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Submitted Modules

SM010 Matrixarchate 20 HP DigitalMultipleSwitch View
SM630 AWS 10 HP Waveshaper View
SM042 KOTELNIKOV 14 HP DigitalOscillatorSynth VoiceFunction Generator View
SM000 Mult2x4 2 HP MultipleDual/Stereo View
SM800b Wobla 3 HP ControllerUtility View
SM800a Wobla 3 HP ControllerUtility View
ASD Amputator 7 HP MixerVCA View
VC Divider 4 HP Clock ModulatorDigitalDual/StereoFrequency Divider View
MFOS 8-STAGE PHASE SHIFTER 8 HP FilterPhase Shifter View

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zCLOCK (5), zLINEIN (5), A-111-1 (5), MIDI2CV v1.0 (5), zOUT (5), A-143-3 (5), zSUM-4 (5), Tube VCA 1Ж24Б (5), Euro-Duino (4), MFOS 8-STAGE PHASE SHIFTER (4), LDB-1e Analog Drums (4), A-190-1 (4), Talking Synth (4), Barton Simple Dual Quantizer Clarke Panel (3), SM020 (3), VC Divider (3) and A-138b (3)
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