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03/20/19 Befaco Burst
Probabilistic and pingable Burst generator
USA $150.00  This module has been in my smoke free studio for around 6 months. Bought new from Perfe...  View
12/16/18 dino0810 Erica Synths Pico DRUMS
Dual drum/sampler module with 64 samples, pitch, decay and volume control
USA $125.00  The overall condition of this *Erica Synths Pico DRUMS* is *like new* 2 available, ...  View
03/07/19 WMD Sequential Switch Matrix (SSM)
4x4 triggered/CV addressed routing matrix
USA $220.00  Our take on an essential moduleFour inputs can be routed with individual buttons to fou...  View
03/23/19 Expert Sleepers Disting mk3
Many-in-1 multifunction module
USA $100.00  Just module and power strip. Works great. Some rack rash. [![Expert Sleepers Disting ...  View
12/16/18 dino0810 MFB DRUM-03
USA $110.00  MFB Drum-03 HH/CYMB Very good condition. Free shipping continental U.S, prices wi...  View
01/11/19 Intellijel Azimuth II
Constant voltage Panner / Cross Fader
USA $199.00  USED in FUNCTIONAL CONDITION. See Photos for Cosmetic Condition.The Azimuth II is a uni...  View
03/23/19 Pittsburgh Modular DNA SYMBIOTIC WAVES
Digital Processing Oscillator
USA $215.00  The DNA is one of the most unique and underlooked digital oscillators out there in my o...  View
12/16/18 dino0810 Tiptop Audio SD808
808 Analog Snare
USA $80.00  Tiptop Audio SD808 in good condition. Everything working as it should Free shipping ...  View
02/19/19 G-Storm Electro JP6-VCF
Roland Jupiter-6 Multimode Filter Adaptation
USA $269.00  Purchased new and racked once. Box and ribbon cable included.Ships USPS Priority w/ sig...  View
03/23/19 Make Noise Echophon
pitch shifting echo by SoundHack
USA $345.00  Great tape echo module. Extremely versatile and a great tool for creative patching. A l...  View
12/16/18 dino0810 Tiptop Audio CP909
909 Analog Clap
USA $110.00  Tiptop audio CP909 in very good condition. Free shipping continental U.S, prices wit...  View
01/28/19 Make Noise Teleplexer
Telegraph style multiplexer
USA $110.00  The Make Noise Teleplexer is a telegraph style multiplexer (signal router) that applie...  View
03/07/19 Verbos Electronics Bark Filter Processor
Fixed Filter Bank
USA $855.00  The Bark Filter Processor is a 12 band fixed filter bank with individual outputs and e...  View
03/22/19 Mutable instruments Streams
Dual dynamics gate
USA $170.00  Minor rash, functionally sound. [![Mutable Instruments Streams](https://images.reve...  View
12/16/18 dino0810 Erica Synths Pico Voice
Synth voice with 8 sound generation algorithms
USA $120.00  Erica synth Pico Voice in very good condition. Free shipping continental U.S, prices...  View
01/25/19 breadman Random*Source Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator (DUSG) MK2
Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator mk2 (DUSG) for Eurorack
USA $375.00  This listing is for a professionally-assembled Random Source Serge Dual Universal Slope...  View
03/20/19 Make Noise LxD (Low Strike Duo)
Dual LPG, Low Pass Gate
USA $90.00  Mint! Original box and cable [![Make Noise Lxd](  View
01/25/19 breadman Random*Source Variable Q VCF
Serge VCFQ by Random*Source
USA $245.00  This listing is for a Random Source Euro Serge VCFQ hand-built and calibrated by me usi...  View
01/25/19 Synthwerks Lamp-1
Usb lamp & Multiple
USA $80.00  This module is super clutch if you play live! 4hp includes a dimmer for the lamp and a ...  View
01/15/19 Synthwerks FSR-4B
4 large FSR pads to be played with fingers of drumsticks.
USA $225.00  Quad forcing resistor module. 16HP [![Synthwerks FSR-4](  View
02/13/19 Mutable instruments Braids (2015)
Voltage-controlled monophonic digital sound source
USA $195.00  Factory built, has some rack rash. [![Mutable Instruments Braids](https://images.reve...  View
01/26/19 Mutable instruments Clouds
Texture synthesizer
USA $345.00  This is a newly-built Clouds module, built with Greyscale panel and authentic Rogan kno...  View
01/25/19 Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythms
Step Sequencer
USA $450.00  Minor rack rash which won’t be noticeable with screws. [![Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhyth...  View
02/07/19 shoggoth Aion Modular 904A
Low Pass Filter
USA $210.00  The overall condition of this *Aion Modular 904A* is *great*. This is one the best soun...  View
12/21/18 Cwejman RG-6
Random Generator
USA $1,100.00  Selling my RG-6. This is from the 2018 batch and i decided to sell my eurorack stuff an...  View
02/07/19 Make Noise Mysteron
dual voltage controlled waveguide
USA $229.00  Great condition.  The module has a light film on it that came with it (I bought it dire...  View
02/27/19 DinSync MODSEQ
8 Step Sequencer
USA $110.00  Pro built by someone who traded it to me for another module. Very fun and immediate to ...  View
01/16/19 JunkRhythm Doepfer A-132-3
Dual linear/exponential VCA
USA $110.00  The overall condition of this *Doepfer A-132-3* is *good* ###technical condition * ...  View
02/07/19 Mutable instruments Braids (2015)
Voltage-controlled monophonic digital sound source
USA $209.00  Great condition.  Some light rack rash.  Will include the M.I. 5v adapter for the power...  View
02/07/19 Qu-Bit Electronix RT60
Stereo Multi FX Processor
USA $185.00  Excellent condition, some very light rack rash.  Please see my page for other modules f...  View
02/12/19 4ms Company Rotating Clock Divider V2
RCD. Divides clock input in addition of the 4ms \"Rotation\" concept.
USA $120.00  Here's a 4ms Rotating Clock Divider module in excellent shape, with the original green ...  View
03/10/19 Intellijel Atlantis
Dual Oscillator Subtractive Synth Voice
USA $580.00  Downsizing my eurorack rig. Module has no rack rash, always used with rack washers, bar...  View
02/07/19 shoggoth Frequency Central System X Oscillator + Heater Board
Roland 100M VCO for Eurorack, with the additional DIY heater board for tuning stability.
USA $110.00  The overall condition of this *Frequency Central System X Oscillator + Heater Board* is...  View
02/13/19 dogma Modcan FMVDO
Two-Operator FM Digital Oscillator
USA $320.00  Perfect in every way.,....  View
02/12/19 Fonitronik Fonitronik mh01
Attenuverting Mixer
USA $100.00  Here's a Fonitronik mh01 attenuverting mixer in excellent shape, complete with original...  View
03/15/19 lumotint ADDAC System ADDAC703 Discrete Mixer
USA $185.00  The overall condition of this *ADDAC System ADDAC703 Discrete Mixer* is *very good*. ...  View
02/12/19 Synthesis Technology E350 Morphing Terrarium
Dual Wavetable oscillator
USA $310.00  Here's a Synth Tech E350 Morphing Terrarium module in excellent shape, complete with or...  View
03/10/19 Intellijel Linix
5:1 VC mixer and Hex Linear VCA
USA $280.00  Downsizing my eurorack rig. This module has minor rack rash, but other then that it is ...  View
02/12/19 Steady State Fate MIXMODE
Quad Normal/Inverting Attenuator, Mixer, Add/Sub, Saturator
USA $160.00  Here's a Steady State Fate Mixmode attenuator, inverter, adder, & polarity mixer mo...  View
03/10/19 Intellijel Planar 2
Recordable Joystick and Vector Mixer / Router
USA $280.00  Downsizing my eurorack rig.As-is, no returns or refunds. USA buyers only. Please see my...  View
03/10/19 Intellijel Quadra
Quad Envelope / Function Generator
USA $350.00  Downsizing my eurorack rig. This listing includes the Intellijel Quadra & Expander ...  View
02/12/19 Vermona quad MIDI Interface (qMI)
Four Voice Polyphonic MIDI Interface
USA $275.00  Here is a Vermona qMI Polyphonic Quad Midi Interface module in Mint condition, unused, ...  View
02/08/19 Division 6 Multiplicity VI (2HP)
Buffered multiple
USA $70.00  A great little module. I purchased it used from Control. Minimal rack rash. Functions p...  View
03/11/19 Toppobrillo Quantimator
Quantizer, Chord & Arpeggio Generator
USA $175.00  Item is in immaculate condition.Comes with mounting screws and power cable. [![Toppobr...  View
03/16/19 ooohhmy Rare Waves Grendel Formant Filter, v2
Analog filterbank for vowel sounds
USA $175.00  Module is in perfect working condition. Minor rack rash. Price includes shipping ...  View
02/07/19 Roland SCOOPER
Programmable scatter effect with CV/Gate and Eurorack compatibility.
USA $539.00  For sale is the Roland Scooper and comes with the Roland PSD-120 Scooper wall wart pow...  View
02/06/19 AniModule Quad Comparator
Simple quad comparator based around the LM339
USA $125.00  Here is an Animodule Quad Comparator module in excellent shape, complete with manufactu...  View
02/24/19 Mutable instruments Rings
USA $270.00  I have for sale a mutable instruments rings eurorack module in excellent condition. [!...  View
03/06/19 Synthesis Technology E370 (silver panel)
Quad Morphing VCO
USA $1,000.00  Very special E-370 serial #370 signed and scribed by Paul T Schreiber. (Glitch in the M...  View
03/13/19 sendhelp Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter
Analog-inspired parameterized drum synthesizer
USA $275.00  Great Condition. Minimal rack rash Shipping included USA  View

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