morley Volume+, Hall of Fame 2, Super Pulsar, SolidGoldFX Funkzilla, Patchulator 8000, INTRFX, Quintessence Harmonizer, FS3X, arbhar, Avalanche Run V2, Blender Looper, Rene Mk2, Disting mk2, DIY Polivoks VCF II , 4x4x4, A-181, Mutes, Hedra, Empress Midibox 2, El Capistan, G2 Switching System, Harmonaig, Pico SEQ, MISO, saïch, ALM006 - S.B.G, uBurst, LS1lightstrip, Six Switches, M-Audio EX-P Expression Peda, MST Dual 2164 VCA, Favorite Switch, Frames, Marbles, arbhar expander, Pico VCF1, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, Shades, Sponde, Morphagene, A-177-2, ALM008 - Pip Slope, Basimilus Iteritas Alter, Zularic Repetitor, Veils (2020), Rample, Stages, SYSTEM 100 182 ANALOG SEQUENCER, Ripples, Quadratt 1U, QPAS, Branches, Kinks, FHX-8GT Gate Expander for FH-2, A-100B2v, Rings, ES-5 mk3, ESX-8CV mk2, Tri Parallel Mixer, Mercury 7, Count to 5, OC-2, 720 Looper, Beads, Plaits, Ripples (2020), ALM019 - HPO, Links, Tiny MIDI breakout, ALM004 - D.S.G and Grids
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