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Submitted Modules

Quadrant HP Delay View
Wavelength HP ChorusDigitalFilterFlangerPhase ShifterTremolo View
Space Race HP DelayReverb View
Reese Lightning HP Distortion View
Witch Shifter HP DistortionPitch Shifter View
Overdrive Preamp 250 HP Distortion View
Clockwork Delay v3 HP DelayReverb View
Philosopher Bass Compressor Micro HP DynamicsBass View
Specular Reverb v3 HP Reverb View
qCONNECT HP Controller View
Knit Rider Aluminium Panel (Outputs Right) 16 HP Clock GeneratorSequencer View
Immerse Mk II HP Reverb View
Bifet Boost 410 HP PreAmpDistortion View
Gunslinger HP Distortion View
Son of Pharaoh HP Distortion View
Quartermaster 4 HP Switch View
Paraloop HP Utility View
White Loop (version 1) HP SwitchUtility View
Levitation HP Reverb View
P-060 Switches 4 HP UtilityExpanderSwitch View
P-072 Dual Switch 4 HP Switch View
Braids 8 HP OscillatorSynth Voice View
M-175 12 HP Mixer View