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The Cursible - Sacrament Modular + Er... Send/return is too rare in modular, but this goes way beyo… by Sacrament in Modules
Jam in a Box #4 - Moonbase by GarfieldModular in You
amalgamod and nono modular case exper... Thanks Lugia, I will keep this in mind since an Erica Synth… by sacguy71 in Modular Discussions

News from the Labs

  • SynQuaNon Hex EF-Gate-Trigger SynQuaNon  Yesterday, 02:58
    New! The Hex EF-Gate-Trigger module is now available in our web shop! 
  • ThreeTom Modular "Technomancer" illuminated blind plate ThreeTom Modular  Thursday January 21, 12:04
    If you have been considering to build my Technomancer illuminated blind plate, but were holding off because of the lack of a build guide, I have some good news for you: I finally found the time to get the build guide done. You can find the build guide on the DIY page. > 
  • Wavefonix VCDLFO Wavefonix  Wednesday January 20, 22:05
    Our new VCDLFO is now available to order. This versatile module adds a lot of powerful modulation options to your system. Whilst many LFOs include just the standard and rather boring waveforms, such as triangle and ramp, the VCDLFO takes things further and can generate eight 16-bit waveforms; including two different types of random waves. Find out more and buy here:
  • Klavis CalTrans Klavis  Wednesday January 20, 18:26
    An update of the CalTrans manual is out. This version 1.5 corrects a mistake in the input calibration procedure description. There are several clarifications too (it's good to reread oneself after a while :-) Downloads at 
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Morph 4 Joranalogue Audio Design  Tuesday January 19, 10:03
    What better way to spend your holidays than with a case full of Joranalogue? The Synth DiY Guy did just that! 
  • Steady State Fate Vortices Steady State Fate  Jan 14th, 23:02
    Tune into on on January 23rd 4pm EST and see the Vortices in action via performances by NYMS staples and Boys Noize! More info: 
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Top Modules rated by users

  1. Make Noise Maths Ø 4.76 (492)
  2. Make Noise MATHS (black panel) Ø 4.75 (36)
  3. Make Noise Rene Mk2 Ø 4.69 (42)
  4. Make Noise QMMG Ø 4.68 (37)
  5. Make Noise MATHS Ø 4.65 (102)
  6. ALM Busy Circuits ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout Ø 4.63 (221)
  7. Make Noise Maths (white knobs) Ø 4.62 (84)
  8. Make Noise Mimeophon Ø 4.62 (68)
  9. Make Noise 0-Coast Ø 4.61 (61)
  10. Make Noise DPO Ø 4.60 (193)
  11. Xaoc Devices Batumi Ø 4.58 (215)
  12. Make Noise Morphagene Ø 4.56 (139)
  13. Make Noise Erbe-Verb Ø 4.56 (141)
  14. Mutable instruments Rings Ø 4.55 (250)
  15. Make Noise Maths Ø 4.53 (85)
  16. Mannequins THREE SISTERS Ø 4.49 (138)
  17. Frap Tools SAPÈL Ø 4.48 (33)
  18. Make Noise modDemix 2014 Ø 4.48 (67)
  19. Mutable instruments Plaits Ø 4.47 (207)
  20. Intellijel Metropolis Ø 4.46 (153)
  21. Mutable instruments Braids (old version) Ø 4.46 (169)
  22. Intellijel Quad VCA Ø 4.46 (139)
  23. Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter Ø 4.46 (140)
  24. Doepfer A-124 SE Ø 4.46 (116)
  25. Mutable instruments Ears Ø 4.46 (81)

Modules have to be rated at least 30 times to appear in this list. Any module with a rating better than Ø 4.32 is considered to be above average.

Popular Modules in racks

  1. Make Noise Maths in 44561 Racks
  2. Mutable instruments Plaits in 36192 Racks
  3. Mutable instruments Clouds in 35453 Racks
  4. Expert Sleepers Disting mk4 in 32653 Racks
  5. ALM Busy Circuits ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout in 31967 Racks
  6. Mutable instruments Rings in 29437 Racks
  7. Make Noise Morphagene in 28206 Racks
  8. Intellijel Quad VCA in 24083 Racks
  9. Xaoc Devices Batumi in 23431 Racks
  10. Intellijel Buff Mult in 23407 Racks
  11. Make Noise Pressure Points in 22652 Racks
  12. Tiptop Audio uZeus in 20629 Racks
  13. Make Noise Richter Wogglebug 2014 in 20249 Racks
  14. Make Noise Maths (white knobs) in 19395 Racks
  15. Intellijel Quadratt 1U in 18080 Racks
  16. Make Noise Mimeophon in 17458 Racks
  17. Doepfer A-140 in 17063 Racks
  18. Mutable instruments Marbles in 16787 Racks
  19. Erica Synths Pico DSP in 16721 Racks
  20. Moog Music Inc. Moog Mother-32 in 15936 Racks
  21. Mutable instruments Peaks in 15735 Racks
  22. Mutable instruments Ripples in 15581 Racks
  23. Make Noise Rene in 15563 Racks
  24. Mutable instruments Links in 15272 Racks
  25. Mutable instruments Ears in 15152 Racks

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