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Experiment with Kermit and Noise Engi... Thanks Garfield, the BIA is a superb module for percussion.… by sacguy71 in You
Live Set #2 @GarfieldModular, the shows I've played have been using twi… by troux in You
Reticulating Splines: Degobah Hi Mowse, Oh yes! If your entire album is going to be li… by GarfieldModular in You

News from the Labs

  • Majella Audio  Tuesday September 22, 13:34
    Besides creating Eurorack Modules, we have been working really hard on a new Synthesizer called the IMPLEXUS. Today the Kickstarter has launched and the campaign can be found here: More info on Implexus: 
  • Lower West Side Studio  Sep 7th, 09:55
    The new Oakley DLF from Lower West Side Studio includes a Dry Signal Output. This provides an unfiltered mixed input signal simultaneously output (through its own port) with the filtered signal. In addition an attenuator has been added to control the level of the Dry Output. If you're looking for that 904A sound then you have to hear this awesome VCF. 
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Morph 4 Joranalogue Audio Design  Aug 29th, 14:24
    New! Designed as a fully-featured modulation hub for Eurorack synthesisers, Morph 4 takes the basic concept of the multi-VCA module to the next level. Use Morph 4 as a voltage controlled mixer, dual crossfader, dual panner, interpolating scanner, interpolating distributor, quad VCA, quadraphonic controller, slope modifier, rectifier, complex waveshaper or something in between any of those—the choice is yours. 
  • ph modular Multiple dual channels with leds 1U (alternative version) ph modular  Aug 28th, 17:26
    New alternative version of my switched multiple with leds indicator is available! 
  • RYO Penta RYO  Aug 22nd, 23:09
    Now heralding the return of RYO, the penta is the first of the pcb+panel sets to be available as exclusive diy options from synthcube! 
  • Hexinverter Électronique Mutant Hihats Hexinverter Électronique  Aug 18th, 19:46
    Mutant Hihats is back in stock finally -- as Edition Noire! (Btw: there's a feature on ModularGrid to change the image displayed for it in your rack on ModularGrid if you don't like that it's changed to black!) 
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Top Modules rated by users

  1. Make Noise Maths Ø 4.78 (482)
  2. ALM Busy Circuits ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout Ø 4.75 (188)
  3. ACL Sinfonion Ø 4.74 (57)
  4. Xaoc Devices Batumi Ø 4.71 (199)
  5. Mannequins THREE SISTERS Ø 4.68 (129)
  6. Intellijel Quadratt 1U Ø 4.67 (46)
  7. Intellijel Metropolis Ø 4.66 (140)
  8. Mutable instruments Marbles Ø 4.66 (108)
  9. Mutable instruments Rings Ø 4.66 (233)
  10. Orthogonal Devices ER-301: Sound Computer Ø 4.65 (57)
  11. Make Noise MATHS Ø 4.64 (92)
  12. Mutable instruments Tides Ø 4.64 (33)
  13. Xaoc Devices Belgrad Ø 4.63 (68)
  14. Make Noise Maths (white knobs) Ø 4.63 (54)
  15. Joranalogue Audio Design Filter 8 Ø 4.59 (56)
  16. Intellijel Quad VCA Ø 4.58 (125)
  17. Make Noise Morphagene Ø 4.58 (117)
  18. Doepfer A-151 Ø 4.58 (76)
  19. Make Noise Maths Ø 4.58 (76)
  20. Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter Ø 4.58 (128)
  21. Klavis Twin waves Ø 4.58 (59)
  22. Intellijel Rainmaker Ø 4.57 (61)
  23. Mannequins JUST FRIENDS Ø 4.57 (68)
  24. Mutable instruments Plaits Ø 4.57 (178)
  25. Intellijel Rubicon Ø 4.57 (98)

Modules have to be rated at least 30 times to appear in this list. Any module with a rating better than Ø 4.33 is considered to be above average.

Popular Modules in racks

  1. Make Noise Maths in 44041 Racks
  2. Mutable instruments Clouds in 35193 Racks
  3. Mutable instruments Plaits in 32443 Racks
  4. Expert Sleepers Disting mk4 in 31041 Racks
  5. ALM Busy Circuits ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout in 28515 Racks
  6. Mutable instruments Rings in 27961 Racks
  7. Make Noise Morphagene in 25700 Racks
  8. Xaoc Devices Batumi in 22707 Racks
  9. Make Noise Pressure Points in 22556 Racks
  10. Intellijel Buff Mult in 22497 Racks
  11. Intellijel Quad VCA in 22253 Racks
  12. Make Noise Richter Wogglebug 2014 in 19569 Racks
  13. Tiptop Audio uZeus in 19323 Racks
  14. Doepfer A-140 in 16669 Racks
  15. Intellijel Quadratt 1U in 16399 Racks
  16. Mutable instruments Ripples in 15898 Racks
  17. Erica Synths Pico DSP in 15786 Racks
  18. Mutable instruments Peaks in 15763 Racks
  19. Make Noise Maths (white knobs) in 15709 Racks
  20. Make Noise Rene in 15539 Racks
  21. Moog Music Inc. Moog Mother-32 in 15369 Racks
  22. Mutable instruments Marbles in 15015 Racks
  23. Make Noise STO in 14884 Racks
  24. Make Noise Mimeophon in 14653 Racks
  25. Mutable instruments Links in 14565 Racks

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