Hi there! Despite the fact that some of their practices are bull****, i have to say most of the gear sounds pretty decent, at least to my ears. Model D is a great example. If i can´t find a Minimoog or a TR909 for less than 6000€ (or find them at all) and want to have those sounds, I don´t see why I shouldn´t use a B product. I know there is a TR8s and it is awesome (first hand experience) but maybe you prefer the simplicity of the original. Roland is refusing to reissue this, I see why and respect that but others maybe don´t. They want a copy, they buy a copy.

I worked in development myself and can understand that they safe tons of money by copying. And this is where it gets nasty. Using products that are actually in production like the Mother32 or Dfam, from a small company thats probably struggling due to corona, chip shortage, whatever... is an absolute sh**move. I don´t think this is helping the industry because we definitely need developers like moog. If they have to shut down operation, that would be a loss for all of us.

Anyway... let´s just have more fun wiggling and choose wisely what to buy.

cheers everybody

Hi folks,

I´m just trying to find some good companionship for my Generate 3. Purpose of the 2x104hp Case is a single voice source, Techno oriented Synth. I found this approach quite appealing since i built a DnB oriented case with the CS-L as the only sound source.

The basic idea was to use the output options of G3 to split out the sound to different signal paths. Maybe this will be tricky due to limited space (and wigglebility in mind). Verbos Multistage, Sequence Selector, Scan&Pan, Multi Envelope are sitting in the Case as well. The rest is more or less undefined.

Does anybody use G3 as a single voice system? If so, what are your suggestions?
What modules did you find work really nice with the G3? Any magical combinations? Something that didn´t work at all?
Whatever tips you can give me, I´m happy to hear it.


Hi there fellow wigglers,

This is my live Rack right now... I wand to get a flexible fx routing and an "easy to use" transitioning option.

I also have:

Arcaico Raverb, Doepfer Audio divider, f(h) plaque barreer, afa coma reactor, worng LRMSMSLR, a jomox rackonizer, a second joranalogue switch 4, doepfer 182-2 switch, multiples, doepfer dual switch, doepfer ring mod, doepfer random/ noise,

considering: Strymon magneto (thoughts on this one are welcome - the idea was to use it as a "not in time loop thing") , Verbos cv processor, Verbos random sampling, Worng vector space

What would you do to have a nice and easy way to rout FX, making transitions and sound design for this LIVE rack?

Mix is going to Octatrack, thats used to make the transitions on the meta level (like drops, beat change, ...) - so the rack transition should act as a subtle or slow changes option...

All opinions and thoughts are appreciated! No need to only work within the leftover rack space...

Thanks for your help


Hi Guys, does this make sense? I want a highly performable Voice.

ModularGrid Rack

Hi, thanks for your reply. Could you be more specific?
my questions:
Noise - Why not the noise of MS20 and Dfam?
Sample & Hold (optional) - Yeah thought about that, is the Doepfer 118-2, 148, 184 a good option?
Dedicated LFOs? - Whats wrong with the Pam´s LFO´s?
Dedicated ADSRs? - I prefer using ad. So maybe in a future rack but for now im ok with quadra. Or is there a specific reason like something that is not possible or complicated or... ?
VCAs? - How many would you add?

Thanks a lot for your input.

Hi Gridpeople,

im not new to synthesis but im new to modular. I have built a nice setup and a little space left. I wanted to ask if you can give an opinion about it and if I missed something really important. If so, feel free to recommend whatever you think.
Also i would love to hear if there is something you would have done differently. Maybe reorder modules for better ergonomics, switch something to have better sound, add VCA`s... whatever. Hit me with your wisdom!

At the moment I am using the rack for live/studio techno, ambient, noisy stuff. I also have some external gear: Octatrack, TR-8s, Dfam, System 1m a Lyra and a MS20+SQ1.

Thanks in advance!

ModularGrid Rack