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Module Date Region Price
μScale [v2] Switzerland CHF190.00  View
A-188-1Y Switzerland CHF130.00  View
VCF 2164 Switzerland CHF70.00  View
MinEq Switzerland CHF50.00  View
EG Switzerland CHF75.00  View
Links Switzerland CHF50.00  View
System X Envelope Switzerland CHF105.00  View
μVCA II Switzerland CHF120.00  View
A-106-1 Switzerland CHF90.00  View
ISD Sampler Switzerland CHF140.00  View
tELHARMONIC (white knobs) Switzerland CHF320.00  View
Telharmonic (Grayscale black panel) Switzerland CHF320.00  View
Telharmonic Switzerland CHF320.00  View
Dixie II+ Switzerland CHF190.00  View
SD99 Switzerland CHF110.00  View

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A-138m, A-106-1, A-106-6, A-132-4, A-134-2, A-148, A-150, A-154, A-155, A-185-2, A-188-1Y, A-196, Mix, A-199, μScale [v2], Buff Mult, A-151, μVCA II, MMG, SD99, Links, Rosie, Loquelic Iteritas, A-129-1, A-129-2, VCA, Toppobrillo TWF, μMod II, Mr Blue (Black panel), Kabelhänger, BHWR rectifier, Streams, A-160-2, HYVE, Batumi, MIX 4, VG2, ALM010 - O/A/x2, Poti, Cinnamon, A-520 4ch(in) line preamp, A-124 SE, Subharmonics Generator, Wackel Kontakt, LxD (Low Strike Duo), Variable Q VCF , Dixie II+, Rings, DTM, Tempi, ES-8, Pico DRUMS, Pico VCF1, Pico VCF3, Mini FM Joystick (black), S-189 Trig/Gate Delay, Ears, Pico DSP, Pico SEQS, Mix, ES-6 mk2, MSCL, ONE, EG, B-020 Bool3 – logic module, VCF 2164, A-180-9, Jumper, MinEq, ISD Sampler, VolcaFMeuro, Permutation (12hp black), Harmonaig, 141 , Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic, Pixel Dust, Zero Point Oscillator, 0-Coast (Grayscale black panel), Telharmonic (Grayscale black panel), Mixup, μO_C (Silver) , Muton, Nebulae v2, A-540, Plaits, Stages, Marbles, Cs-L, tanh[3], Z4000 NS, Hertz Donut mark III, LPG, KNIT, MicroGrids (Black Panel), Maths (white knobs), Function (white knobs), tELHARMONIC (white knobs), QPAS, Sinc Bucina, mBrane (6hp Yarns, aluminum), Voltage Block Black & Gold Panel, Mimeophon, Black & Gold LxD, Black & Gold Cinnamon, Startup (grey panel), grids midi expander, ZVERB (BLACK), uGRIDS /// Trigger Sequencer /// Black & Gold Panel, ochd, System X Envelope, Monsoon, 0-CTRL, 2HP2CV USB to CV Adapter, Ripples (2020), PER|FORMER by Westlicht and A-144
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