Ha, ha, you are mean Ronin ;-) But yeah, go ahead buy some more fancy modules and everything will be fine :-)

Ha, ha, looks like we three got the same thinking here and thanks a lot Lugia for starting the initial part of the document!

Hi Modular Freq,

Nice one! Nice slowly. By the way, which casing are you using there? I am looking currently for one and yours looks quite nice.

Thank you for sharing and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi CatholicSkin,

To be honest with you that's a bit too small case, but hey, if you got it for a good deal, nice start and when you are getting deeper into modular then get an additional bigger case, that might work out.

My feedback on your rack:

  • I see a ring modulator but only one oscillator, you need two oscillators for a ring modulator though. Of course you can take two outputs of that single oscillator but I feel that's a bit limiting
  • Missing envelopes and LFOs too... yes I saw that dual EG from Erica Synths, it's a nice module, got that one myself, you can use it as an ADSR, as two LFOs, as two ARs or as one AR and one LFO. Still I feel it's limiting yourself enormously if you would just stick with that one module. Use this module for example as an envelope module (dual AR or ADSR) and get yourself an LFO module additionally to it. At least one LFO, better would be two
  • You wrote that you want to make/create f-ed up sound scapes, well it might be a bit too early at this stage but once you got yourself a bit experience with modular, after that consider the Erica Synths Black Octasource as an additional LFO (not as your first LFO). This LFO is a serious psychopath of a module, it's a serious sick module but in a positive way, no matter how dull modules you have, modulate it by this LFO and your dull modules become crazy too ;-) It's for semi till quite advance usage so get some experience with modular first before getting into this sick thing :-)
  • That Erica Synths Black Multi is a good module, I use it regularly, however for your small setup you might not need a multiple at all; up to you if you want to leave it in this setup or remove it and consider it for the future once your setup gets bigger
  • I see you planned a VCA (Doepfer A-130-1) which is good for amplifying CVs/gates, etcetera but I am missing an exponential VCA for your audio path, so you might want to consider a VCA Doepfer A-131-1 (that's the one for audio)
  • Missing an audio input/output module too --> how are you going to get your audio out of the rack to your mixer?
  • Generally you should think a bit bigger to get a bit more out of your modular system, so at least two oscillators, two envelopes (that dual module you got there might be just enough to start with, still a bit less though), two LFOs, one or two filters, two (or dual) VCA; actually the things I just mentioned (VCOs, ADSRs, LFOs, filters and VCAs), you just can't have them enough...
  • If you don't have an external sequencer, consider to start with a small sequencer, get experience with that and then you might in the future want to decide for a bit bigger and more flexible sequencer; it's not an easy job to decide (and have checked all the sequencers) which one fits you best, so take it easy on that one

Well that's it for starters, prepare yourself for the future to add a casing to be able to extend your modular system. This casing, it's nice you got a good deal on it but it's definitely too small.

Good luck and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Lugia,

All right, if there is some specific part of the documentation I can do or if I can make a Visio diagram of a basic modular synthesizer setup, or anything into those directions, just let me know and once I done that and you got my stuff returned to you, you can just copy/past it in your main document. Up to you, just let me know if I can do something for you.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi JonoVizion,

Yes the Octasource is perhaps a bit of an overkill but of all fancy modules you got planned here, keep the Octasource, that module is just sick, sick in a fantastic way, I enjoy that module every time again and again when I use it. It gives you a lot of fun and psychopath of an LFO it is.

I actually like the Doepfer A-124 (SE) VCF5 - Wasp filter module a lot. It's a filter where you get respect for, I really enjoy it and it's reasonably priced.

The Disting mk4 is in my opinion a great module "for emergency cases", let's say you need an extra LFO, or an extra delay module, or an extra... whatever, you can use the Disting for it. Then when you used the Disting for let's say one particular function a lot, then you need for that function a separate module. For that purpose I do think the Disting is a good module.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Lugia,

Ha, ha, interesting post and thanks a lot for sharing that picture of Isao Tomita, that gave me sweet memories of his early music. Tomita was for me also the one who torpedo-ed me into two music arts: electronic music (like Tomita, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Kitaro, Vangelis, J.M. Jarre, i.e. the usual "suspects") and classical music.

So I was surprised I managed to get two more of Tomita's CDs when I was recently in Japan; one of it is the CD Dr. Coppelius, didn't even know about that one till I bought it :-) Pity though he died a few years back :-(

I was just about to send you and Ronin a PM (personal message; which I never tried so far though) about... should we perhaps together write a "starter's manual" for beginners into Eurorack? I wouldn't mind to start with that and perhaps you and Ronin can add your bits? Then for the obvious new rack questions from people starting just into Eurorack, we can refer to such kind of manual :-) Would save us a lot of time for the first round of replies ;-)

Is there any possibility to share Word documents? Then, as I mentioned already, I don't mind to start with such "manual" and you and Ronin might want to review it before we release it here somewhere in the forum?

Please let me know your thoughts about it and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi JonoVizion,

I miss a bit the classic components in your rather small rack. Please check the basics of oscillators, LFOs (I don't see any in your current rack), envelopes, filters (I don't see any in your rack), VCAs, etcetera.

I see you got VCAs, envelopes and I think I saw one oscillator. Then you got quite a few "fancy modules" but getting your basic components done first is my recommendation. Then later once you got more experience you can add some more fancy modules depending on your needs.

The rack I feel is too small, so consider at least 3 rows and if possible a wider case. Keep one row empty first for future expansion.

Yes, I know the Octasource is a great module and is in fact a kind of crazy LFO. I got that one myself and I love it but you need just a classic/default LFO too. Consider to add at least one other oscillator, so you have at least two ("normal") oscillators, you will need them.

Good luck with the planning and my advice is to read up on synthesizer basics (if not done already) and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Nerophix,

Since you are not sure, perhaps you should indeed consider to get one more semi-modular, to see if this Eurorack is really what you want? For example the Neutron from Behringer is a fantastic device. I started with that one as well and though I got now a Eurorack system, I still use the Neutron regular in combination with my Eurorack stuff.

The Neutron is reasonably priced and is not so expensive as a good start in Eurorack. So after using the Neutron (or Model D for example) for awhile and you feel really excited to go further, then yes, Eurorack might be perhaps something for you. But if it isn't at least you didn't spent so much money (and efforts) into a Eurorack.

At the end, it's up to you. If you decide to go directly for Eurorack, I would recommend a larger case, the one you show is just too small. You don't have to fill it up completely first, keep for example one row free for future extension.

Tough decision to make, so I like you to wish good luck with that decision. Don't rush it and take your sweet time for it. Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Naugrim,

Great, I wish you much fun with your modular system! :-)

I hope you haven't ordered all modules yet, so you kept most of the top row free and planned it at the moment only? Get some experience with your new system and you will see that here and there you might want to change your current planning for that top row.

Enjoy your rack and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Naugrim,

You are welcome. How about that one from Doepfer, the A-130? It's reasonably priced and if you build up enough experience with it and you want a more fancy one you can consider that for the future.

With logic modules I meant logic functions like: AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR, etcetera. You don't straight away have to buy it but keep it in mind. Once you have build up experience with your rack then you might want to look into it to play around with CVs and make it more exciting. I am myself rather new on that field as well and still have to do quite some homework in that area before I would be able to give you better advice than this.

Make Noise Maths goes into that direction but is not a "pure" logic module on its own; Maths is just a wonder on its own :-) Marbles I don't know it well enough but I don't think it's a logic module as such.

Generally I would recommend to not fully plan the second row yet, keep some blank space left, you will need it in the future to adjust the ideas (and experience) you have now. So in the future you can add a few modules without having the issue of straight away need to buy a new case...

Good luck and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Nerophix,

Pfeew... With a budget of Euro 700 I would recommend to put your plans on hold and save first a bit more so you feel financially more comfortable. A good rack is already Euro 700 (Intellijel 7U for example). If you go for low cost Doepfer, the A-100LS9 is at Euro 349, that's about the smallest I would consider if I were you. With that there is only Euro 351 left for your budget, for that you wouldn't get all those modules you displayed in the rack...

Sorry, I wouldn't know what MMG or Clouds can be replaced by.

For "classic" modules and looking at your budget, please have a look at some of the Doepfer modules, they are reasonably priced and are good products. I got several modules of Doepfer myself and I am quite happy with them.

I still recommend to play first a lot more around with the Moog, that gives you more experience and also for yourself a better idea of what you want and meanwhile you can try to save some more money to increase your budget. Then next year if your budget is hopefully in 4 digits area then plan again, by then you should better idea of what you want regarding your experiences with the Moog.

Good luck and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Naugrim,

First I thought "what a small system" but having a good look at it, for the fact that's so small, it's quite complete. You got your VCOs, LFOs, filters, envelopes and VCAs/mixer. You could consider a linear VCA for CVs, a logic module might come in handy and the obvious as you mentioned yourself already, a sequencer and a few effect modules.

Regarding the 1U definitely look into Audio input/output in combination with (if you go for it) Intellijel 7U case to make sure you got everything you need. Or are you going to do that via your computer too? But you mentioned that if you are not connected to a computer, so I still would consider that (audio input/output module I mean).

It's not a huge system, rather small, so don't expect wonders from it, however you got the most basic modules covered. So get experience with it and with that experience then decide how you are going to fill up the second row and that second row will be faster full then you might think or want ;-)

Good luck with the planning and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Nerophix,

You got quite some nice fancy modules in this rack ;-) That's nice to see but it certainly has disadvantages too...

Depending on what you have already, but assuming here you have no other devices just that what you are planning here in the above shown rack then you got yourself too many fancy modules planned and too less classic and basic components like oscillators, LFOs (okay I saw that Doepfer A-145, that one together with the Moog that might be enough to start with), filters, envelopes (yes I saw the Maths but that one is too nice to use just use it as an envelope; of all the fancy modules at least keep this one, nice module), VCAs, audio input & output module and in your cases you might want to check if the Moog can be directly used with a Eurorack system, if I am not mistaken that's not 100% compatible, so better check that first before you start.

You also got far too less space. So why not leave the Moog out and put that back in it's original casing, that saves you a lot of space that you really will need with the above mentioned modules.

Regarding the music you like to create, I have no experience with that so can't help you there, perhaps other members can give you some advice into that direction.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention the Make Noise MMG, are you sure you are still able to buy that one? I can't find it with my regular dealers, so you might want to check that too.

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Diego,

Thanks for recommending the Mannequins - Three Sisters filter module. Did you had a chance to have it tested at a dealer? I don't have a dealer nearby that got this module (or this brand). If you did had it tested, please let me know your experiences.

Regarding sequencers, I feel it's very difficult to find one that really suites one. I have a few smaller ones but for a big sequencer (minimum 3 tracks) like you mentioned, I still haven't found a suitable one for myself. The two you mentioned might be good ones but with their menu structure "scare me off" a bit. I prefer to have as less as possible menu stuff and direct knobs and buttons for as many as possible functions (i.e. without many button combinations or menu layers).

I am currently looking at what Endorphin.es with their Ground Control are doing, I am waiting till it comes available at my dealer so I can have it tested, hopefully soon. Another one I consider is the one from Erica Synths - Black Sequencer however no indication date yet when this should become available. You might want to have a look at those both too, though they are both wider than the 26 HP you were mentioning. Just remove the Toolbox and get yourself a sequencer that does what you want and need :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Jmeager,

Perhaps it's as simple as that one (or more) of the modules was wrongly connected to the -12 V? It's usually the red line on the ribbon and usually the white line on the PCB board. Please check that carefully as well for each module and also against each of the manuals that usually comes with the modules to see where the -12 V is (or download them from the respective manufacturer's websites). Of course please follow the instructions above from Lugia too!

Before blowing up more power supplies, the best thing is to take your modular system to your dealer (if that's possible) and have them tested it, if they blow up yet another power supply at least it wasn't your fault ;-)

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Thread: First Rack

Hi Mator1900,

Are you really already that old? Born in 1900? ;-) Just joking.

My first reaction: Extreme far too small case. Second impression, quite a few fancy modules but I am missing some basic but important stuff, like: VCOs, LFOs (I saw one), envelopes (I saw one), filters, VCAs and perhaps here and there a few more modules. If you are not familiar with these standard components then please do first some reading & homework before start to plan a modular system. Don't even think about buying one yet, knowing what you want is an important pre-phase of this.

But your question is difficult to answer with just the very little input you give us. Basic information like: how much experience do you have on synthesizers, and on modular systems? The more information you provide the more accurate I/we can try to help you.

So even without really knowing what you want, get yourself a much, much bigger case and don't put everything straight from the beginning full. Keep for example one row free for future extensions otherwise you end up with buying a second case pretty soon.

One little feedback about the audio output module, personally I would put that either in the bottom left or bottom right corner, depending where your cables need to go to your external mixer or device. Putting that one in the middle seems not so handy to me (regarding cables blocking you when you patch and want to turn knobs, etcetera). Unless you have of course a good reason to put it there in the middle, then it's fine.

Oh yes, and do you really need two Expert Sleepers - Disting mk4s? One wouldn't do it? Do I also see two Plucks? Really needed?

Good luck with your planning and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Prema108,

Thoughts about what? I don't see anything, neither to read nor to see (link to your rack)...

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Clemenswenners,

Ha, ha, you got us there ;-)

I guess the Stages is fine. If you just want a "classic" and "standard/default" ADSR but with all kind of possibilities like every stage (A, D, S and R) can be controlled separately, then I am myself very happy with the Erica Synths - Black VC EG. For that module you can get an expander module (Black VC EG Expander) as well with an extra output, an inverted output and a bi-polar output. But it looks like this module is sold out, so it might be difficult to find a dealer who has one on stock left.

Or you might want to consider the Erica Synths Black Dual EG/LFO (that one you can use either as a single ADSR, as a dual AR, as a dual LFO, or as one AR & one LFO; I like it because it's quite flexible in how you like to use it and still pretty much a "standard" ADSR) or the Hakiri Instruments Triple AD (nice one). Or if you want to go for just a good straight forward ADSR then the Doepfer A-140 is great for just that purpose.

Good luck with the search for an envelope and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Nour,

Since you are not too sure what you want, I would suggest you start with a small system (I mean half full system/case) and get some experience. With that experience you can then decide which other modules you would like to have and then can start to fill up the space.

Leave more space free than 10 HP (that's just about one or two modules). You definitely need more space reserved for future use otherwise you end up soon with buying another case :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Diego,

Right! It sounds to me that you are nice and good busy with your Eurorack :-)

Fair enough on the mixer part and you always can try to return a module to your dealer in exchange of another module, most dealers are quite flexible with that as long as it is within an x-number of days.

Thanks a lot for your feedback regarding the Ts-L of Instruo. Pity of the small knobs, I agree with you that big knobs are nice(r) to handle. Regarding the position of the module within the rack I wouldn’t be too much worried. Use it a bit longer and then see if you can find in your rack a bit better position and then just move it. I mean that’s one of the reasons why we got a modular synth, right? So we have the flexibility to do so.

… Not that I am using that flexibility a lot, for my rack, even if a module isn’t really 100% perfectly located I usually leave it there, too lazy to move it, not for nothing is my nickname here Garfield ;-)

Filters…. Hmmm… yes, a good and important subject. To be honest with you, I could have a few more filters in my system. The Wasp filter (Doepfer A-124 SE) is my best one so far. I also have to admit that I am struggling a bit with finding good filters. Haven’t made up my mind on what exactly I want. I think I still need to build up a bit more experience with filters before I can give you some advice on filters.

For myself I am considering a TouellSkouarn – Kala Goañv but I have no dealer nearby where I can test it, so that’s why I am still struggling if I want to buy it “just blindly” so to speak. I also consider Doepfer A-106-5 SE (Oberheim SEM filter). Then the Instruo Tràigh might be an interesting one.

I also still looking for a nice filter that beside low-, band- & high-pass also has a notch-filter but can’t find any interesting one so far. Do you know any notch filter that might be worth considering?

Thanks a lot for your comments on the Mutable Instruments Stages, it’s really good to know that there no menus or complex button combinations because I try to avoid that. The more modules you get the more difficult it gets to remember for each module how exactly the settings and button “pressings” are so therefore I try to avoid that kind of modules as much as possible.

Regarding envelopes, though you always can’t have too many of them, at the moment I think I am good on envelopes but will keep the Stages in mind. For the moment I like to focus on getting one or two more good filters.

He, he, yes I know what you mean with RIP on sleep patterns, when I just got my Eurorack I barely slept 4 or 5 hours a day, now I am trying to catch a bit more sleep but it’s difficult when you know the Eurorack is waiting for you ;-)

Well, continue enjoy your modular synth, at least I will :-) And any big news then of course would be nice to hear from you.

Kind regards, Garfield (most probably the laziest Euroracker, but also a happy Euroracker :-)

Hi Nour,

Some more information on your situation would be good to have to be able to advise you. How much experience do you have in general with synthesizers? How much with modular? The case you show here above... is that what you already have or is that what you plan to have? What do you want to do with what you plan? What kind of music or for testing purposes, or what exactly do expect and want to do with (the above) modular system?

The more we know, the better we can try to help :-)

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Clemenswenners,

I wouldn't use up all the space straight from the beginning if I were you. Keep some space as a reserve, that always is good to have. You need to get some experience first with the system to show you where you might have a lack of modules for. But if you use up straight away that space, you can't add any more modules, so please keep (quite) some space left; i.e. more space left than you have now.

Perhaps you should consider one or two envelopes, I am missing "default" (non-fancy) envelopes.

Kind regards and good luck, Garfield Modular.

Hey Diego, our happy Euroracker ;-)

I hope you had a fantastic holiday?! Live is good here; as long as there is a Eurorack standing next to me (which is currently the case), I am happy :-)

The good news is you bought a casing and some modules! Yeah! :-)

I noticed you changed quite a bit, hopefully not too quick last minute decisions?

Are you sure about your mixer choice? I see you got now a Doepfer A-134 panning module though if I understand that module correctly you can (for example) put at the end of the audio chain a left and a right channel panning with that. However if that was a gift, then it’s certainly not too bad :-) With the Doepfer combination A-138o & 138p you could change the panning per channel though and not just limited to two channels. Now it looks you can't do that (panning on a channel basis) anymore?

Good to know you can handle the Pico modules well. Yeah a few are fine for me too but if you have a bunch of them all next together fully patched with cables, small fingers or not, you can't reach the knobs because of all those cables ;-) Looking at your layout it might be not too bad regarding the cables so I am glad to hear you like the Picos! They certainly can come in handy for some quick patching.

I got myself a Doepfer Wasp filter too, fantastic filter, I love it too, so I can imagine you went for that one :-)

He, he, the Octasource, the psychopath beast, you don’t want it actually to tame, just start using it and enjoy the wild ride! ;-) If you seriously want to tame it put the rate quite low (the lower the rate, the tamer; but don’t put it at 12 o’clock, then it freezes), the switch to single (instead of multi) and put the wave knob completely anti-clockwise (i.e. at 7 o’clock) and don’t use the FM (IN) then it’s in one of its most tame conditions I realised…

Please let me know your experience with Instruo, and this Ts-L module, I consider the Tòna of this brand and would be interested in people’s opinion about this brand and their VCOs.

Glad to hear you love your Quad VCA, I know this feeling of having a fantastic module, it becomes almost magic what you can do with it compared to other modules and it feels so comfortable then to use it! So enjoy it.

Yeah, I want a Disting mk4 too but I am waiting now quite long already, still not on stock (or when a few pieces arrive they are straight away sold out) with my local dealer here.

I am glad to read that your Octatrack (OT) fits in well together with your new Eurorack. Don’t forget the fantastic sample possibilities on the OT though; I feel that makes the OT really powerful.

How you feel is the usage of the Stages of Mutable Instruments? Is it self-explanatory, i.e. easy in use? Or do you have to remember a lot of button combinations? I consider this brand too but I am not sure yet.

After a holiday, got yourself a Eurorack, what does one want more ;-) ?

Enjoy your Eurorack! Kind regards, Garfield.

Thread: Korg ms20

Hi Lugia,

Sorry no, maximum is Euro 20 or 25, forget which one but somehwere in that region, that's why I am saying it's stupid, if it would be Euro 500 or something like that, I wouldn't have complained ;-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Thread: Korg ms20

Hi Lugia,

Okay thanks a lot for the background information on G-Storm, so that, indeed, sounds very good. Just a little "but" here ;-) I live in Europe and yes I can order from USA or anywhere else I want but as soon as I order from outside the EU, I have to pay import tax on it (starting from a value of Euro 20 or 25 somewhere around that), depending on the items, it's at least the VAT level (which is 19% in Germany) and if you have bad luck yet another kind of tax. I am not sure but on synthesizers it might be just that 19%. So having a dealer here in Europe takes that headache for you away so to speak.

Still will keep it in mind though and if I can't find anything via European dealers available, I still might go that road, its because of the stupid EU import tax (for private persons too), an unpleasant road to go though. Paper work, tax payments, long queues at the custom's office, etcetera.

Ridiculous right? It's 2019 and still this stupidity matters... but hey that's how it currently is (and I don't see this changing soon).

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Lugia,

Oh yes! That sounds and looks good :-) I didn't had a chance yet to look at the prices but from the look of it, how professional it looks like, it must cost a fortune I am afraid.

At page 72 is a nice 12 V DC power supply unit, just what we need for our Eurorack cases :-) You just take a "battery" of those units in one large row supplying your entire factory-hall kind of space with Eurorack cases... even winning a serious lotery might not be enough for that kind of nice stuff and space you need for that too...

That picture on page 51, that does it, doesn't it? :-)

Now at least we know where Mr. Doepfer got his ideas from ;-)

I googled here with the German Google version and end up with the same website technical-furniture.com but then everything in German. Looks like they are a German company but not really sure. I don't think you can find a "shop" that sells their products. From their website and my understanding of reading their information is that they do come up with whatever solution you need and they will install it for you on location, worldwide... so this must come at unbelievable prices...

Kind regards, Garfield.

Edit: removed a typo

Thread: Korg ms20

Hi Buzz_R and Catwavez,

Catwavez: Thanks a lot for that module link. The module looks just what we need here! :-) Pity I don't know this brand and I can't find a closeby (European) dealer that sells this brand.

Buzz_R: Hmm yeah Roland System 1m, I had a look at it then I liked it. I actually own a Roland synth (before I started with and went into Eurorack) and I really like it, so I have from that point of view nothing against Roland. I am just saying this, so you don't get me wrong here :-)

I love the specifications of that System 1m, and I had several looks on the Internet about this one and I was kind of ready to buy this thing because indeed it looks very interesting. So I went to my dealer and had it tested and somehow (and I don't mind to put the blame here full at myself) I just couldn't get nice sounds out of that thing. That made me feel a bit disappointing because whatever I read about it was positive but I just couldn't get nice sounds out of it and I admit that might be just my non-skills of just not knowing how to use it but it made me a bit careful about this item and decided not to buy it for the moment.

However now reading your comments makes me feel that I should perhaps give it a second chance and try to test it again at my dealer; so I will reconsider that System 1m again then :-)

By the way, I also tested the Roland Eurorack modules but they were even worse than that System 1m, their modules can't give me any appetite at all to buy and use them. I don't know exactly why just that I don't feel they are very "exciting" to use. The sound I felt was a bit boring. For me a module must invite me to start patching it, to feel happy, to feel exciting to use it, but no sir, not with the Roland Eurorack modules... pity because I love their synthesizers...

Kind regards, Garfield.

Thread: Korg ms20

Hi Ronin and Buzz_R,

Ronin: No problem and thanks a lot for the clarification and those video-links. Looks like I don't need to worry and the Model D can be used within the Eurorack "environment" :-)

Buzz_R: Thanks a lot for the background information! Yeah... I also feel interested in the Model D, then again, I feel interested in a lot of (Eurorack) modules too, so I need to make choices but one day I hope to get the Model D too :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Exposure and Lugia,

Exposure: Thanks a lot for sharing that link, nice article to read!

Lugia: Interesting and indeed a pity that's so difficult to get to that kind of industrial Eurorack stuff, could be interesting to have such indeed.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Thread: Korg ms20

Hi Ronin,

Hmm, to be honest I am a slightly bit confused. One on hand you mention you haven't noticed any issues when you plugged your Model D into your Eurorack on the other hand at the end you are stating that they went with the original specs and that would be 1V/Hertz, isn't it? But wouldn't that cause some issues within the Eurorack?

I am asking so detailed because I consider for the (near) future a Model D too. I got, like you do, already a Neutron and that fits quite well in my Eurorack and does most of the times what it should do :-) So I was hoping the Model D could be similar like the Neutron (regarding being used with Eurorack).

Thanks a lot in advance and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Schwuah,

You are very brave, I think, if you want to have a (modular) synth and then never add or change something to that system. I am not too sure if that's possible ;-) I am totally the opposite of that, I keep changing, keep adding modules and I couldn't imagine a modular synth that "is not allowed" ;-) to be changed for let's say two years or so. So I would admire you if you could stick with your initial modular synth and not adding anything, which is good for your wallet, certainly, however I doubt if you can make it :-)

No LFO guy? Ha, ha, I don't mean this to sound bad or something but there again, we are our total opposites :-) I love LFOs, got quite a few of them and still consider to get more. So other than envelopes, how are you going to do your modulation?

Good luck with your plan, I hope you can stick to it :-) Kind regards, Garfield.

Thread: Korg ms20

Hi Ronin1973,

Thanks a lot for confirming that, I was just wondering about that (K-2). How about Model D (Behringer) then? Same issue since it's based on the MiniMoog?

Thanks a lot and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Wow, for such a small setup, that's pretty nice! I want to hear more :-)

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Davidaellis,

I don't own both of those Arturia items but had a quick look at it, it looks like this should work. As long as the module you buy is compatible (i.e. Eurorack) with your Rackbrute then you should be fine.

Have fun and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Synthy-Synthesizing,

Ha, ha, you are using an Doepfer A-100 case with 1U strips, does it exist? :-) Would be nice if they really do but I doubt it a bit. An Intellijel 7U * 104 HP might be a nice choice instead? That gives you a bit space to extend in the (near) future as well.

Without knowing what you have externally (any other stuff other than this rack or is "this it")? If you don't have any external gear then this looks a "bit" too less to me. If you have already some (external) stuff then perhaps good to mention.

Generally you need to look at least at some oscillators, LFOs, envelopes and don't forget filters, VCAs, audio input/output module, perhaps a small mixer, at least one sequencer to start with and perhaps some other stuff, it really depends on what you want and need. In your shown rack I see a few components but it doesn't look complete to me.

Good luck with the planning and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Thread: Korg ms20

Hi Wubifi,

If I am not mistaken this Eurorack module of ReBach might help you out:


Of course there might be other modules too that can help you out, just couldn't find them that quickly. Searching here at ModularGrid under the modules might help you out.

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Edit: typo correction.

Hey Joe,

I totally agree here with Lugia that your case is far too small. A US $ 4k limit isn't too bad, so just use a bit more of that budget for a bigger case, for example the Intellijel 7U * 104 HP is a nice one or even the Pittsburgh EP-420 is good to give you enough "future space". My advice is intially to reduce your budget to 3k, after minus out that bigger case, you should still have left 2k+ for the most important modules to start with. Get started with that (i.e. 3k) and build-up some experience with Eurorack.

Then after a learning & experience phase, you still have 1k left to add some modules that you might then realise you really need after you got some experience. At that point you will thank me on your knees (just joking) that you got yourself a bigger case and kept that 1k in your pocket initially ;-)

Don't believe though that you can stick with that 4k forever, if you really like Eurorack you will have thoughts of selling your house, partner, whatsoever to get it extended with a few more modules ;-) And at that stage again you will be happy you got yourself a bigger case so you still have space left to do so.

Good luck with the planning and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Antti,

Oh yes, that extra row does it, gives you a bit more space to plan this a bit better and looks like you got about 44 HP space left if I calculated it correctly. Not much but if you think that's sufficient for the future then you should be fine.

Just still missing that audio input/output module, I see you have added now the Doepfer A-119 for audio input, but where is your audio output? Or did I overlooked it? Don't assume that you Doepfer A-138o is sufficient, that's just the output of the mixer but still at "Eurorack level voltages" which might be a "bit" too high for your possible input of the Octatrack or of your possible external mixer. So therefore you need an audio output module.

Therefore my suggestion to simplify this a bit, take out the A-119 and instead take a module that can do both, i.e. audio input and audio output parallel at the same time, for example Intellijel Audio I/O is such module and doesn't use up too much space. The Doepfer A-119 is 8 HP, that Audio I/O from Intellijel is 10 HP, so you just need 2 HP more. Of course you can take any other kind of audio input/output module, it mustn't be the Intellijel one.

I am just mentioning it because I got it myself, quite happy with it, the only thing I am missing on it is the headphones output but since you got your Octatrack and most probably do everything on that one, you got your headphones there; therefore not having the headphones within the Eurorack might be fine for you.

You are almost there :-) Good luck and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Schwuah,

He, he, you got yourself quite some Intellijel stuff in that rack ;-) If this is what you want :-)

Some little feedback: You got yourself quite a few interesting and fancy modules, though I feel you could have one more oscillator and one more LFO and perhaps you should consider an ADSR module too. Quad AD is nice but sometimes it's good to have a ful ADSR too.

Or, and that would be my next piece of advice, keep it as it is, still add a bit more of oscillators, LFOs and envelopes and put that in a 7U * 104 HP unit (instead of 84 HP). Gives you just that extra space. Because with the 84 HP planning, you have no space left at all for any (near) future extension and you will be forced to buy an additional case, so why not going directly for the 104 HP case?

Last one, do you really need two pieces of those 1U - Quad Annuators modules? Personally, I would be happy with one of them and have some space left for one or two other interesting 1U modules.

First I had to get used to your rack (because of all the Intellijel stuff) but I actually like it, just do yourself a favour and get the 104 HP case then you are ready for the future too!

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Cassek,

An interesting but I am afraid difficult question... I had asked that question myself as well... What's a good setup? Thus:

A) to make as efficient as possible use of the available HP-rack space
B) position the modules in such way that you have them in a logical order next to each other or at least in each other’s "neighbourhood"

If you just look at point B only and don't even take the space matter into account, that's a huge puzzle... The more modules you get the bigger the puzzle get.

Roughly I start in my modular on the left-hand side with clock modules & sequencers, then oscillators and LFO's, followed by filters, envelopes & others and VCAs & mixers and to end with the audio input/output modules at the right-hand side because for me at the right-hand side my external mixer stands next to my Eurorack ;-)

But as you mentioned already by yourself, it's a rather personal thing. You should do what works for you in the most pleasant & comfortable way. Or if you really want to improve your module-positioning: try to monitor yourself for a couple of days or weeks how you patch which modules with which ones and then see if you have a lot of (unnecessarily) long patch cables, those might be an indication that you could put a few modules closer to each other. I think the larger the setup becomes you can't completely avoid long patch cables though.

So I was struggling with that as well but I kept it roughly as above described and solved my space issue by just buying another Eurorack case. Why bothering yourself with such a difficult puzzle that every time becomes more complicated when new modules are added if you simply can solve it by getting yourself another rack to solve the HP-rack space issue? ;-) Might not always be possible, I know. I only can do that one more time and then I don't have space at all any more for the Eurorack stuff to extend but at the moment that was the nicest solution. Now I am happily adding modules without the concern of HP space (of course till a certain extend) and as long as there are not too many long patch cables, I am happy with that solution and don't stress myself too much with how to make it more efficient --> because it’s an almost impossible puzzle to solve. I think we all can use that time better to put that time into creating sounds ;-)

Not sure if this helps you but what I am trying to say is... don't stress yourself too much about this... if possible get yourself just more HP-rack space.

Also don't migrate to too many small modules because then sooner or later it's getting too congested and the patch cables are blocking too much your modules and knobs might be difficult to reach to use them comfortably.

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Newvin,

It might be useful if you could provide your link with your rack that you are using regarding the above mentioned case, so it's easier to troubleshoot the problem.

Talking about troubleshooting, did you troubleshoot this, starting from the beginning and then step by step going there where you are now with your sound? What I mean is, start first just with that plain VCO, see if it behaves as you expect it should be, then do the next step, break the sound-circuit from the VCO to your output module, is it directly quiet? Then the next step, add the next module of your above descriped setup and check again: does it behave the way you expected it? Then abruptly break the circuit and see if it's directly quiet. Keep repeating this with adding step by step the modules you are using till you found the problem, and then solve that where you found it :-)

That might be a long road to go but it helps you in understanding exactly what's going on where on the road of sound creation, if you get my point?

Good luck with the trouble shooting and if nothing goes or helps, provide the link of your rack (and additionally perhaps a patch overview) and tell the exact setup, perhaps then it's possible to trouble shoot it for you.

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Tnsl,

On one hand quite interesting music the Rubber tijd with Legowelt :-) On the other hand, why would you like to "copy" someone's sound? I know it might sound good and therefore you would like to use it, however, I do believe having a modular system is all about creativity and trying yourself to come up with some nice (and unexpected) sounds and use that in your music or sound.

I admit I am not experienced enough to know how to create such a sound with which modules but then again, I wouldn't even want it. Perhaps more senior members can tell you this but I wonder if this is what you really (should) want...?

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi ModularGrid,

Yes, that's it, Centrevillage :-) Thank you very much for your kind help and thank you very much for the gentle reminder on the manufacturers' creation. I remember now I have read that before.

I will add the module I got from Centrevillage, so I finally can remove the blind panels in my racks ;-)

Thank you and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Progerik,

Yeah, that was I was thinking too: "Use the Erica Synths Link" easy and simple, but it wasn't. As Lugia already explains, the DC parts in/on your signal might be a killer for your speakers and that's really not what you want to happen. I had this discussed (in case you are interested) in another post as well:

Forum --> Modular Discussions --> ACL & Waldorf modules --> then start to scroll almost completely to the bottom of that post (because the first 70 or 80% isn't really related to this matter). The DC part has already been a bit mentioned here and there and to better make sure to use a proper audio input/output module for that (instead of for example that Link module from Erica Synths). Just below the reply of "ModularGrid" quite at the bottom, from there onwards might be some additional information to this. To summarize: Lugia already all explained here above :-)

Carefull with DC stuff --> I didn't take any chances and got myself some audio input/output modules to make sure I don't get DC signals to the "outside" world (i.e. out of my Eurorack).

Good luck and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Antti,

Oh you are already the third or fourth person in a row that got an Octatrack and you also got yourself a 0-coast, I am so jealous :-) So that with an Eurorack should go nicely together!

Regarding your rack, well you got already a 0-coast and an Octatrack, so that’s a good start. A few matters you might want to look into it:

  • I noticed the Veils (Quad VCA), so that’s good however I am missing an audio input/output interface. How are going to output your Eurorack sound? Everything via the 0-coast to the Octatrack? That might be a bit limiting. I think you should consider an audio input/output module for your Eurorack so you can lead the sound directly from/to the Eurorack to/from your Octatrack

  • Since you mentioned yourself already that you might want to extend in the future, perhaps you should reconsider your choice of mixer, the A-138s. If you take the A-138p and A-138o, it’s indeed a bit bigger but ready for the future, it has panning & aux options and the A-138p is chainable with more A-138p’s so you can just simply start with one A-138p and the A-138o, gives you 4 channels and once you require more channels you just add an A-138p to get to 8 channels (or 12 or 16, etcetera). I guess now you want to do that all with your Octatrack, understandable however if your Eurorack gets bigger you might need a bit more mixing possibilities before you go out with your Eurorack sound to your outside world (i.e. Octatrack)

Other than that it looks quite complete to me, you mention yourself already that effects, etcetera you want to do with your current external devices (for example the Octatrack), so that saves indeed some space in your rack.

Perhaps you could consider one or two more oscillators and/or filters but you also can keep that in mind for the future and just start with what you got here. Together with the 0-coast and Octatrack I think you find yourself here with some nice stuff to play with :-)

Good luck with the Eurorack and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Lugia,

Yes interesting indeed! Though... if I am not mistaken this is not Eurorack compatible so... are you suggesting we sell our Eurorack stuff and go for Buchla ;-) ?

Would be nice to have it tested once it comes out and available.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Diego,

You can remove almost all your modules but not the Octasource, that's a fantastic module, leave it in, I totally agree with Lugia.

Have a nice holiday and kind regards, Garfield.

Hello All,

Can someone tell me how to add a new brand to the Modules section please? In other words I am missing a manufacturer called Centrevillage.net

Much appreciated your kind help and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Ah okay, now I found it, ha, ha, I selden or never got to that home page because after you login that becomes kind of invisible (or is that just me?). So perhaps that's indeed an idea to have that button "Discover Social Media Modular News" also somewhere in that top row buttons like: ModularGrid - Eurorack - Modules - Racks - Patches - My Modular - Forum - Marketplace - Modular News ?

That's my personal opinion, of course if all others don't feel that that's helpful then let's just forget about it, I know now how to get to that page, but yes, if you ask me, it's a bit "hidden" and might deserve a more visible spot :-) Up to you.

Thanks a lot for offering that news and kind regards, Garfield.