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@@@_RH 2015 (REVAMP 2022) (copy)EurorackPrivate
@@@_RH 2015 (REVAMP 2022)EurorackPrivate
My flighty EurorackEurorackPrivate
@@@ RH 2014EurorackPrivate
@@@_RH INSTAEurorackPrivate
@@@_AX 2017EurorackPrivate
@@@_84HP-SINGLE ROW TBEurorackPrivate
@@@_RH 2015EurorackPrivate

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RK2 XS-VCA EU €380,00 
TwinPeak EU €350,00 
Tetrapad EU €250,00 

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Basimilus Iteritas Alter, Microbe, ADM12 Neuron, Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic, Plonk, Amoeba, Variatic Sequent, Tonnetz Sequent, Numeric Repetitor, Integra Solum, Mimetic Digitalis, Varigate 4, FALISTRI, SAPÈL, 321, 333, M - Master, G - Group 2016, C - Channel, LEVIT8, VC8, Autopilot (golden), RECORD, Brain Seed, ALM013 - Haswell's Taiko, ALM005 - Dinky's Taiko, Disting mk4, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, Dual Mini Sequencer, DU-SEQ , Sequential Switch v2, ROT8, Euclid (Black Panel), 10 Step Complex Staircase Generator Sequencer, Mixup, Brst (Black Panel), Avert (Black Panel), Freez (Black Panel), TM (Black Panel), Arp (Black Panel), Comb (Black Panel), Clk (Black Panel), Seq (Black Panel), Tune (Black Panel), GXN, DPO, Dreamboat, Mo.s Model OSC03, Dual Multiplier, Rene Mk2, DC1 Drum Computer, 4xDecay, A-171-2v, A-147-2 SE, Envelope (Mk. II), A-147-2v, A-140-2, Zadar, Ultra-Random Analog, Basics Utility Module (AKA CV PEAKS), Quad Envelope, 4ms QPLFO (Grayscale panel), Andore Jr., Quadra, Quadra Expander mk2, CV Trinity – Aluminum Panel, omnimod, Dual ADSR, Stages, SYSTEM 100 140 DUAL ENVELOPE/LFO, Multi-Envelope, 6x MIX - black, PanMix Jr - Black, 3x MIA - black, PanMix, FM AID, A-196, SubMix6, A-125, A-133, A-143-9, A-144, A-170, DETECT-Rx, Harmonic PLLaser, PLITKA BTN MASHR 2 [RIGHT], Hertz Donut Mk2, Kermit, Filter (Mk. II), Phase Displacement Oscillator MkII, Synchrodyne, Synchrodyne Expand, Hermod (Black Panel), DUAL BORG, Quattro Figaro ALU, ER-301: Sound Computer, ADDAC805 VC Xfade / Panner, v3kt, MX-4S, ES31 Stereo Panner Mixer, A-132-8, Muton, Tool-Box, MIXMODE, Scale - Polarize - Offset (S.P.O), Serge Dual Processor, Mixwitch, Maze, Ultra-Random Analog, A-136, BITRAZER, Plancks II (Silver), Jena, Timiszoara, Pico Logic, A-115, A-116, Pico Mask, Pico TG, Pico SEQS, Pico Trigger, Dynamic Destiny, ONE, Cyclops, Diode Chaos, (Black) Maze, Ellis, BOCGS BOG - BRINGER OF GROOVE, Bistromath, PinMix, MTX9 Pin Matrix, OSC1 Cyclical Engine, DATA (System 5V), ADDAC806, FM Ogre, Rample, Oktave, Confusor 2, Metasonix TM-1 2nd gen, Bifold, Tributary, DubMatrix, C-3 Knob Recorder, FM AID_silver, QAM, ADDAC713, Wonderland, Noise (Silver) and 2hp Envelope follower
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