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0 Zero (copy)EurorackPrivate
0 Poly (copy)Eurorack
upstairs newEurorack
Mantis 1Eurorack
Mantis 2Eurorack
Zero controlEurorack
Zero 104 (copy)EurorackPrivate
Zero 104EurorackPrivate
0 ZeroEurorackPrivate
Z Mantis 2 working zone BEurorackPrivate
Z Mantis 2 working zone CEurorackPrivate
Z Mantis 2 working zone AEurorackPrivate
Lazy ADAT Islands500 Series
Islands in the Stream500 Series
Lazy ADAT500 Series
Lazy 8 501500 Series

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Collection 164 modules

A-143-2, HATS808, 4x4x4, 8NU8R, Praga, VCA, FET/500 Revision D, Batumi, Sewastopol, DS-M, Poti, Hrad, CP5 Mic Preamp, Moog Mother-32, Dixie II+, Send N’ Blend (SNB-500), Snake Charmer Out, Colour, 3x MIA, Snake Charmer DB25 Front Panel, Fusion VCO, MTX9, Belgrad, Joystick, ES-5 mk3, Tone, Quad VCA, Buff Mult 1U, Vector Sequencer, Fold Processor, Warna II, A-111-4, Dual VCF, Dual VCA, Black MIDI-CV v2, Black Hole DSP2, Jack Expander, Mutant Brain, FH-2 'factotum', Zadar, GPI, LINK, Rack Plumber, FHX-8GT Gate Expander for FH-2, OLA5 Opto Compressor, FHX-8CV Expander for FH-2, Maths (white knobs), AI006 Stomp Box Adapter, Nin, Black Double Bass, Tessitura Tailor, RS808 (WHITE), Quadrax, Duatt, AI008 Eurorack Matrix Mixer, Diode Chaos, Black Multi (new version), Lola - new front panel, Black Modulator V2, Fusion Modulator, Fusion VCF3, disting EX, Fusion VCA-Waveshaper-Ringmodulator, Passive LPG 1U, ez1073eq, ROW POWER 45, Skew Fade LFO(B/W), SVF(B/W), Fold 6, STEREO COMPRESSOR, DATA (SILVER), Black EG, QAM, MPC CV Breakout, ez1073-pre, E-Series EQ Module, DUAL VCO(B/W), Ostankino II, Moskwa II, Tiny MIDI breakout, "Пуск-3" black 1U, AI001 Multiple Black, Ivo, Lorelei, Beatrix, Injectr, Buchla 292t, Buchla 266t, FC313 - 14HP, Persephone, Wayout8, Queen of Pentacles (silver), AI022 Harmonic Mixer Silver, Black 3109 VCF/VCA, Airstreamer 4 (silver), Sofia, Voltage Processor, Monitr, 1U DISPLAY, 6 HP Blank Panel, White, Pamela's PRO Workout, PPEXP1, Mult - Buffered, Electus Versio (Silver), Perfect Pitch PP1, Kra Pao, 1U MOTION MTR, Buchla 258t, Buchla 257t, Buchla 281t, Black Quad VCA, Buchla 245t, Mix, Mork Modules Makenoise Maths panel, Intellijel Quad VCA Back Panel, Buff Mult 1u Black Panel, Black & Gold Dixie 2+ Panel, MiniMix (Silver Panel), FX AID, Isolator (2022) silver, Filter 8, White Whale, Bonsai, Soul Food, Compressor plus, Peterson StroboStomp HD Pedal Tuner, Cry Baby 535Q, Memphis Sun, Snow White, Maths v2 (Grayscale panel), AI002 Mixer, AI001 Multiple, Delay 1, Generate 3, Drum Mixer, Rack Plumber (Silver), Mult, Morph 4, Step 8, Contour 1, CalTrans, Tallin, Entity Ultra-Perc, Entity Ultra-Kick, Div, QPM, Link 2, Pivot 2, Tune, Route 4, ochd, Compare 2, VCO, Motion MTR, CVP, MeeBilt Buffered Multiple, 8 HP Blank Panel, White, 4 HP Blank Panel, White, 2 HP Blank Panel, White, 1 HP Blank Panel, White, Bias 2, Bohumin, Ostrawa and Orbit 3
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