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My gnomic EurorackEurorack
My bouncy EurorackEurorack
My horny Eurorack (copy) (copy) (copy)Eurorack
My dingy EurorackEurorack
My horny EurorackEurorack
My flippant EurorackEurorack
My shellproof EurorackEurorack
My ecstatic Eurorack (copy) (copy)Eurorack
My ecstatic Eurorack (copy)Eurorack
My ecstatic EurorackEurorack
Intellijel Drum RackEurorack
Joe's Eurorack caseEurorack
My mature EurorackEurorack
My stated EurorackEurorack
My attached EurorackEurorack
My musty EurorackEurorack
My undrained EurorackEurorack
My punchy EurorackEurorack
My cadgy EurorackEurorack
My bubbly EurorackEurorack
My forspent EurorackEurorack
My placeless EurorackEurorack
My yeastlike EurorackEurorack
My designed EurorackEurorack
My crazy EurorackEurorack
Instruo RackEurorack
My rotund EurorackEurorack
My conferred EurorackEurorack
My dressy EurorackEurorack
My useful EurorackEurorack
My maigre EurorackEurorack
My wizen EurorackEurorack
My lathy EurorackEurorack
My calcic EurorackEurorack
My vanward EurorackEurorack
Perfect RackEurorack
My fitchy EurorackEurorack
My ashake EurorackEurorack
My unburned EurorackEurorack
My gorgeous EurorackEurorack
My squirmy EurorackEurorack
My shyer EurorackEurorack
My transcribed EurorackEurorack
My bratty EurorackEurorack
My springlike EurorackEurorack
My hoodless EurorackEurorack
My scalpless EurorackEurorack
My lustrous Eurorack (copy)Eurorack
My lustrous EurorackEurorack
My unstaid EurorackEurorack
casefromlake 9UEurorack
Revised idea EurorackEurorack
Wood BoxEurorack
RackBrute v1 (copy)Eurorack
RackBrute v1Eurorack
My quinate Eurorack (copy) (copy)Eurorack
My quinate Eurorack (copy) (copy)Eurorack
My quinate Eurorack (copy)Eurorack
My glacial EurorackEurorack
My zany EurorackEurorack
My axile Eurorack (copy)Eurorack
My axile EurorackEurorack
My rodlike EurorackEurorack
My pursued EurorackEurorack
My quinate Eurorack (copy)Eurorack
My quinate EurorackEurorack
MakeNoise EurorackEurorack
My doubtless EurorackEurorack
My hitchy EurorackEurorack
My bifid EurorackEurorack
My softwood EurorackEurorack
My cissy EurorackEurorack
My upstate EurorackEurorack
My leaden EurorackEurorack
My algoid EurorackEurorack
My reproved EurorackEurorack
My trustless EurorackEurorack
My rindless EurorackEurorack
Really good 120HP caseEurorack
My Pedal BoardPedals
Keystep Pro/ Hermod RackEurorack
intelligel rack+Eurorack
My pokey EurorackEurorack
My incog EurorackEurorack
keystep pro caseEurorack
My bijou EurorackEurorack
My unculled EurorackEurorack
My outworn EurorackEurorack
keystep Pro RackEurorack
Keystep RackEurorack
My undubbed EurorackEurorack
My guiltless EurorackEurorack
Plan 1Eurorack
My billion EurorackEurorack

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Collection 216 modules

A-119, A-120, A-140, A-148, A-161, Optomix, Pressure Points, Brains, A-199, 1hp Blank, A-180-2 Multiples, QCD: Quad Clock Distributor, Links, Rosie, ALM006 - S.B.G, ROW POWER 40, TikTok, MANGROVE, Warps, THREE SISTERS, ALM010 - O/A/x2, COLD MAC, MATHS (black panel), Echophon (black panel), A-124 SE, RIP, Moog Mother-32, Rings, JUST FRIENDS, Tempi, Instant LoFi Junky, Rainmaker, Performance mixer, µMIDI JACKS, Pico DRUMS, Pico ATTEN, Pico SCALE, uZeus, Veils, Ears, Pico DSP, Voltage Block, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, Div, Mix, Mult, Fusion VCF2, Morphagene, Disting mk4, Tetrapad, Quad VCA, Noise Tools 1U, MSCL, Black Stereo Mixer V2, VCA, ALM017-EX - Pexp-1, 0-Coast, Ditto Looper, Deco, Harmonaig, μClouds, Blindpanel, SCION, 6HP Blank 1U Tiles – Plastic B, 18HP Blank 1U Tiles – Aluminum B, Div (Black Panel), Verb (Black Panel), Mult (Black Panel), Nerdseq Black Aluminium Front, 1U PWR, Space Spiral, Mixup, VCA (Black Panel), RackBrute 6U/3U Power, Ceis, Magneto, Zoia, Listen Four, Black Hole DSP2, Plaits, Reverb (duplicate please delete!), Stages, Marbles, SYSTEM 100 140 DUAL ENVELOPE/LFO, SYSTEM-500 531, tanh[3], Blck_Noir (black), ADSR (Black Panel), troika [Black & Gold Panel], Euclidean Circles v2, Unity (Black Panel), Rene Mk2, A-138sV, Hermod (Black Panel), Play, A-135-2 Quad VCA / VC Mixer, DATA (BLACK), Logic (Black Panel), Maths (white knobs), Prism, Bloom, Buff ( Black Panel), Crucible, Spherical Wavetable Navigator , Nerdseq - 'More Triggers 16' Expander Black, Milky Way (black), Ground Control (black), Squawk Dirty To Me (black), mimosa, Tete, X-Pan, USTA, Pico LFO/S&H, Navigator, Mimeophon, Expression Slider, arbhar, Lúbadh, Lúbadh expander, arbhar expander, Preset, Hedra, AXYS, Stereo Line Out 1U, 3u to 1u Adapter (Intellijel), Deckard's Voice, [2]f, Rachael, CRATER, Tagh, ES-9, 1uO_c - 4Robots (Black), 1uO_c mk2, A-140-2V, Nano Rand v2, Sample Drum, MSCL (Black Panel), ochd, JUST FRIENDS (v2-Gold Clouds), Surface, Data Bender, Aurora, Cascade, ZOIA Euroburo, 911, 914, 902, CP1-A, Overseer (black panel), NerdSEQ CV16 Expander Black, Rample, BitBox 2.0 Black Panel, Visitor, Dual Dagger, disting EX, Bitbox Micro, A-100B8v, 0-CTRL, Subharmonicon (2020 edition), Ripples (2020), RND STEP, Pamela’s NEW Workout, Cosmix, C4RBN, lìon, Chimera (Black), tàin, Veils (2020), Castor & Pollux, Bass Compressor, Ikarie, Maestro, 4U x 104HP Palette Case Top Row STEALTH / BLACK (0.5U), Chaos, Blades, 2HP TRS-A Midi Expander, Beads, uO_C Black & Gold Panel, pkhi mk2, mimosa 8, 4x Stereo Mix , Poly Cinematic, Seju Stereo, ADSR (Black Panel), Expression Ramper, chloe stereo mk2, Big T Gap Banisher 1U, Bitbox 2.0 Black Panel V2, CM1A, Kraken, Cockpit 1U (black), Milky Way 1U (black), Golden Master 1U (black), Speak to Me, eãs, [1]f, Quasar, Random (Black Panel), Tap (Black Panel), Hydrogen, RO'VED (Black), nano Rings / Rings 8hp, Nearness v3, Decimator (White Panel), quarté, athrá mk2, Constellation, 4hp Vented Blank Panel, 2hp Vented Blank Panel, cuïr, Mavis, Librae Legio, Cnōc, Micronova, Nautilus and cárn

Rated Modules

This User rated 7 modules.

Maths (white knobs) (5), Castor & Pollux (5), chloe stereo mk2 (5), Seju Stereo (5), CP1-A (5), Subharmonicon (2020 edition) (5) and Rosie (4)
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