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My flooded Buchla Buchla
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Rackbrute 1 Eurorack
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My wasteful Eurorack Eurorack
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Theory racking Eurorack Private
modified Oct 20th 2020, 01:26

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Collection 293 modules

DU-INO, Plaits, Rings, DSM01 Curtis Filter, Tides, Lifeforms SV-1, Stages, Ears, μScale [v2], Pico SEQ2, Pico LFO/S&H, Scales, Grain, Euclidean Circles v2, WiiChuck, Spring Tank Reverb, Rnd v2, Spring Reverb Mkii, Verb (Black Panel), Burst, ONE, RND, Springray II, Shifty, Pico Trigger, Pico DRUMS, Tempi, ADM15 Spectre, Yep., GameSystem, Teleplexer, Rosie, WAVEFORMS, Ripples, Function, Logoi, CGS762 - Slope Detector, Lockhart wavefolder, 7J, C3 MkII (black & white panel), E-251 Stereo Slider EQ - black, Black VCO2, STMix (DIY Kit), t_μ Micro Temps_Utile, M-610 (Black), ДИУ-1к фб, ДИУ-1к жб, ДИУ-2ст Aluminium, ДИУ-1к ор, Veils (2020), UBurst, Chronovore, Resound , Choral Generator, Frigg Eq, Ripples (2020), Shades (2020), Marbles, Warps, Branches, Frames, Tides (2014 version), Grids, Anushri (Eurorack), Edges, Percussion Interface, ROW POWER 45, ROW POWER 25, Rotating Clock Divider V2 (black), Ensemble Oscillator, Spherical wavetable Navigator WHITE, Quad Pingable LFO - Black, Spherical Wavetable Navigator , Tapographic Delay, Stereo Triggered Sampler, Dual Looping Delay, Spectral Multiband Resonant Filter, ROW POWER 40, ROW POWER 30, Buffered Mult, SCMBO v1, QCD Expander:, Quad Pingable LFO, Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler, QCD: Quad Clock Distributor, Atoner, Eurorack Noise Swash, VCA Matrix, SCM Breakout V2, SCM - Shuffling Clock Multiplier V2, Rotating Clock Divider V2, RCD Breakout v1.1, Pingable Envelope Generator, 911A, TikTok, Clocky (DIY), CHARCOT CIRCLES, uTemps (aluminum panel), Triga, Soli, Y&Y, Shrk, Osem, A&A, Ensemble Oscillator (Black Panel), ADDAC210 Open Heart Surgery, ADDAC200A, Video Motion, Video Calculator, AI016 Tape Interface, ALM011 - Akemie's Castle, Squid Salmple - Grey, ALM022 - Squid Salmple, Pamela’s NEW Workout, ALM012 - SID GUTS DELUXE, Chronoblob2, T-Wrex, RECORD, AM8140 Dual ADSR, LittleMIX (Ver. A), Deathray, Drone Machine - Handpainted, RS-220, RS-130, Godeater, Launch Codes, Serge TKB, HG-16 black, HG-30, GrandPa, SPA (grandPa Expander) - ALUMINIUM Panel, ABC - Black, Tea Kick (Magpie Panel), Tea Kick(Aluminum Panel), Grandpa (Aluminium), Alias 3 , Microbe, Rich Glitch, Mini Glitch, Dirty Glitch VCO, Plutonium 239 Hyper Fist VCO , Amoeba, Pathogen, CP1-A, SYSTEM 100 182 ANALOG SEQUENCER, 911, 995, 962, CP3A-O, 1003, SYSTEM 100 140 DUAL ENVELOPE/LFO, SYSTEM 100 121 DUAL VCF, SYSTEM 100 130 DUAL VCA, 1047, RS-9, SYSTEM 100 172 PHASE SHIFTER/AUDIO DELAY/GATE DELAY/LFO, LilMim 5HP, mimosa, pkhia, Chloe V3, matl, chloe stereo, Bizmuth, Harmonic Multiplier , FM Joystick Pro v3, C Quencer DLX, C Quencer, TriggerHaCker, Rainbow Cell, Serge Resonant Equalizer (Clarke Panel), Blank Panel, C105E VC Noise / Lo-Fi Machine, IIO, Little Dieter, O'Tool Plus, DSM02 Character Module, DU-RDT, DU-NTSC, Dual Mini Sequencer, Dual Mini Sequencer, DOT, DOT (black panel), Prizma (Modest Panel), Prizma, Prizma+, Touch Sensing Note Memory, XIIO, A-160-5, A-155, A-160, A-100B8, A-163, A-174-1, A-197-3 RGB LED Controller, A-160-5v, A-188-1v, A-199v, A-113, A-178 V2, A-129-5, A-136, A-138d, A-156v, A-138i, A-160-2, A-174-2, A-174-4 Joy Stick II Black Edition, A-140-2, A-174-4 , A-183-9, A-187-1, Euphoria, Hysteria, Nostalgia, Eudemonia, Antidote, Dystopia, Ataxia, Utopia, Afterneath, The Observatory, ED701 - miniScope, EF110M "Blackfly Modular", Klang, ZOIA Euroburo, SPECTRAL VIEWER, ADSR 102, Pulse Counter, Pulse divider (alu), DIGI DRUM (Aluminium Panel), Weather Drones, Space Bug M, Quadrantid Swarm, cloud busting Albino, raw spring - mirror- , Indian Resonator, BOOS OOG ! Sonic lullaby , Indian Resonator V2, raw spring -- neo lime -, ERROR INSTRUMENTS . SONIC kalimba , DAS KLIKY DING, raw spring -smooth pinky- , Tomo, sonic lullaby ERROR-MODULAR, victorians wood sonic lulaby passive, error-modular sonic Lullaby black, victorians , sonic lulaby passive, TOUCH SCULL ERROR edition full build B / Z, NOIR, sonic lulaby passive, sonic lulabay LOVE Valentine's Day, NEW ! cloud busting cloudbusting RED LABEL, goldfinger, sonic lulaby passive, ALBINO . sonic lulaby passive, error-modular sonic Lullaby goldie, Sound scaper eurorack, Eraserhead Theremin, Rhythmic drones. eurorack v.2, Sonic Lullaby WOOD, Sonic Lullaby NOIR II, Sonic Lullaby NOIR III, Tomo Muji V2, Divebomb Delay V2, SPEEDBUMP v2.1, Spikes boogie woogie , Shelves (2015), Boom!!, Seismograf SD, Seismograf BD, Drums2, Pico Quant, Quadrax, Zeroscope (with, Planar 2, Plonk, Boombox, Polaris, Vowel (Black Panel), Euclid (Black Panel), Vowel, Pluck (Black Panel), Euclid, Tune (Black Panel), Freez (Black Panel), Freez, Phuz, Uni-Five, MinEq, Ana, Nse, G&T, 3:1, Lifeforms Multiple and Brst
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