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Quadra, Metropolis, DPO, Rotating Clock Divider V2, Buff Mult, QCD: Quad Clock Distributor, Ripples, Beast's Chalkboard, Links, Maths, Shades, twinOUT, Clouds, MiniMod Transistor Ladder Filter, MIDI 3, Spectral Multiband Resonant Filter, Performance Buffered Mult, ADSRVCA, ABC, Akemie's Castle, Braids (2015), LxD (Low Strike Duo), Polaris, Rings, Octone, Chord, Black Wavetable VCO, O'Tool Plus, Varigate 8+, Basimilus Iteritas Alter, uZeus, Sub Ring, Veils, Ears, Stereo Sir Mix Alot, Pico DSP, Voltage Block, Plonk, Disting mk4, Modbox, TM, Freez, uO_c [Black & Gold Edition], Hat, Snare, Link, A-150, A-182-1, RCD Breakout v1.1, E440 Discrete OTA VCF, E560 Deflector Shield, Plog, Unity Mixer, Triatt, Vactrol SVF-201, RxMx, DUAL BORG, Grids, Dual ADSR, QCD Expander:, Branches, Atlantis, Sequential Switch Matrix (SSM), Harmonic Oscillator, Amplitude & Tone Controller, Mutant Hihats, Mutant Bassdrum, Ultrafold, Quad-Atten, Quantum Rainbow 2, Mutant Clap, modDemix 2014, Elements, Minimod Vintage Transistor Core VCO, GLIDE + NOISE (MK2), Batumi, Richter Wogglebug 2014, Unity Mixer, Tool-Box, Multi-Envelope, Numeric Repetitor, FXDf, Warps, THREE SISTERS, Poti, Dual Looping Delay, Scan & Pan, A-124 SE, E950, Digital Tuner, Mutant Snare, Dixie II+, JUST FRIENDS, File, SATELLITE, CONTROL FORGE, MORPHEUS, Optomix rev2 2016, Rainmaker, Random Sampling, Performance mixer, LEVIT8, Kinks, ASSIMIL8OR, Quadra Expander mk2, ER-301: Sound Computer, Fusion VCO, Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vintage Ensemble, E951 Looping Expander, PM Mutes, Akemie's Taiko, Rhythm, Belgrad, Bark Filter Processor, Kamieniec, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, PM Channels, Fusion Mixer v3 (14HP), Tapographic Delay, Fusion VCF2, Fusion VCA2, Mutant Rimshot, Morphagene, Shifty, Quad VCA, MSCL, Overseer, TONESTAR 8106, Black Stereo Mixer V2, Cursus Iteritas, Model D, Fold Processor, E352 Cloud Terrarium, JOVE, A-180-9, Lipsk, Tallin, FUMANA, Black Polivoks VCF V2, Mix 3, HexMix VCA, Manis Iteritas, Chimera, μClouds, Mindphaser, Muton, Blank Panel, Magneto, Multi-Delay Processor, Fracture, Scanned, Gemini 2412 Dual SVF silver, Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Black Hole DSP2, Black Mute Mixer, TOMS, CLAP, Drum Mixer, PM DB25, Plaits, Supercell (aluminum panel), Stages, Marbles, Zadar, Odessa, Z-DSP (NS), Cs-L, Bassline, Blck_Noir (black), Dual FX, Hi Hats A, Dual Drive, Z4000 NS, Cymbals, Euclidean Circles v2, Next Phase, Cat, Erbe-Verb (white knobs), Echophon (white knobs), Function (white knobs), tELHARMONIC (white knobs), Plasma Drive, QPAS, Chord v2, Scales and Mini Horse

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