Hehe i have my cables military dicipline with color setup and have done my own cable hanger. But om going to do new cable hangers that so all lengths have their own hanger with 12 rows where 6 of the rows are braided and the other 6 are regular. and 12 cables in each row. It should be 30 cm wide. so I can hang the cables i use infront of me:) thought to make 10 of them so for other cables such as splitters ect that may have their own hangers :) and all my cables from keystep pro im going to buy cable stripes so every chanel going to be like one, and i will buy cable orginicer like this and have it infront of my eurorack ready to patch :)
And from controller to eurorack i Will gather with Self-closing cable sock.

I talk to Graham alot last was yesterday. I will do my cable hangers first then im going to start to build my case. Will se how it ends hehe.

I have a few hundred cables in total, and the ones I use and have most of are actually polar noise cables, the braided cables are really good but if you have a compact patch, I use braided to 45 cm and up and regular cables under it to get more place. other cables I dark that I use a lot of are also Hosa patch cables because you get up from the modules and they are nice to work with.

I will have hinton and acopian power system with bus bar as I know what my big system will look like. I like over kill ;)

I am looking and searching for mouser and elfa to find the right cables and connectors for both ribbon and hinton / modular addict. but I'm still unsure because I have some knowledge before I buy bulk. so is there anyone who has a list of materials and tools and a good multimeter and how to set it up, I'm super happy. i find no video online that says what is the top notch of this ,. if I do it myself, I can buy as good as the absolute best cables and connectors for the purpose.


thanks for your answer, this is my case now and I have modules to fill 2 more cases.

ModularGrid Rack

and this is a bit how I think about my new case, but the case will probably be 6U lower and will be wider, as I want to reach other hardware that I will put on the case.

http://www.hinton-instruments.co.uk/paprod/gallery/index.htm, i have ny drawings, but i could not paste it on here.:(

I know that cables are cheaper to make yourself, but if i include time and work, it is almost more expensive, eurorack is extremely small in Sweden so i need almost buy everything abroad, and that extra money i pay for that i want to have to my eurorack inspelad. I have good contact with escape from noise ect.

I just want to lean how to make stuff and how stuff is made, so i have more money to my gear, i have started to learn to solder and im going to train my self untill i can solder correctly and can solder my patch cables correct, and be able to replace potentiometers and a little lighter details if somethings breaks. I have great respect for those who can solder, it is an art form. And it take time to learn.

and you learn a lot about electricity when you talk a lot with electrical engineers and it's fun, it's quick to learn but it takes a long time to understand.

Eurorack is a cheap hobby compared to going out and partying every weekend;)

I am drawing my new case, sending with a picture, however it will be wider and lower as I will have a small box underneath with all my controllers and effect pedals ect. I send with a picture and that I will probably not do it in wood without any lighter material of any kind. as well as several modules in the back just like the 7U intellijel case has.

in the meantime I am working on that case, which I hope to be ready next year, as there is a lot to think about many decisions and a lot you have to understand. then I will buy a 4U case and make a new connection so that you can attach it to the 7U case, the drawings are already ready and the pieces should only be laser cut.

and I have a question regarding the 7U case I have now and the busboard that comes with the case, how is it connected? I have all the connectors in and I am aware that they are too long so I will learn to make new cables that are much shorter than they are now.

I have tried to read to myself what resistance ohm the busboard have idle and max. And whats the best cable and connectors to use.

how is it connected to the ground in the case? and is there a 0V that comes with it? if there is no 0v around änd out, how should I do to get it and how do I need with the cables for it, and how should I connect if so?

I Will need over 4 Hinton for this new case, so i have looked at acopian power supply where I will save a lot of space and are 5 times cheaper, in this case. but it’s going to be Hinton’s busbars and cables anyway. however, I will have hinton in another smaller case :)

Is here the ground and OV comes in, where I want everything right from the beginning now when im learning, when I take all my stuff like pc interface and eurorack and everything else from the same outlet, I live in Sweden and we have very good outlets here.

but I need some help how to do now when the rig grows both with intellijel and other things around. And i want it right from the beginning with this stuff now not later.

And do anyone know what material modularaddict use for there PREMIUM EURORACK POWER CABLES and connector and everything els so i can make them bye my self, i need alot and i live in Sweden and thay in usa, and i need to learn my own stuff so i have everything under control.

but hope you all understand the question and have an answer :)

what kind of beautiful cool groovey sequence do you have while patches that don't get boring after hours of patching?

You nailed the words.

This is what i want ModularGrid Rack from instruo, i have all the MI and all 1u in intelliel case.

What do you seek for sounds in your future rig?

Best regards


Realy Nicke setup. Is instuo worth buying? I an looking to put in instuo ecosystem under my MI ecosystem. Otherwise you can build a drum/perc/seq ect system under the system you have.

Realy good music take some years to be that good:):)

This going to be a beautiful and quality Sounding synth. This is case nr1

ModularGrid Rack

Any opinion


No i dident see that can you sned it agen?, my Biggest change now is that its a good and strong Perc/synth sound with layering, case number 2 is going to be Heavy on drum/perc. I buy 1-3 moduls a month so i have time to learn them. The problem is that when i think i have learn my moduls in group i leran somthing new abought it hehe.

I think its not what moduls i buy its how you learn and Connect to them thats important, coz then i realy use them 100% and dont have to have a Big system to make realy good sounds.

I forgot to say that i build this together with my daughter :)

What do you think now ModularGrid Rack

Story it whas wrong this i right ModularGrid Rack :) this is my first case, the other case alla abought perkussion and bass. I have looken up alot on youtube but its not good for me, and i dont have any store to go to.

In this case i want to make lush medolic ambient/downtempo in one case, any more tip what i can do better, yes intellijel MI WMD and acl is the one i whant hole system from, i have 5 years plan for this :)

Hi i need opinion i want to make a good system that is fun to use, need opinion what you think and want to make different.

This is what i have now ModularGrid Rack

And this is what i think i want for a fun system ModularGrid Rack

What do you think folks ? Am i on right track?