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ambientish rackEurorackPrivate
ambient rack draftEurorack
travel rack 3Eurorack
hikari quadros (copy) 7UEurorack
travel rack 2Eurorack
hikari quadrosEurorack
travel case podEurorackPrivate
current (copy)Eurorack
ming mecca n frensEurorackPrivate
double rackEurorackPrivate
travel caseEurorackPrivate
big rack (copy)EurorackPrivate
the black system 2EurorackPrivate
tool skiff boxEurorackPrivate
the black systemEurorackPrivate
rack 1EurorackPrivate

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Collection 108 modules

Bloom, Disting mk4, ALM028 - Pip Slope (mk II), Analog Sequencer 2, Triple AD, EUCRHYTHM, Atten/Mixer, Ping Filter, Quad Switch, VCA (Black Panel), Aurora, Scanned, Surface, Prism, Data Bender, Cascade, Synapse, Contour (black panel), Nebulae v2, Nano Rand v2, Ana (Purple Panel), Portal, Chord v2, Pulsar, Chance (Black Panel), Mixology (Black), Tone, Dual FX, Lapsus Os (Black), Steppy, Pico OUT, Pico INPUT, Pico Mixer, Delay (Black Panel), VCO (Black Panel), Seq (Black Panel), Verb (Black Panel), Tune (Black Panel), Loop (Black Panel), LPF (Black Panel), Pico ATTEN, Pico Noise, Octone (Black), ALM006 - S.B.G, Angle Grinder (Black), Twist (Black), Teleplexer, Rene Mk2, Coherence, Chaos, SWT16+, Planar 2, MST Stereo Output Mixer (Synthrotek Panel), Rample, Sample Drum, OCTOROT, DC571, Visual VCA, LIQUID GLITCHER ultraviolence oscillator gold edition, SoundStage, Spherical Sound Society - Vortex Generator, Circadian Rhythms (BLACK), Startup (black panel), Sound Study - Kontact Mic, All the Colours of the Noise, LICHT, Arpitecht (black panel), Quadrantid Swarm, Zularic Repetitor (Black), Numeric Repetitor (Black), THE CURSIBLE, WTF Oscillator, Mix (Black Panel), SUM, CLIPPING CAT, Freak, SHARD, Grendel DC-2 Drone Commander 2, Infernal Noise Machine, QUADNIC, Benjolin V2, Electron Fuzz Custom EFCCV, Bleeding Hearts (Black), Neutron Flux, M185 Sequencer, Preset, Stereomix 2 (Black Panel), DEP2b, FIL3 Spectral Devastator, Flux, AD/LFO, EM-302 Ringo, Wave Packets, AY-3, Arcade Noise, Dendrites, 5:1, TOKYO GATE, Meg, Illyana, TS0 Analog Time Segment Oscillator, Stepper Acid, TG5 Pre-Amplifier, MH11 ADC Pattern Sequencer, VCO, Sine, Raiju and VCMC
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