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Goike Video 11.22.21 (copy)Eurorack
Jr/Sr Video Doepfer Rack 08/10/21Eurorack
Current Vessel Video 4 Structured Glitch 07/29/21Eurorack
Current Monorocket 1 Nu Footworker 07/29/21Eurorack
zArchive Monorocket 1 New Footworker 04/24/21Eurorack
zArchive Inventory of Video ModulesEurorack
zArchive Goike Video Synth Rack (copy) NEXT 07/29/21Eurorack
Current Vessel Video 1 Skiff Orion 07/29/21Eurorack
Current Vessel Video 2 Skiff Oscillations 07/29/21Eurorack
zArchive Goike Video Synth Rack 07/27/21Eurorack
Current Vessel Video 3 Coloring Book 07/29/21Eurorack
Current Doepfer 2 Ming Mecca 07/29/21Eurorack
zArchive Monorocket Catanese Footworker 03/10/21Eurorack
Current Mantis 2 Orange Audio 07/29/2021Eurorack
Current Doepfer 1 07/29/21Eurorack
Current Mantis 1 Blue Serge 07/29/2021Eurorack
zArchive Goike Video Synth Rack 01/11/21Eurorack
zArchive Vessel Video Skiff 10/19/2020Eurorack
ZArchive Single VesselEurorack
Zarchived 10/19/2020 Goike Video Synth RackEurorack
zArchive Vessel Video Controller Skiff 10/19/2020Eurorack
ZArchive Single VesselEurorack
zarchive Video Quaddities (State of the Rack Address 2019)Eurorack
zArchive Doepfer 2 02/23/21Eurorack
zArchive Video TriHarderEurorack
ZArchive: Mantis Plant NetworkEurorack
zArchive The Eurorack Formally Known as DaveEurorack
zArchive Triple Vessels Mark II.5Eurorack
zArchive Triple Vessels Mark IIEurorack
zArchive Single VesselEurorack
zArchive Single VesselEurorack
zArchive TradedEurorack
zArchive: SPLICE 2017 (Skiff)Eurorack
zArchive: SPLICE 2017 (Mantis)Eurorack
zArchive: Signal Culture 2017 (Skiff)Eurorack
zArchive: Signal Culture 2017 (Mantis)Eurorack
zArchive Lisa's DIY OutputEurorack
Current Goike SAM I "Apogee" 07/29/21Eurorack
zArchive SAM II "Perigee"Eurorack
zArchive ManifestingEurorack
zArchive: Spaltz RebornEurorack
zArchive Spaltz OriginalEurorack

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Collection 193 modules

A-118, A-196, Planar, Pressure Points, Brains, Rene, QMMG, Sport Modulator, E440 Discrete OTA VCF, Echophon, Wogglebug, DPO, ADDAC207, MATHS, AT-AT-AT, Model 15 Complex VCO, Dreamboat, Positronic Transient Gate, Patch Chord v3, A-151, Dual Delay, E102 Quad Temporal Shifter, μJack, Richter NoiseRing, Function, QCD: Quad Clock Distributor, Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler, Quad Pingable LFO, Quad LFO, Links, Dubmix, Dubmix Mini Expander, Dubmix Aux Expander, Frames, Peaks, Dr. Octature II, Maths, QCD Expander:, Shades, Branches, Ultra-Random Analog, Erbe-Verb, Envelope Generator, Mikrophonie, Spring, Elements, Mankato Filter, Clouds, BI1 brainterface, Radio Music, Telharmonic, VG2, Warps, DATA (powder/silk panel), Micro Research ERD/SIR, Variable Q VCF , Triple Sloth, Serge SSG, Rings, Serge Resonant Equalizer (EQ), Serge Wave Multipliers (VCM), Micro Research ERD/γ (Gamma), Variable Slope VCF, Kinks, Turing Machine Mk II, ERD vampiric edition, Volts, Pulses Mk II, Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator (DUSG) MK2, Numberwang, Serge NCOM, O'Tool Plus, Vactrol Mixer, Voltages , Wangernumb, Micro Research ERD/ERD, HAIBLE DUAL WASP FILTER, Joystick, Arcade, Waveslicer, Triple Sloths V2, Haible Living VCOs , CHAOS DIVIDER SACRAMENT - Sacrament Edition, CHAOS DIVIDER SPUTNIK, CHAOS DIVIDER HV, E370 Quad Morphing VCO, Borg 1, ES-8, Bridge, Staircase, Prismatic Ray, Shapechanger, Visual Cortex, MVIP (Mini Video Image Processor), Navigator, War of the Ants, Color Chords, Doorway, Mapper, Sensory Translator, Micro Research ERD/SIR white update, Passage, Curtain, Arch, Pendulum, Video Logic, Castle 111 D Flip Flops, Castle 110 Counter, Castle 101 Quad Gate, Castle 100 Multi Gate, Castle 011 Shift Register, Castle 010 Clock VCO, Castle 001 DAC, Castle 000 ADC, Polar Fringe, Marble Index, Liquid TV, Cadet IV Dual Ramp Generator, Cadet I Sync Generator, BLIP, RADAR, VC8, LEVIT8, Morphagene, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, Ornament & Crime (matte black), Spring Reverb, AD/LFO-V, Video Grip (2018), R-60 Self-Tuning Midi-CV interface, A-132-2, R-54 mk2, Richter Wogglebug 2014, Piston Honda mkII, Model 52 Vampire, A-138a, SEQ-02, Serge New Timbral Oscillator (NTO), Serge Triple+ Waveshaper, Stereo Mixer, RING, WORM, SCION, Escher Sketch, Memory Palace, ANA, Synchrodyne Expand, Synchrodyne, µTune, Fortress, TBC2, Diver, Structure, Wavefront, hexadirectional crossfader, Triple Video LFO, QVAM, Zadar, Chord Organ, Triple Summing Amp, SCANNER, Topogram, Triple Function Generator, A-143-9, BREATH, LICHT, Magnetophone, Fluxus Duo Black , ANC, Phase Displacement Oscillator MkII, Triple Bipolar VCA, Quad AAF, Control Core, World Core, Video Ramps, Video Divisions, Video Flip Flops, Voltage Bridge, Video Waveform Generator, Audio Frequency Decoder, Color Time Base Corrector, Video Sync Generator, Color Video Encoder, Colorspace Mapper, TVVCA, Triple Video Fader & Key Generator, Video Blending Matrix, Triple Video Multimode Filter, Differentiator, Function Generator, Visual Cortex Pre-encoder Expander, Cyclops and All the Colours of the Noise
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