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Collection 139 modules

Jedonian, Turing Machine Random Sequencer, Pulses, Voltages, Spring Reverb, Radio Music (Black Panel), MIDI To Trigger, Wogglebug, Polivoks VCF, NeinOhNein KICK v1.0, vcNOIZ (panel v1), Liquid HiHat v1.4, NeinOhNein SNARE v1.0, Dual ADSR, VCA, Dual LFO, Rings, Clouds, Grids, Braids (old version), CVP, Mix, Optodist, Fonitronik Sequential Switch (Grayscale panel), Z8000 MK1, Grids MIDI Expansion, A-139-2, A-160-5, A-110-4, A-135-1, A-171-2, A-151, A-100B8, A-100B4, A-100B1, A-100B2, A-138m, A-181, A-106-6, A-110, A-118, A-119, A-124, A-132-3, A-132-4, A-134-1, A-136, A-141 (Discontinued), A-143-9, A-149-1, A-149-2, A-148, A-160, A-161, A-166, A-172, A-174-1, A-188-1Y, A-188-1D, A-190-3, A-196, CVpal, ADM02 Grainshift, Mixer, Slope Gen 282, BEFACO SLICER V3, IMP, Plague Bearer PB-1E, Choices, PS3100, Cascade, DC Mixer, Thomas Henry's 555-VCO, Thomas Henry's Controller LFO, mh31 vc modulator, X-4046 VCO, Continuum Phase Shifter, Echophon, Maths, Neuron - Difference rectifier (papernoise panel), Penrose Quantizer, Barton Voltage to Rhythm Converter, DLY, Piston Honda, Toppobrillo TWF (DIY panel), Multifilter, Geiger Counter, 10 HP Blind, Yusynth Steiner Parker VCF, rpio, dual neuron difference rectifier, diy mult, Resonant Lowpass Gate, Cluster, Peaks, Voltage to Rhythm Converter, A-102, A-117, Swoop, Mikrophonie (2017 new panel design), Phoreo, Logoi, 281 Dual Function Generator (Grayscale panel), PS3100 Triple Vactrol Resonators, A-180-2, A-189-1, A-185-2, Quadra Expander, Quadra, Warps, Delay No More, Radio Music, RS808, SD808, BD808, LRMSMSLR (Black and gold panel), A-106-5, Squid Axon, Triple Sloth, Neuron/Difference Rectifier, Triple Sloth V2, ffchaos, Giant B0n0, TH-VCO1, Nerdseq – IO Expander, Nerdseq Black Aluminium Front, Grids (PCB Panel), Plague Bearer - V4, /6, Benjolin, buf[], Echo, Kammerl Beat Repeat Panel for Clouds (Black) by North Coast Modular Collective, toppobrillo twf+pcb (alternate panel), uO_c [Black & Gold Edition], Yusynth ADSR, Comb, Freez and Brst

Rated Modules

This User rated 14 modules.

Plague Bearer PB-1E (5), A-106-5 (5), Resonant Lowpass Gate (5), Rings (5), A-124 (5), CVP (5), Cluster (5), Clouds (5), A-135-1 (5), A-132-3 (4), /6 (4), Dual LFO (4), Grids (4) and TH-VCO1 (4)
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