I appreciate your feedback. I might jump into this..as a long term project :)

Help me build a Subharmonicon inside a Kb37.

What are other alternatives for the P.M.'s Primary Oscillator?

Wonder how it would look like the simplest multitimbral skiff with 4 different voice midi channels.

Many thanks amstrad!

I wonder if I would like to change this configuration into a Korg Monopoly type of sound...what Oscillator modules i would choose? Filters I think i"ll use Doepfer A-105...but I wonder about oscillators. Here is the Minimod layout:

Thanks guys!

Can anyone identify what modules are used in here? Thx

Got it! Thanks again!

I appreciate your clear feedback Lugia!
That means, that Braids for ex. ,since it's not a quad Vco, cannot deliver polyphonic notes? by itself...or i would need a multiplier of some sort ( total newb :) )

Thank you! Quad would be 4 note polyphony ?

Is there any module that offers polyphony ? or just through melodic chords that some modules offer?