Sounds wise! I will definitely tryout more and build my way in. Appreciate!

I thought it would be a simple synth phrase machine( through those patterns ) but I’m open to anything....I’m willing to swap the nerdseq with a powerful arpeggiator ( if you can come up with an idea).

It’s my first rack, so I thought it should be relatively simple but also sequencing for a bit more fun.

I’m open to suggestions in that regard.

Anything you'd change in 2hp? Nerdseq and Plaits needs to stay in

That’s really quality insight , especially with your experience.
I graduated visual arts and some universities would accept Basquiat’s work as something to refer on , in their curriculum and other universities would simply call it rubbish.
This kind of “ leading” or “ showing the way” in education , I agree it’s detrimental towards your own self / style ( at least in arts).
Since I am a newbie in eurorack, I need clear demos of all vco’s and stuff out there.
My ear maybe it’s not trained to taste all vco’s modules as being different or specific flavors.

But each time after I dig more into it, I kinda have some favorites ( just like a painter prepares his color pallet , before the actual painting).

So, maybe I should have just asked , what modules/ functions for melodic ambient, very organic timbre and arpy.
What vco’s and what quantizer?
What efx?

I have to be specific :)

Thanks Garfield, yeah it's just my personal "taste" I'm looking for

My personal take on "copying " is a bit different. Personally, I don't think anyone here is re-inventing the wheel in sonics/sound/noise spectrum. It's physics/electronics, under clear laws based on human ears.

I see each module as a possible preset/function. There is a big unit number of the same synthesizer, used by different people, in different ways. Just like several people are using Braids and so on...

Where the magic strikes is in the timbre/melodic line/arrangement/patching.

Most of this music, maybe it was created on synthesizers and not modular environment... I am wondering what modules ( most likely vco's) cover the sounds in the mix. ( especially at min.9)
Here is the mix

What would be your desert island 84rack selection to give you plenty of time to explore with...?

Thank you Lugia!
It would be for studio use... I am thinking then of a nerdseq + assimil8tor and see how much hp left in

Hard to choose in between a lunchbox groovebox or a powerful lunchbox arpeggiator oriented.

What configuration you'll choose, in regard to a Pulp Logic lunchbox ( groovebox or wild arpeggiator wise )?

I appreciate your feedback. I might jump into a long term project :)

Help me build a Subharmonicon inside a Kb37.

What are other alternatives for the P.M.'s Primary Oscillator?

Wonder how it would look like the simplest multitimbral skiff with 4 different voice midi channels.

Many thanks amstrad!

I wonder if I would like to change this configuration into a Korg Monopoly type of sound...what Oscillator modules i would choose? Filters I think i"ll use Doepfer A-105...but I wonder about oscillators. Here is the Minimod layout:

Thanks guys!

Can anyone identify what modules are used in here? Thx

Got it! Thanks again!

I appreciate your clear feedback Lugia!
That means, that Braids for ex. ,since it's not a quad Vco, cannot deliver polyphonic notes? by itself...or i would need a multiplier of some sort ( total newb :) )

Thank you! Quad would be 4 note polyphony ?

Is there any module that offers polyphony ? or just through melodic chords that some modules offer?