Smart contact and good transaction with @evzone.
Thank you Julien.

Sold my Loquelic Iteritas to @Soundmonk
Great communication and quick payer - highly recommended.

Good communication and nice transaction with @Buio.
Grazie Alessandro.

Good communication and nice transaction with @filipl.
Bedankt Filip.

I just bought a module from @coxinhellstudio and everything worket out smoothly and quite quickly. Good bloke he is.

Smart contact and nice transaction with @RAMIREZ
Gracias Enrique.

Pittsburgher sv-1b to trade

Bought a 4ms Row Power 40 from @manikin. All went well, thank you! Recommended seller.


Good communication and nice transaction with @exzs
Danke Simon !

Props to @Ideo, @DirkB, @mopoco, @WarpHead and @mech808.
It's been a pleasure to deal with you guys.

Smart communication and good transaction with @Shanewave
Merci Nicolas !

thank you for a pleasant transaction with @Eryck_Abecassis and @S0210! buy with confidence from both!

I'm looking at the nw2s:io (balanced).
My only fear is how quiet the output is?
I have an Erika Synth Black Output 2, and I do not find it specially quiet.



Great transaction and communication with @ner0!

Great dealing with @raimbo. Item packaged very carefully, was provided with clear tracking info and sale was fast and easy.

Hassle free transaction with @BrokenBo, module well packaged and in mint condition.

Smart communication and nice transaction with @RTFM.
Grazie Pierpaolo !

Would like to highly recommend @space6oy
had a very nice interaction with him!


Thanks to @Robocoder, who sold me an assimil8or in perfect shape and updated (ok i should have been able to do that myself).
It was a really smooth transaction, and communication !

Many thanks to @ezra , I just got a module from him, smart communication great transaction and very nice person!!!

Smooth and perfect transaction with @cv_hate ! I only can recommend him. Enjoy ambient and Panharmonium ! Best

Just discovered this space and need to mention I bought an ES-9 from @nikkore about two weeks ago. Good and clear communication, received the module in good condition and everything seems to work fine! Before this deal I had contact with another guy from Switzerland about an ES-8 (forgot his name) but although the communication seemed to be good, Unfortunately I never heard back from him.

I just bought an ACL Dual VCA from @NSOTB and I am very satisfied. The shipping was super fast, the condition of the module is great and also the packaging was good.

I just bought an ACL Dual VCA from @NSOTB and I am very satisfied. The shipping was super fast, the condition of the module is great and also the packaging was good.
-- Buzzy_B

Thanks for thumb up :)

Fast payment on your side!
Enjoy the ACL, my friend.

Bought a Cwejman VM-1 from @NSOTB

Fast shipping, great comms, and a nice guy. Recommended.


-- Edintheclouds

Thx alot.
Fast payment and very kind communicaton on your side :)

Cwejman for ever.


thanks to @gerrywing for a perfect description, communication and a very fast shipping. highly recommended seller!

Appreciate the great communication and immediately response from @joazinho. Moreover now I know the feedback thread.

Smart communication and nice transaction with @teethgrinder.
Merci Fabien !

Thanks to @Plexusgel for a fast shipping and good packaging. Quick to answer and friendly!

I was nervous for my first time buying throw modulargrid, but thanks to @Grooveserfer patient and guidance everything went perfect. Finally got the erica synths sample drum in perfect conditions! Would definitely buy from him again!

i have been buying a few modules on the marketplace recently from these nice fellow wigglers: @dillerfrans , @Zucker , @Tito , @talkboxert , @dork173 , @vingtdieux , @racooniac , @ulleks , @moody , @Zbigniew . thanks + thumbs up.

Buying an Inversor at Ph Modular.
Very well made module ! Recommended !

Bought a Qu-Bit Mixology from @bj_gzp, super fast shipping. Module arrived in good conditions, no flaws. Many thanks!

shout out to great sellers @medicineman @Karus @antilophobia for smooth deals. I can happily recommend these people. Thanks a lot!

Since my last post here I had great interactions with @0110110, @filipl and I also got another module from @dork173.
Thanks guys.

As usual, smart communication and nice transaction with @RTFM.
Grazie Pierpaolo !

I just bought two uO_C modules built by @technoprisoner ...

Everything went really fine - good communication, he got the modules shipped really fast and the modules look very good and everything is working fine - I can really recommend!

Thanks a lot!

shoutout to @ulleks, who built an Antumbra ANT8 for me. great experience all around, cheers mate.

Bought stuff from @notwaving and @Quantia and everything went absolutely smoothly. Many thanks!

Thanks @yari! Fast transaction, everything went fine!

Thanks @yari. Fast transaction and everything went ok!

Smart contact and good transaction with @fango
Grazie Nick !

great experience with @Tommodtom and @jdd12 buying samplers and filters. Thank you! Marek

Bought a Noise Engineering BIA & Erica Black Hole DSP 2 from @NSOTB, originally found his offers via eBay-k.

He ships fast, really nice & timely in communication!
I definitely recommend to purchase things from him and highly likely will do so myself as well.

Serge from Berlin

Great experience dealing with @PrismaticShard - prompt and pleasant communication, fast and safe shipping and the module just as described - deal with confidence, folks... and @PrismaticShard - thanks!!!

Smart contact and fine transaction with @Slim
Merci Quentin !

Many thanks to @Hellikova! Great seller. I bought the Pittsburgh Binary Filter, shipped next day, received in 3 business days. Well packed, and in good conditions, including the original box.