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12/01/15 Pittsburgh Modular Chain Reactor
Quadraphonic Voltage Influenced Chaotic Waveform Generator
USA $250.00  Pittsburgh Modular's Chain Rector module is a quadraphonic voltage influenced chaotic w...  View
08/23/16 Kilpatrick Audio K3021 Master VCO
Triangle Core VCO with Waveshapers
USA $150.00  K3021 // Master VCO Eurorack Triangle Core VCO with Waveshapers - 18HPBuil...  View
08/23/16 Kilpatrick Audio K6501 Philter
Multi-mode Filter
USA $115.00  K6501 // PHILTER Eurorack Multi-mode Filter Inspired by PHENOL - 8HPThe in...  View
01/12/17 Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox
USA $100.00  A versatile module capable of performing 4 distinct jobs at once. Adjustable Slew Contr...  View
03/22/17 Doepfer A-190-4
USB/MIDI to CV/Gate/Sync Interface
EU $157.44  Módulo Interfaz MIDI/USB a CV/SyncCon pantalla LEDNo enviamos ni a russia ni a sud amer...  View
03/22/17 Doepfer A-114
Dual Ring Modulator
EU $68.81  Módulo DUAL RINGMODULATOR [![Doepfer A-114](  View
04/05/17 STG Soundlabs Wave Folder
Haible-derived wavefolder
USA $150.00  For sale is an STG Soundlabs Wavefolder.  It works great.A power cable is included in t...  View
04/10/17 Roland SYSTEM-1m
Semi-modular Synthesizer Voice
USA $499.00  Mint System1-m. All cables and custom wood ends. Used once, never left the studio. [![...  View
04/13/17 Vermona VCDrive
voltage controlled Distortion
EU $208.75  El VCDrive es un módulo de distorsión Eurorack controlado por voltaje------------------...  View
05/24/17 Abstract Data ADE-30 Wave Boss
4 Stage Waveform and CV Utility Module
EU $198.26  Combina la forma de onda más práctica y comúnmente utilizadaY funciones de utilidad de ...  View
05/24/17 Intellijel Dr. Octature II
LP filter with 8 phase-related outs / VCO/VCLFO
EU $274.06  El sonido recuerda mucho a los filtros Roland clásicos como el que se encuentra en el S...  View
07/07/17 Tiptop Audio CB808
808 Analog Cowbell
EU $92.13  Módulo Analog Cow Bell Drum ModuleCaracterísticas:------------------Analog Cow Bell Dru...  View
07/23/17 Mutable instruments Braids (2015)
Voltage-controlled monophonic digital sound source
USA $200.00  I will be away Friday thru Monday of Labor Day weekend. All orders will be processed u...  View
09/21/17 Tiptop Audio Z2040 LP-VCF
EU $208.75  El Z2040 es un clon discreto del filtro de paso bajo del Prophet 5 con características ...  View
09/29/17 Qu-Bit Electronix Octone
Pitch and gate sequencer
EU $319.17  This Qu Bit Octone is in excellent condition, fully operational, rash free and comes in...  View
09/29/17 Make Noise Rene
René - Cartesian Sequencer
USA $300.00  From the Make Noise website:"René is the world's only Cartesian Sequencer for music syn...  View
11/07/17 Rebel Technology Stoicheia
Dual Euclidean Sequencer
USA $150.00  Dual Euclidean SequencerThis module used to work great and now it works wonky in my new...  View
11/13/17 Pittsburgh Modular Crush
Analog Waveform Decimator
USA $174.99  CrushAnalog Waveform DecimatorThe Crush is an audio destroyer; a voltage controlled, al...  View
11/17/17 Frequency Central Continuum Phase Shifter
Phase Shifter
USA $120.00  An excellent phase shifter with dual CV. Module has some scratches and rack rash, as se...  View
11/24/17 Roland TORCIDO
Programmable classic distortion with CV/Gate and Eurorack compatibility.
Canada $155.73  Roland Torcido with eurorack and wall power supplies. Comes in original box. [![Roland...  View
11/24/17 Doepfer A-139-2
Stereo Headphone Amplifier
Canada $46.72  Doepfer headphone amp. [![Doepfer A-139-2](  View
12/09/17 Tiptop Audio CYMBL909
909 Analog Cymbals
USA $189.00  Included - Original Box - Ribbon Cable - Screws [![Tiptop A...  View
12/13/17 Make Noise Phonogene
Digital re-visioning and elaboration of the tape recorder as musical instrument
USA $400.00  $400 obo + UPS shipping $24The Phonogene is a digital re-visioning and elaboration of t...  View
12/13/17 Soundmachines DC1 Drum Computer
8-Track 16-Step Trigger Sequencer
USA $400.00  $400 OBO + $11 UPS Shipping 8 tracks, global and individual length, store and recall yo...  View
01/10/18 Mungo Enterprises r0
Reverb Model
USA $499.00  Modelling the acoustic properties of an arbitrary space this module takes its parameter...  View
01/25/18 Livewire Electronics Dual Cyclotron "v7"
weird modulation source
USA $200.00  Hate to let this go as this is a really unique and fascinating modulation source but I ...  View
02/09/18 Noise Engineering Ataraxic Translatron (Silver)
Linear feedback shift register oscilator
EU $173.76  Oscilador de registro de desplazamiento de retroalimentación linealEl Ataraxic Translat...  View
02/12/18 2hp Rnd
Random Voltage Generator
USA $104.43  This product has been played/demoed in store, used to make promotional materials, or re...  View
02/12/18 Synthesis Technology E580 Resampling Mini-Delay
Audio-range Digital Delay with normal mode, and Tape and BBD emulation. Two outs for delay and "tap" outputs.
Canada $233.59  AS NEW  [![Synthesis Technology E580 MINI-DELAY](  View
02/12/18 Qu-Bit Electronix Wave
Polyphonic Sample Player
Canada $358.18  AS NEWThe Wave is a voltage controlled, polyphonic sample player. It is designed for th...  View
02/13/18 Music Thing Modular Pulses Mk II
Turing Machine Gate Expander (Mk II panel)
USA $66.00  This module is used and has been tested  This is an expander for the Music Thing Turin...  View
02/18/18 Frequency Central Ultra Wave
USA $190.00  Lightly used Ultra Wave in mint condition. Comes with original box and packaging.Ultra ...  View
02/20/18 2hp Nse
Noise Generator
Canada $120.69  AS NEWNse is a white noise generator.The sample rate of the noise can be adjusted allow...  View
02/23/18 Tiptop Audio CP909
909 Analog Clap
EU $138.78  El CP909 de TipTop audio es un clon del TR-909 de Roland. Soundwise es como el original...  View
02/26/18 AJH Synth Mega-Phase 12
Analogue Multi-Tap Phaser
USA $375.00  AJH Synth Mega Phase 12 w/ box and ribbon cable--based on the "Small Stone" pedal made ...  View
03/02/18 Neutron Sound Orgone Accumulator DIY
Wavetable blending, modulation, and effects oscillator, bonus drum voice.
USA $390.00  umounted + in original packaging----The Orgone accumulator is now available as a retail...  View
03/15/18 Sputnik Modular CV Processor
Canada $144.05  AS NEWSputnik Modular CV Processor.3 total CV inputs Input 1 includes attenuator knob I...  View
03/15/18 Low-Gain Electronics CVP-1
Control voltage processor
Canada $155.73  AS NEWControl voltage processorDual 1 to 3 active buffered outputs with true Bipolar at...  View
03/16/18 Circuit Abbey TripFire
Comparator and Gate/Trigger Delay
USA $115.00  This is a 2-in-one utlity module. The top half is a comparator, the bottom is gate dela...  View
03/17/18 Tiptop Audio SD808
808 Analog Snare
EU $106.39  808 Snare drum module [![Tiptop Audio SD 808](  View
03/26/18 Flame 4VOX
Quad Polyphonic Wavetable Oscillator
USA $450.00  Module and power cable only. Comes in a box but not the original box. A little rack ras...  View
04/03/18 Synthrotek MST Stereo Output Mixer
Stereo Output Mixer
Canada $95.00  Bought this but don't need it. Never used by me. [![Synthrotek MST Stereo Out](https:...  View
04/03/18 Make Noise Rene
René - Cartesian Sequencer
USA $299.99  Manufacturer Description:René is the world's only Cartesian Sequencer for music synthes...  View
04/07/18 Plan B Model 11 Evil Twin Bandpass Filter
Twin Bandpass Filter
USA $288.00  Hate to sell this extremely rare Eurorack filter but there's always more bills to pay. ...  View
04/12/18 Frequency Central System X Amplifier
Roland 100M based VCA for Eurorack
Canada $140.16  OPEN BOX / DISPLAY UNITFrequency Central “System X Amplifier”.Roland 100M based VCA for...  View
04/12/18 Frequency Central Electro Cardiogram VCF/VCA
vcf vca
Canada $175.20  OPEN BOX / DISPLAY UNIT Electro Cardiogram VCF/VCA.The ECG is a diode ladder filter and...  View
04/12/18 Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox
Canada $101.22  BRAND NEW A versatile 6hp size utility module capable of performing 4 distinct jobs at ...  View
04/12/18 Noise Engineering Sinclastic Empulatrix
Exponential Attack-Release envelope generator combined with a clamping VCA
Canada $136.26  BRAND NEW Sinclastic Emplatrix combines a very percussive Attack-Decay envelope generat...  View
04/13/18 Bastl Instruments Propust
triple passive filter
Canada $46.72  BRAND NEWTripple passive filter.Propust is a compact tripple passive filter with with f...  View
04/15/18 Barton Musical Circuits Analog Drum
BMC 018 This is an all analog synthesizer module used to make percussive pitched sounds.
EU $75.80  Barton Musical Circuits - Analog Drum eurorack module. Ce module produit des sons de ba...  View

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