Threw this one together today very rough mix as I wanted to get this out today.

All the players active

Lubadh tape delay
Dixie fm bells, fm modulation provided by the I-o47 through intellijel quad vca
Typhon textures
Blackbox samples
Pyramid sequencing
U-He Zebra chords

All the toys come out to play nice.

Nice, so smooth a great track.

Thread: Latest Track

Lots of players
Dreadbox Typhon (Brass Patches)
Modular (Arp and Lead) (Ataraxic Iteritas, Dixie 2, Xaoc Belgrad, Bat Verb, FX Aid)
Pyramid Main Sequencer
Blackbox Main Sampler
U-he Zebra Chords
Mixed and Arranged in Studio One.
Added my 5 String custom bass to this one as well.

I tend to program base sequences and samples using the pyramid. I then track these into the DAW using my Tascam Model 24 and do arranging in the DAW. I like to sequence in hardware so I don't lose the ability to just jam live. Lots of sound design practice in this track using all my synths, hardware, software, and modular.


you rock, thanks for all your work on this. Well done to all the contributors let's make sure the 2021 release has even more submissions!

@troux not sure how to get you the files, can you download from or do I need to send you an email?

Thanks for putting this together!

mantis, mantis, mantis. Best beginner case imho, plenty of power good ergonomics, and plenty of HP.

I just completed this one

other contenders


Thread: Guitar Solo

nice tones, I almost picked up rings (likely will in my next case), but I have a resonator in the parasites firmware for clouds that has some nice qualities to it. I decided to get a dedicated reverb, going for the bat-verb, Desmodus Versio.


Blackbox 1010

Main Voice:
proteus 2k going through clouds and fx-aid

BIA and Ataraxic with LXd and I-o47

Mimetic (modulating BIA
CVilization (matrix mixer)

I would consider holding off on the Batumi in this size case with both a clep and a maths, you can get even more related modulation putting the bi-polar output of clep through the rectifier of kinks (and provide attenuation through channel 2/3 of maths).

I would consider replacing the tip-top sampler with a disting mk4 or also getting rid of the roti and getting a disting ex.

Another module to consider besides the varigate would be the steppy (saves you 4HP)

ditching batumi and swapping steppy for the varigate gives you 14HP to work with you could pick up a matrix mixer such as u-he CVilization (tons of functionality packed in) and perhaps a LPG (the LXd matches great with BIA).

Overall I would plan on a bigger case, I picked up a Mantis and so glad I did because you are going to hit a wall and want to add a module without anywhere to put it.

It is your synth so don't be to concerned about getting it perfect, that's half the fun, but you have a ton of modulation in this case with only two voices imho.

Thread: Latest

Thanks @GarfieldModular, just cleared the rack starting from scratch again

Thread: Latest

Looped up my 5 string bass through Lubadh, overdubbed through FX-Aid and clouds, samples by blackbox, BIA makes an appearance modulated by the Mimetic, mixing shaping by 3xMia, resonant echo by the Belgrad even the I-o47 makes adds some nice effects.

Still working my way through my rack and experimenting no formal structure, just forcing myself to pick a different starting point and seeing where this takes me.

This looks way to small given three voices (Plaits, Rings, and Clouds) not nearly enough room for proper modulation.

I do like the cascading CV available in the Quad VCA you have that is not in Veils, that may or may not make a difference to you (Veils save you some HP as well).

Do you need an ADSR you have envelopes available in Maths and for this size case seems like wasted HP.

Do you need more passive attenuators you have 2 attenuverters in Maths, another option is 3xMIA gives you mixing capabilities, offsets, attenuverters?

You might want some sort of matrix mixer. I think there is a lot of value in the new u-he civilization module.

More importantly this case is too small, you will find yourself very limited very quickly. I would recommend the Mantis case the best bang for the buck with plenty of space to grow.

More experienced folks I am sure will give you more advice, but plan for a bigger case and fill slowly.

Thread: latest patch

This was really nice thanks for sharing.

dixie II fm1 modulation provided by I-o47 and fm2 modulated by saw output of dixie mixed with disting wavefolder attenuated by 3xMIA. Envelopes by Maths, drums by BIA. Sequenced by Mimetic, LXd makes an appearance as well.

Thread: experiment3

I bought the pyramid prior to diving into modular for all my external gear, really love how easy it is to program, but wouldn’t get a hermod as primary for modular. All the modular options are interesting and I may pick up a metron or nerdseq to compliment.

Thread: experiment3

Squarp Pyramid is my main sequencer and clock.

Blackbox 1010 for drum loops and sample trigger (I have a ton of samples collected over the years and little sound machines great for clouds textures).

One gated sample is fed to clouds.
BIA doing industrial distorted mayhem fed through LXd (love the low pass gate)
Modulation duties handled by Maths and Clep Diaz.
Should add intellijel quad vca providing some overdrive.

Thread: Friday Jam

Nice, I have contemplated IME modules perhaps in the next case, this one is filling up, leaving room for MI latest, or rings.

Thread: experiment3

I think having a performance kit and a studio/experiment kit makes great sense. Last thing you want to do is mess with a dialed in performance kit, but messing around is exactly what drives the next performance. Always one module short for that next killer sound. I will likely just get another mantis easy enough to port around with great value for the price. I like the bigger cases but would likely try a go at building my own studio kit rather than pay the premium to have a custom builder do it.

Thread: experiment2

@garfieldmodular, I am humbled by your comments, inspiration enough for more sonic twiddling. Great album by the way, so many sonic layers.

If I had an extra 4.5k still left hanging in the money tree, that Gold and Black system would be a solid pickup.

Thread: experiment2

still quite new, but Kinks is fantastic, I love it for the rectifier section alone, throw in some logic and S&H, I always find a use for it in a patch, all the recommendations are fantastic, but there is a reason why kinks and links are brought up again and again and so glad I listened.

Thanks @troux, I am really just experimenting with textures not focused on complete tracks. So much to get a grasp on. I have to say I really love the Instruo I-o47 filter the strike input with high resonance and low cutoff really creates deep thunderous booms that sound great (to me at least). Going to be working my way through the Disting Mk4 and Maths over the next few weeks making a patch using a new mode of the Disting each time.

a smorgasbord of modules, experimenting with different modulation.

Might want to check out happy nerdings 3xmia great value/hp.

Thread: first patch

here's another, same patch just noodling with the BIA, what a fun module.

single voice BIA through the LXd modulation via Maths and clep diaz.

The mimetic is great for experimentation not as a main sequencer. Currently I do most sequencing with my squarp since I have a bunch of external gear. I may in my next case do more modular sequenencing only time will tell.

Thread: first patch

Garfield thanks so much, short answer to a long story. I gave up music over 20 years ago to raise a family. I have had many a false start but never committed. Thanks to the latest planar conditions I have delved head first into music and am having a blast, but this has been the first piece of music ever produced and released (not counting playing live gigs as a percussionist in college).

Thanks again for your kind words, motivation enough to keep plodding through.

Thread: first patch

complete noob, still figuring out what the heck I am doing, but figured I would start sharing to get feedback.

First ever track.
Squarp Pyramid master clock and blackbox 1010 sequencer
BIA main modulated by clep diaz bi-polar out fed into kinks, passing through a LXd (12dB) using the strike input (got to say I love the sound of the BIA through the LXd).
Vox and keys sampled via a blackbox 1010 fed into clouds modulated via Maths LFO mixed with clep diaz uni-polar and Freeze modulated using a gated sequence from my Pyramid.

Recorded live into Ableton, very light processing. Still a work in progress as I have other voices I am still working on mixing into the sequence.

Thread: First Rack

I have a love hate relationship with modules over 14hp. I love the fact that the controls aren't squeezed in and hate that I need more cases to use them. What have I got myself into.

Thread: First Rack

Its the HP that is a killer. It seems like 1 Maths/6U is a good ratio. I am going to chew on this for awhile perhaps after some more patching I will feel differently. Math's is great but would like a dedicated envelope generator. I guess would you replace both your quadrax and zadar for a second Maths?

Thread: First Rack

I have been debating between the Quadrax and the Zadar. The menu diving of the Zadar has me somewhat turned off. I have a squarp pyramid and some other outboard gear for that fun. My emu proteus is gathering dust because programming it is a bear (at least for me). I have also given thought to a second Maths but I think I will hold off on that until I start on my second 6U.

Other options for quad envelopes, doesn't have to be in a single module but don't want to consume more than a quadrax or zadar?

Thread: First Rack

Current rack,

First two rows is what I have (the LxD and Lubadh are on order). The third row is what I am planning to add. Seems like I am always looking for an attenuverter/mixer and the 3xMIA is a lot in a small package. I wanted more envelopes to free up more of maths.

Let me know what you think about the third row, the FH-2 is mandatory but the rest is just based on what I find myself looking for to balance the voices and effects (I couldn't resist the uBurst as I like clouds, but didn't need a full-size or even the monsoon, mine is silver/white panel just no option to select that from the modules).

I do find links and kinks in every patch so that was extremely helpful.


Looks like I will be needing a second mantis very soon, love that case the value/HP curve is the best in the market imho, while I would love a custom finished wood cab, it's hard to justify that over more modules ;)

Thread: First Rack

Mantis case was a great buy, I highly recommend this case for all beginners. I am filling my case as I go having a blast, hope to push some patches out soon. I made a few additions based on module availability.

Thanks for all you suggestions I have a new addiction, always a module short.

Thread: First Rack

Let the fun begin

first modules and case arrived today

Thread: First Rack

Another question, any recommended cable brands to get or stay away from. I know this is a bit of personal preference but with so many to choose from, any go to sources great value/price ratio are welcome.

Thread: First Rack

That’s the goal, I want to experiment and grow the second row after I am better able to decide what is missing coming from a more informed desire to fill a gap. All the guidance has been great and much appreciated. I don’t want to fall into analysis paralysis but looking for a solid foundation that forces creative use of limited mods.

Thread: First Rack

I will likely get a mantis case so I have room to grow but want to limit my first rack to a single row. With that being said I could take out the mmf, lxd, and hpo as you suggested originally Jim and put the mixer back. The ochd looks really nice but if you think links is more versatile with maths I could go that route. So many options but a good exercise and I appreciate all the feedback.

More filters or mixer, links vs ochd decisions decisions

Thread: First Rack

troux Orchd great choice!. All these recommendations have been great thank you.

Latest iteration


Thread: First Rack

Thanks Jim! Being a noob picking modules is like staring into the sun, and I am only getting started.

revised kit


As always all comments, suggestions are welcome, I am super grateful for the help.

Thread: First Rack

Pretty green when it comes to modular, but have been doing a ton of research, just putting together a rack to get started exploring the foundations of modular. Let me know what you think, suitable substitutions or better options. I have limited my initial exploration to 104HP.