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Easel FriendsEurorack
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Black TidesEurorack

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Collection 117 modules

Fluctuations Magnétiques Original, ES-8, Orgone Accumulator Retail, μClouds (Silver), A-199, Erbe-Verb, DPO, ABC (Aluminum), Black Ripples, Ears, DPLPG (Blue), Disting mk4, Mix (Black Panel), VCA (Black Panel), uZeus, Triatt (old panel), Ivan, Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator (DUSG) MK2, TWS+ with AC mod, Variable Q VCF , Serge Resonant Equalizer (EQ), Serge New Timbral Oscillator (NTO), Serge Wave Multipliers (VCM), Benjolin Black and Gold (incl. Epoch mod), Tube VCA 1Ж24Б (DIY), Kick, THREE SISTERS, MMG, Twin Peak MK2, FM Ogre, DPLPG (Black), DIST, TRSHMSTR, 308 Distortion Module, µMotion, µRinks, Strakal Orsel, m277 (updated version), ER-101 (people's choice), Phonic Taxidermist 47.2b, Crush Delay v2, Echophon, Launch Codes, Varigate 4+, VCA, STO, VCF-02, Cascade, Hyrlo, Reversed µO_C, FH-2 'factotum', FHX-1 Output Expander for FH-1, 2LPG v1, PER|FORMER, Serge Triple+ Waveshaper, uO_c (aluminum panel), Strakal Brulu {Re Greñv Eo}, VM-1S, ATN8, Voltage Block, Analog Drum (6 hp panel), Pique, x0x heart Eurorack Module, VCO, Miasma, Crime, Serge SSG, PWR Checker, 2Multi, Spring Reverb Mkii, Spring Reverb Mkii, modDemix 2014, Variable Slope VCF, EON, RING, Serge NCOM, Tapographic Delay, Expert Sleepers Disting MK4 (alternate panel), Natural Gate, Micro Ornament & Crime Black & Gold Flipped Panel, Voltage Block Black & Gold Panel, Varigate 4+ Black & Gold Panel, Unity (Black Panel), PER|FORMER, VC-SC, SM-1 (Battleship Grey), MMF-1S (Grayscale alt panel), VCO-2RM, RES-4, Toppobrillo TWF (DIY panel), DPLR, Momo Modular, uBurst (uClouds, miniClouds) Micro Mutable Instruments Clouds Redesign Eurorack Synth Module, uBurst Textured Magpie Panel, MMF-2 (Battleship Grey), BLD-2, Dual Looping Delay, Autodyne, Mixer++, TSNM mkII, ModBase 09, ER-102 (Peoples Choice), VCF-74 MK2, d0, Zoom, Stages (PCB Panel), Blinds, uZeus, Wackel Kontakt, AMBIVALENT, Discrete Blacksea Quad VCA / Mixer, Mutant Cure VCF, AI006 Stomp Box Adapter, PedalPal, System X Envelope, CEMVelope, QMMF-4 (Grayscale alt panel) and VCA-4MX
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