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sitnam (copy)EurorackPrivate
My armless SergeSergePrivate
Current travel case 1 (copy)Eurorack
boat buchBuchlaPrivate
New Wood Frame2 (copy)EurorackPrivate
Travel Case 23-11-19-notam25EurorackPrivate
Double cell 48EurorackPrivate
Current Travel Case 2EurorackPrivate
travel case OLDEurorackPrivate
empty pockets in the worn metal subway dawnEurorackPrivate
New stuffEurorack
New Wood Frame5Eurorack
Current travel case 1Eurorack
New Wood Frame1Eurorack
New Wood Frame3Eurorack
New Wood Frame4Eurorack
"cell" 85Eurorack
Installation Beneath The Exterior May 2018 - only connect OsloEurorackPrivate
New Wood Frame2Eurorack
Cell 48EurorackPrivate
potentially interesting modulesEurorackPrivate
interestttt ingEurorackPrivate

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Submitted Modules

Thomas Henry VC QFGEurorack
Model 39Eurorack
U-025 Quad unity buffersEurorack
Model 36Eurorack
Super Sloth (Clarke Robinson panel)Eurorack
R-120 Random CVEurorack
Atari Punk Console (alternative panel)Eurorack

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A-138m, A-181, A-102, A-106-1, A-106-6, A-108, A-110, A-111-1, A-112, A-114, A-115, A-117, A-118, A-119, A-122, A-123 (Discontinued), A-124, A-125, A-127, A-128, A-129-1/2, A-131, A-132-1, A-132-3, A-133, A-134-1, A-134-2, A-136, A-137-1, A-138a, A-138b, A-138c, A-138d, A-140, A-143-2, A-143-9, A-144, A-145, A-146, A-147 VCLFO, A-148, A-149-1, A-149-2, A-150, A-152, A-154, A-155, A-156, A-160, A-161, A-162, A-163, A-166, A-167, A-170, A-171-1, A-172, A-176, A-180-1, A-183-3, A-196, Generator, GenXpander, LFO2, Mixer, Modulator, VC Bend, VILFO, Z8000 MK1, Wogglebug, A-199, RS-95E, Quad Invert, A-101-2, Buff Mult, Mult, RS-85, A-189-1, CGS734 - Analog Shift Register, Plague Bearer - v.3, RS-80, Model 36, Model 39, A-151, A-171-2, A128 output extender, RxMx, Make Noise Wogglebug (Grayscale panel), Maths, FM AID, Optodist, Neuron Difference Rectifier, Branches, Polivoks VCF, RS-95, Neuron/Difference Rectifier, Clouds, A-160-2, Warps, Dual Atenuverter , A-110-4 SE, Variable Q VCF , Serge SSG, Rings, A-184-1, CONTROL FORGE, MORPHEUS, Variable Slope VCF, ES-8, Mal-2, J-110 Derivator, A-160-5v, Serge NCOM, S-075 Burst generator, LRMSMSLR (Black and gold panel), R-120 Random CV, Super Sloth (Clarke Robinson panel), NoBots - DoubleMix, Regular Sloth (Clarke Robinson panel), ES-6 mk2, ES-5 mk3, Clk, S+H, Compare 2, CV Twister/Wave Warper, Select 2, Z-DSP (NS), real ring cgs, VCA Matrix, Furthrrrr Generator, Drum-99 Mixer, Mastotron, Bass Big Muff Pi, Double-Muff (Classic), ND-1 Nova Delay, LPB-1, Analog Delay SE-ADL, Shim Verb, UT300 Ultra Tremolo, SansAmp GT2, LS-2 , MXR MC402 Boost - Overdrive, R2R, ES-3 mk2, A-130-2, A-118-2, BMC21 Dual Full Wave Rectifier, Vector Space, Generate 3, ochd, lìon and LR4 Crossover

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This User rated 3 modules.

real ring cgs (5), Analog Delay (4) and Choices (Inverted) (4)
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