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All my Clock modulesEurorackPrivate
All my CV Processors and UtilEurorackPrivate
All my Sound ProcessorsEurorackPrivate
All My Voices and oscillatorsEurorack
All My CV SourcesEurorackPrivate
2012 Doepfer RackEurorack
2010 EurorackEurorack
3396 power (system suggest)Eurorack
Mono Synth with connection memory (system suggest)Eurorack
No Doepfer no SSSR no multsEurorack
Main Synthesizer 2020Eurorack
All my DoepferEurorack
All my modulesEurorack
Main Synthesizer 2019Eurorack
Effect ProcessorEurorack
Sequence GeneratorEurorack
Doepfer VocoderEurorack
Little BuchlaBuchla
SSSR LabsEurorack

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Submitted Modules

SM801 FaderEurorack
SM630 AWSEurorack
SM010 MatrixarchateEurorack
SM000 Mult2x4Eurorack
SM800b WoblaEurorack
SM800a WoblaEurorack
ASD AmputatorEurorack
VC DividerEurorack

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This User rated 17 modules.

zCLOCK (5), zLINEIN (5), A-111-1 (5), MIDI2CV v1.0 (5), zOUT (5), A-143-3 (5), zSUM-4 (5), Tube VCA 1Ж24Б (5), Euro-Duino (4), MFOS 8-STAGE PHASE SHIFTER (4), LDB-1e Analog Drums (4), A-190-1 (4), Talking Synth (4), Barton Simple Dual Quantizer Clarke Panel (3), SM020 (3), VC Divider (3) and A-138b (3)
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