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Side PeaceEurorack
Structure 344 x3Eurorack
Travel: Salishan '22Eurorack
Travel - 9/10/21 - Perf 104 + 360Eurorack
Summer '21 LayoutEurorack
All Possible Rows - 7/14/21Eurorack
The octopus is not what it appearsEurorack
All ModulesEurorack
Structure SystemEurorack
120 and MysteryEurorack
Sprezzatura Portable 12U+7UEurorack
Minimal TravelEurorack
Sprezzatura Portable 7U 104HP CurrentEurorack
Sprezzatura Portable 14U 104HPEurorack
Sprezzatura Portable 7U FancyEurorack
Sprezzatura Portable 7U 84HPEurorack
Sprezzatura Portable 7UEurorack

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Collection 237 modules

Gamma, USB Power 1U, LEVIT8, Buff Mult 1U, Tallin, E370 Quad Morphing VCO (black panel), Vector Space, Burst, Harmonaig, Quad Gate Delay, SCION, Mixup, Ceis, Triple Sloths V2 - Magpie Black Panel, Stages, Pluck (Black Panel), µMIDI 1U, Switchblade, Basimilus Iteritas Alter (black), Euclidean Circles v2, Steppy 1U, DATA (BLACK), QPAS, Prism, Bloom, CalTrans, Mutes, Spherical Wavetable Navigator , Milky Way (black), Godspeed (black), Squawk Dirty To Me (black), Chainsaw, Stereo Line Out 1U, 2xSAM_black, Duatt, [2]f, FX AID_black, ES-9, E520 Hyperion Processor (black panel), Diode Chaos, ochd, Mult, Rample, OR Switch (AFRORACK and Ali The Architect collab edition) black, meloDICER, Ripples (2020), RND STEP, Pico DRUMS, Six Switches, Running Order (black), Natural Gate, 2LPG v1, MIDIXO (Black & Gold Panel), Desmodus Versio, Gemini's Path, Time Wizard, HiPass, Moon Phase, ADDAC306 , Delta-V, Local Florist, Sinc Defero (Black w/ jacks and LEDs), LS1lightstrip, Morph 4, Bitbox Micro, Percall, Quantum Rainbow 2 (Black and Gold Edition), Compare 2, Add 2, ADDAC405 VC Relabi Generator, Plancks II (Black), Twiigs, Tš-L v2, Voltage Block (Black Panel), Maestro, Boynuz Blank, SoundStage, Clep Diaz (Black w/ Jacks & LEDS), Ataraxic Iteritas (Black), Sinulator, Beads, 3x VCA - black, Chaos, Black Joystick2, Frames, Odessa, Hel, Dual Looping Delay, Lifeforms Primary Oscillator b, 333, Subharmonics Generator, Triple Sloth (Black "Lucky Cat" Panel), Ferry (inverted), Hyrlo (inverted), Ooots, C4RBN, Gibbon, Crow, Giraffe, Macro VCO Matt Black 2020, Paradox, MSCL (Black Panel), E300 Ultra VCO (black panel), Amplitude, Time Warp, Fracture (Black), DPLPG (Black), Foil 1HP, Mix6, 106 Chorus, smArTT Verter, LO-FUSION VCF, LPFet VCF, PRE CR, STATIC, PRE BX, CP3-, Nearness, Triptych, Vortices, V-CV , Mimeophon, Discrete VC Stereo Mixer, IN/OUT, Mute, F8R, Next Phase, Katowice, Quad Mid Side, Morphader, Mindphaser, Swing, Moskwa II, Ostankino II, Guillotine, 3u to 1u Adapter (Intellijel), Big Honking Button (black panel), ADDAC103 T-Networks, ADDAC611, Germania 241, Kriket , Phoreo Black, Logoi Black, (Black) Felix, Snake Charmer Out, Snake Charmer DB25 Front Panel, Squeeze, Phones, Eternal Spring, Lifeforms Cascading Delay Network, Lifeforms Voltage Lab, Lifeforms Touch Controller, Lifeforms Voltage Research Laboratory Output Utility, Samara II, Digital Tuner, RADAR, BLIP, Serge Resonant Equalizer (EQ), Cosmix, Quant Gemi, ISD Sampler, DU-KRPLS, ADDAC112 Jacks, ADDAC112 Controls, Stasis Leak, SH5-VCF, IF109- TGTSH, 1U Mult, Poly Cinematic, Lifeforms Micro Sequence b, Flamingo, Catnip, Cat v2, Junction, Navigator, Flip, G&T - 1U Intellijel, Autodub , Babel, Babel Expander, Inertia, StarLab, Muxlicer, MEX, DOT (black panel), Krait, E440 Discrete OTA VCF, Quantimator, randomRHYTHM, Osiris , Mińsk, 1U Sloth Chaos (black panel), Sloth DK, Let's Splosh, LDRama, Hexahedron, Pointeuse, Hand 手, Tool-Box, AXYS, Triple Bipolar VCA (BLACK), Quad AAF (BLACK), Tagh, Control (Black), Geiger Counter (Black Panel), Hexagram, V-Mutes, Kickall, Magneto, Indian Resonator 2 drum voice, Duo LPG, Bard Quartet, Aeolus Seeds, Lo-Five, Kitty Eyes, Wave Packets, Krach, Enhance 2, ECR+, Messor, Peradam, Squid Axon - Magpie black panel, Borg 1, Vivisect, Selam, Llama, Polar Bear, Entity Ultra-Kick, Softpop SP2, Buchla 258t, Mavis, A Filter of Crows, The Wolf Channel Strip VCA, Dynamics Controller Bat, Constellation, Loquelic Iteritas (Pink) and Multi Burst Envelopes (silver & black panels)

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Triple Sloth (Black "Lucky Cat" Panel) (5)
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