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Ideas_Improv Case Update 3 (drums?)Eurorack
Previous_2023 ItalyEurorack
Ideas_Improv Case Update 2Eurorack
Previous_2023 Diffusion Festival Quad SetupEurorack
Previous_2023 Asia TourEurorack
Ideas_Next Level MathsEurorackPrivate
Ideas_Thinking of SellingEurorackPrivate
Ideas_Quad Live CaseEurorack
Previous_2022-2023 Winter Live Setup (large system inspired by Serge)Eurorack
Current_Live Improv Case (half case alt)Eurorack
Previous_2022 Fall/Winter First Version of Improv-based CaseEurorack
Ideas_New Full SetupEurorack
Ideas_Utility Pod (Computer Connect & Measurement)Eurorack
Students_Beginner System 2Eurorack
Students_Beginner System with ComputerEurorack
Students_Beginner System External Input FocusedEurorack
Students_Beginner System with Sample FocusEurorack
Students_Beginner System 3 (Two Oscillators, Seq, Quantizer, FX)Eurorack
Students_Intermediate System Oscillator Focused (Mostly analogue system inspired by Serge, Buchla)Eurorack
Students_Beginner System 1 (Starting Point)Eurorack
Previous_Old Live Case (unsure of timeline)Eurorack
Previous_2019 Winter & Spring Live CaseEurorack
Previous_2019 Summer TourEurorack
Previous_2022 Summer ShowsEurorack
Current_Main/Live Case (+12V@3.6A / -12V@2.8A / +5V@2A)Eurorack
Other Artists_Suzanne Ciani Performance Setup (as photographed March 5, 2022 for Ambient Church in NYC)Buchla
Power Zones_12u Amalgamod Case (Zone 4) (+12V@900mA/ -12V@700mA/ +5V@500mA)EurorackPrivate
Power Zones_12u Amalgamod Case (Zone 2) (+12V@900mA/ -12V@700mA/ +5V@500mA)EurorackPrivate
Power Zones_12u Amalgamod Case (Zone 3) (+12V@900mA/ -12V@700mA/ +5V@500mA)EurorackPrivate
Power Zones_12u Amalgamod Case (Zone 1) (+12V@900mA/ -12V@700mA/ +5V@500mA)EurorackPrivate
Current_Tall Dog SkiffsEurorack
Ideas_Modules of InterestEurorack
Previous_2021 Voltage Scores Release ShowEurorack
Previous_Intellijel 7u Case (up to 1/15/22)Eurorack

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